The Rules For Ngo Co-Financing Budget Programs Management, Implementation, Monitoring And Control System

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par nevalstisko organizāciju līdzfinansējuma budžeta programmas vadības, īstenošanas, uzraudzības un kontroles sistēmu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 421 in Riga in 2006 (23 May. No 28 37. §) rules for NGO co-financing budget programs management, implementation, monitoring and control system Issued under the cabinet installation likuma14 the first paragraph of article 3 i. General questions 1. determine the associations, foundations and religious organizations, the rights and obligations, requiring budget cofinancing from co-financing programme (hereinafter the programme), as well as program management, implementation, monitoring and control procedures. 2. The leading funder of the meaning of these provisions is the institution which in project competitions organized associations, foundations and religious organizations (hereinafter applicant) shall submit project applications. 3. you cannot request Co-financing projects in competitions that are wholly or partially financed from the State budget allocated to Latvia in the European Union's structural funds and the Cohesion Fund, as well as competitions, organised by the society integration Fund (hereinafter Fund). 4. the meaning of these rules, the applicant must: 4.1 in Latvia registered associations and foundations;
4.2. in Latvia registered religious organizations and their institutions, which have gained public good organization status. 5. the management of the program ensure that: 5.1 the Minister with special responsibility for public integration Secretariat (hereinafter referred to as the Secretariat);
5.2. the Fund. II. Programme management authorities of implementing functions 6. the Secretariat shall perform the following functions: 6.1. ensure effective and efficient use of available resources and its control;
6.2. insert information about application procedures, rules and deadlines on the Web site of the Secretariat;
6.3. inserts information about allocations for the Secretariat's Web site. 7. the Fund shall perform the following functions: 7.1 opening the request submission of co-financing (hereinafter application) and informed the adoption application, putting information on the Web site of the Fund;
7.2. development of methodological guidance to applicants;
7.3. ensure effective and efficient use of available resources and control system;
7.4. payments to applicants granted funding;
7.5. ensure that program beneficiaries shall repay the unused funds to the Foundation or irrelevant;
7.6. the discrepancy and report on them to the Secretariat;
7.7. inserts information about application procedures, rules and deadlines the Fund's Web site;
7.8. insert information on the allocation to the Fund's Web site. III. request for co-financing conditions 8. maximum amount of co-financing, which can be requested from the Fund is 10000 dollars but not more than 20% of the project total eligible costs. 9. May not require greater co-financing of the project contest the minimum percentage of co-financing from the total cost of the project, submitted the lead sponsor, apply it to the applicant's planned co-financing eligible costs. 10. the applicant may submit multiple submissions. 11. If the project is implemented more in Latvia registered partners, the application shall be submitted to the managing partner, but if the partner is a registered organisation abroad or does not comply with the provisions of paragraph 4 of the conditions of application, shall be submitted in advance by mutual agreement, one of the partners who comply with the provisions of paragraph 4 of the terms. IV. Documents to be submitted, the applicant shall submit the application 12 consisting of: Latvian language filled 12.1. application form (annex);
12.2. the following documents: 12.2.1. associations and foundations — the business register was issued a copy of the registration certificate;
12.2.2. religious organizations-the Ministry of Justice issued a copy of the registration certificate and certificate of public good organization status;
12.2.3. project management (Project Manager, project team members, consultants, lecturers) history descriptions (CV);
12.2.4. applicant's articles of Association, the constitutional or Charter;
12.2.5. the lead sponsor of the competition guidelines or rules, including any attachments (application form, a standard contract, annex). V. document filing and recording procedure 13. Applications submitted after the application is launched, the Fund is making arrangements under this rules at the bottom point 7.7. 14. in paragraph 12 of these provisions in these documents may be lodged each working day from noon. 10.00 till 12.00 and from noon. 14.00 till 16.00.15. adoption Application is terminated, if the available funding is not sufficient to support the new projects. In this case, the Foundation will inform according this rule 7.1. 16. the application shall be submitted in four copies (the original, together with all attachments and three copies) indicating the "original" or "copy". The original of the application cauršuj (cauraukl), together with all attachments. 17. Fill in the application form shall also be submitted electronically by adding electronic media. 18. the documents shall be submitted in one or more of the sealed envelopes. If the envelope is more, its sanumur. 19. Submissions may be made by sending a registered letter by post or personally by the Fund. If the application is delivered direct to the Foundation, the Foundation shall issue a statement to the courier that the document was delivered, including date and time. 20. the application is submitted or transmitted to the Foundation for social integration in 40-39 Brivibas Street, Riga, LV-1050, with obligatory indication: "design contest" NGO co-financing programme ' ". 21. On all envelopes also indicate the full name and address of the applicant. Vi. evaluation of the application procedure the application evaluated 22 three rounds — project management, project evaluation, evaluation of conformity and quality and financial evaluation. 23. The Fund shall make application to the administrative review of the submitted application: 23.1. number corresponding to paragraph 16 of these rules;
23.2. or fill in the application form completely and the Latvian language;
23.3. or the application is signed by a responsible officer of the Organization;

23.4. or the application is accompanied by all the documents required under this rule 12.2. 24. the Fund may request the missing information within five working days after receipt of the application. If the applicant deadline information is presented, or if after receipt of the information the application does not meet any of these rules in paragraph 23, the application of the criteria set out below will not be judged and is rejected. 25. The Fund shall make application screening, checking: 25.1. the legal status of the applicant in compliance with paragraph 4 of this rule;
25.2. the adequacy of the funding application to the requirements of this provision 3, 8 and 9;
25.3. or co-financing per project not requested several partner organisations. 26. If the application does not meet any of the provisions of paragraph 25 of this criteria, it is assessed and there is rejected. 27. the quality and financial evaluation carried out of the Fund Council (hereinafter Council) established an evaluation Committee. 28. the quality of the application and finances is assessed according to the following criteria, assigning the appropriate number of points: 28.1. financial and management capacity (total 10 points): applicants 28.1.1. management experience (5 points);
28.1.2. the applicant's substantive jurisdiction (5 points);
28.2. quality (10 points): 28.2.1. the project's importance in Latvia needs and problem solving (5 points);
28.2.2. the application of and compliance with the Fund's thematic priority axes for the current year (certainly in the methodical instructions developed by the Fund under this rule 7.2. subparagraph) (5 points);
28.3. the budget and the economy — the ratio between the planned spending and expected results (total of 2 x 5 points). 29. If the quality and application of financial evaluation does not score at least 20 points, it is rejected. VII. notification of results 30. Decision on the approval of the Board of the guarantee is accepted in the Act on administrative procedures the time limits laid down. 31. Within ten working days following a decision of the Council of the Foundation shall so inform the applicant. If the Council has decided to issue a guarantee fund guarantee agreement concluded with the applicant. 32. a treaty enters into force when the Fund and it is signed by the applicant, and shall be in force until the date on which the applicant informs the Fund that the leading sponsor of the contest is not approved, the project or to the conclusion of the financing agreement, but not longer than one year. VIII. conclusion of the contract and project implementation 33. Guarantee Agreement shall determine the applicant's commitment to fund information on the leading sponsor on the project submission. 34. If the leading funder of the project, the Foundation approved by the applicant conclude a financing agreement. 35. financial resources for the implementation of the project are transferred in accordance with the funding agreement. Funding applicant opens account in the Treasury. 36. The applicant shall ensure the implementation of the project according to the financing agreement. 37. If the leading funder of the project not be approved, the Fund shall conclude a contract of guarantee and letter of guarantee shall be issued to the applicant, who won the next highest number of points. IX. monitoring of Programme 38. monitoring of the Programme implemented by the Secretariat and the funds, analysing the projects funded under the programme implementation and performance evaluation of project funds allocated to efficiency, and developing additional proposals for the implementation of the project. 39. the Fund once a year, at the request of the Secretariat to prepare and submit, within the period indicated in the current year's monitoring report on the implementation of the projects funded under the programme, analyse problems and provide suggestions for improving the implementation of the programme. 40. the Secretariat shall compile the reports submitted during the year of the Fund's surveillance reports, prepare a common annual surveillance report and submit it to the Finance Ministry. X. Programme control 41. the Fund supports programs, control system maintenance and enforcement. 42. The applicant who received funding (hereinafter called beneficiaries), every two months, submit to the Fund information report on the use of funding. Fill in the message according to the requirements of the Fund. 43. The beneficiary a month after the end of the project submitted to the Foundation for the implementation report the use of funding. Fill in the message according to the requirements of the Fund. 44. This provision, 42 and 43 of that report in the Fund may be submitted instead of the decisions on the use of funding granted to the beneficiary, on the basis of the lead sponsor and lead funding made to approved messages, if they meet the following criteria: 44.1. expenses are listed in detail the project expenditure (budget);
44.2. eligible expenses are: project budget for 44.2.1.;
44.2.2. required to implement the project;
44.2.3. listed and identified as attributable to the beneficiary or its partners in accounting;
44.3. the Grand total of expenditure is determined after leading the sponsor has approved the final report;
27.6. the leading funder of only above a certain percentage of the total actual eligible expenditure;
27.7. the above conditions are definitely the leading funder of the project competition announced in the guidelines or rules;
27.7. the contract between the lead sponsor and leading the activities of the applicant is identified and planned cost, which will be implemented independently of the partner. Between the lead applicant and partners have concluded an agreement on the implementation of activities;
27.8. the lead sponsor specific reports are prepared in Latvian or English or the applicant to provide the Foundation for the requested message part translation of Latvian or English. 45. With the implementation of the programme relating to the implementation of the programme to all the parties involved, for 10 years after the project end date. XI. the eligible 46. If the leading funder of specific project monitoring and reporting meets this rule 44 the criteria referred to in paragraph, apply are any costs, corresponding to the principal funders of the eligible cost regulations. 47. If the leading funder of specific project monitoring or reporting does not satisfy any of the rules referred to in paragraph 44 of the criteria, the Fund of the programme may cover only the costs that meet the following criteria:

29.3. the cost is carried out during project implementation, is designed in the Treaty and meet the reasonable financial management principles, especially the principle of value for money and cost-effectiveness;
47.2. the cost is actually made and listed the beneficiaries and partners in the accounting records, they are identifiable and verifiable, and is based on the source document (or master) of the original;
47.3. the cost is directly related to the beneficiary and its partners in the implementation of the activities and comply with the following positions: 47.3.1. project staff costs involved, consisting of wages and minimum social security contributions. With salary costs should not exceed the real market price;
47.3.2. travel and subsistence costs for project personnel, in accordance with the laws and regulations on expenses related to business travel and employee travel. Plane ticket prices may not exceed the price of the flight concerned certain economic class;
47.3.3. service charges (such as room and equipment rental, communication services, utilities, transport, materials). The choice of the service provider according to a specific procurement in Latvia, as well as respecting the principle of transparency, the principle of equal opportunities and the value of money;
47.3.4. details of the goods and the purchase of equipment for immediate use (such as office supplies, household goods);
47.3.5. the costs for the acquisition of fixed assets, up to a maximum of 20% of the amount of funding. XII. non-eligible expenditure incurred in accounting and release 48. the Fund provides funding recipient wrong, unjustified and illegal (not eligible) and the expenditure incurred. 49. If the violation of the financing agreement, which the beneficiary must reimburse the Fund to less than 20% of the planned amount of co-financing, repayment of the financing decision adopted by the Fund within five working days of the detection of the offence. 50. the Fund may extend this provision, the time limits referred to in paragraph 49 to 20 working days. 51. The decision on the co-financing of projects not eligible for the reimbursement of expenditure incurred by the Fund indicates ineligible expenditure carried out, including: 51.1. financing the State budget;
51.2. the refunds;
51.3. the maturity date. 52. If the violation of the financing agreement, which the beneficiary must reimburse the Fund for more than 20% of the planned amount of co-financing, the decision on repayment of the financing fund shall be adopted, in consultation with the Secretariat. In this case no later than two working days after detection of non-compliance in writing to the Fund secretariat on discrepancies, indicating the following: 52.1. beneficiary data;
52.2. the document in which the non-compliance found;
52.3. Description of non-compliance;
52.4. ineligible expenditure carried out. 53. after the Secretariat received this rule the information referred to in paragraph 52, in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Fund within five working days of the decision on the implementation of the programme are not eligible expenses made for full or partial repayment or recovery process does not start. 54. the Fund and the Secretariat may extend this provision in paragraph 53 above for a period of time up to 20 working days from the rule referred to in paragraph 52, the date of receipt of that information. 55. the Fund, in collaboration with the Secretariat of the ruling on the implementation of the programme are not eligible expenses made, specify information for ineligible expenditure carried out, including: 55.1. the State budget financing;
55.2. refunds;
55.3. repayment term. 56. Within three working days following that rule 51, paragraph 55. or in the decision of the Fund sends a copy of the decision of the institutions referred to in the decision. 57. Ineligible expenditure carried out recovery and repayment Fund, the following procedures: 57.1. After this rule 51, 52 or 55, paragraph. the decision was adopted, the Fund sends a letter to the beneficiary as a result of which incurred ineligible expenditure, indicating the amount to be repaid, the maturity date and the account to which payment is to be charged;
57.2. If the beneficiary is unable to pay back unjustified expenses incurred within the prescribed time limits and, it agreed with the Fund for cash repayment schedule;
57.3. the Fund provides eligible expenses of monitoring carried out. 58. Not eligible for the reimbursement of expenditure Fund opens an account Treasury and ensure that the beneficiary is not eligible for reimbursement of expenses incurred in that account. Then when received from the Treasury statement on the transfer of funds to the beneficiaries, the Fund shall submit a single working day during the Treasury payment order transfers of funds to the State budget revenues. 59. If the beneficiary during the month after the rule 51, 52 or 55. that decision point by the end of the statutory period not repaid her unjustified expenses incurred and has agreed on a different schedule for repayment of funds under this rule 57.2. in (a), the Fund initiated proceedings with the beneficiary and provide eligible expenditure incurred in recovery. Prime Minister a. Halloween special task Minister for society integration Affairs k. Peterson of the attachment Cabinet of 23 May 2006, regulations no 421 Minister with special responsibility for societal Integration Affairs k. Peterson»