The Rules On Payments, Redemption Of The Land Use In Rural Areas

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par maksājumiem, izpērkot lietošanā piešķirto zemi lauku apvidos

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 418 in 2006 (23 May. 22. § 28) the rules on payments, redemption of the land use in rural areas Issued in accordance with the law "on the privatization of land in rural areas" in article 18 and the State and municipal property privatization and privatization certificates of completion of the use of the law article 23, first subparagraph, and article 32 of the seventh subparagraph 1. determines the order in which the calculated fee and outstanding payments and prepayment, redemption of land reform during the land use in rural areas.
2. Payment for the use of the granted land redeemable by the land user request in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of 18 April 2006, the Regulation No. 305 "cadastral valuation rules" set by the national land service, taking into account the cadastral value of the land and the value of the stand. Also included in the calculation of payment for land and forest stands (payment for the stand shall be indicated separately).
3. Stand the value is determined by the State Forestry Department under the Cabinet of Ministers on 27 February 2001, the Regulation No. 90 "stands for the evaluation procedure".
4. the Payment shall be calculated on the use of the assigned area, which borders with the nature of attaching a specific pattern and identified landmarks land boundary plan.
5. Payment according to paragraph 2 of these regulations shall be calculated also on land owned by the heirs to receive for payment above the ground in succession.
6. Pay for the use of the granted land redeemable, do not include land, a land user, at its own expense, through the land of pamatielabošan (about the execution of the land property shall inform the applicant, submitted a request for the land property). The measures cover Pamatielabošan harvesting, drainage, soil or soil kūdrošan of creation, as well as the drainage network installation and reconstruction.
7. Payment for the use of the granted land corresponding to calculated one at the farm of rye, lats and privatization certificates.
8. the Parish Council or District Council (hereinafter the municipality) at the request of users of land to the State land service of the decision on the allocation of land for payment of property may decide to pay for a reduction in the amount corresponding to land, taking into account land use objectives, land use period for property, land user, as well as the composition of family seniority in agriculture and (or) in forestry. Pay the amount reduced in accordance with the regulations (annex). Pay cut for each of the factors listed may not exceed 25 percent, but the overall decline — 75 percent of you the applicable pay scale.
9. When deciding on the allocation of land for payment of property and the payment of the State land service takes into account the decision of the local government pay about reduction.
10. land user within three months after the adoption of the decision on the allocation of land for payment of property shall sign a contract with the State joint stock company "Latvian mortgage and land bank" (hereinafter referred to as the bank) for redemption of land ownership (hereinafter referred to as the land of redemption). If, within that period, the land redemption contract has not been concluded, the State land service of the decision on the allocation of the land property in return for a payment lapse. Has the right to ask again the State land service of regional Department to decide. The State land service of the regional chapter of the report on the property in the amount of payment for payment granted land and, if conditions are changed, it will include the new decision.
11. land redemption procedures after the conclusion of the contract with the bank reconciliation is approved by the Ministry of Justice.
12. land the underwriting agreement maximum land redemption period is five years.
13. before the signing of the Treaty of land redemption of land bank in the beneficiary paid the amount or part of it. The land the underwriting agreement on the record in question.
14. On the unpaid part of the ransom statutory interest payable.
15. Redemption payments in the bank within the time limits and procedures. Payments may be made: 15.1 in cash or by transfer;
15.2. privatisation certificates (certificates of compensation of the property).
16. land user is right before the land redemption of signing the agreement and land preparation for the plan to take the land redemption payment privatisation certificates according to the cadastral value of land (hereinafter referred to as the front pay). In this case, is not this rule 8, paragraph about the reduction of pay.
17. prepayments for rural land bank for each administrative area opening accumulation of privatization certificate account.
18. the Bank shall notify the State land service of the open privatization certificate accumulation account.
19. at the request of users of land State land Department shall issue a certificate in accordance with national and municipal property privatisation privatisation and use certifi cate of completion of article 32 of the law the fifth part. In addition to the certificate indicates a certificate of number of privatisation funds.
20. Information about this rule referred to in paragraph 19 of the statement of the issue of the State land service are sent to the bank.
21. make a prepayment, the user displays the State land service of the certificate issued.
22. land user can make prepayment only from his privatization certificate account.
23. Reaffirms the implementation of prepaid transfer task. Transfer the task indicates the privatisation of the payer account number, a certificate for a given piece of land transferred to the target number of certificates — as well as pre-paid State land service certificate issued date and number.
24. A Person who has made a prepayment, the State land service subject to evaluations at the regional division shall submit a certificate transfer task on land redemption payment of land privatisation certificates redemption before conclusion of the contract.
25. The State land service of the regional chapter for information on the submission of a proof of payment of the redemption of land privatisation certificates before redemption of land contract record rural area land redemption register Cabinet.
26. the Bank funds for prepayment will delete the privatization certificates to fikāt as on Earth the redemption of privatization certificates received.
27. If a prepayment has been made, but the land cadastre value is changed, the State land service of the decision on the transfer of land for payment of property indicates whether the difference in the value of land privatisation certificates is to be transferred back, or the person must pay the difference between the value of privatization certificates, payable or refundable as well as certificates.
28. the winner of the State land service of the decision on the transfer of land ownership for payment shall be submitted to the bank shall notify the certificate account number (if the permanent land usage rights have been transferred to another person or changed account number), and payment of bank services.
29. in paragraph 11 of these rules of procedure referred to the date of entry into force of the land redemption contracts the State land service.
30. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 31 august 1999 rules no. 306 "rules on payments, redemption of the property assigned to the land in rural areas" (Latvian journal, 1999, 286./
Prime Minister a. Halloween economic Minister a. Štokenberg Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 22 June 2006.
The annex to Cabinet of 23 May 2006 the Regulation No 418 regulations calculated payment for use of the land allocated for reduction 1. Calculated fee for use of the granted land (taking into account the use of this land to claim property) can be reduced by two percent for every full year starting from the date of the land granted for the use of land ownership to the applicant farmer or backyard farm, Orchard or individual — gardening society members — residential home to build or maintain a vanity.
2. Payment for the land use, taking into account the land ownership of the applicant's seniority in agriculture and forestry, as well as family composition, can reduce the following extent: (% of payment amount calculated) no PO box
The purpose of the land use in the calculated payment amount (unit: tonnes of rye) reduction for agriculture and forestry of each completed year of service, taking into account the reduction in family composition (the number of minor children in the family) two three and more 2.1.
Farmers and backyard farm and 10-25 25.1-50 50.1 10.1-100 more than 100 3.0 2.5 2.0 1.5 1.0 15 12 9 6 3 25 22 17 12 6 2.2.
Individual fruit gardens and residential home construction and maintenance, irrespective of the amount of 3.0 15 25 3. Seniority is in agricultural and forestry land ownership requesting working years worked in the agricultural and forestry enterprises, organizations, institutions or establishments that serve this industry (drainage, agrochemical, agroapgād), as well as farms.
4. This annex does not apply when making prepayment.
Economic Minister a. Štokenberg in