The Procedure For The Grant And Revoke The User's Rights In The European Union's Structural Fund Management Information System

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā piešķir un anulē lietotāja tiesības Eiropas Savienības struktūrfondu vadības informācijas sistēmā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 484 in Riga, 20 June 2006 (pr. No 33 14) procedures for granting and withdrawing user's rights in the European Union's structural fund management information system Issued under the Cabinet of Ministers Act article 14 equipment, first paragraph, point 3 i. General questions 1. defines the procedure for the grant and revoke the user's rights in the European Union's structural fund management information system (hereinafter the system). 2. system user rights granted by the structural funds of the European Union institutions involved in management-managing authorities, paying authorities, intermediate bodies, first level, second-level intermediate bodies grant scheme operator-official or employee is authorized to use the system (hereinafter referred to as the authorised person). 3. system user rights (below-right) include: 3.1 receive data from the system (reports);
3.2. data entry system;
3.3. the data entered in the system;
3.4. the approval of the data entered in the system;
3.5. use of the system in read mode. 4. The right to grant and revoke the managing authority on the basis of the application of the system of user rights assignment or withdrawal (hereinafter application) (annex). 5. rights granted if the trustee needed the job (position) for the discharge of their duties. 6. the managing authority can grant rights to other authorities notified the person not mentioned in paragraph 2 of this rule, if you have received a reasonable request and submission. II. System user rights assignment 7. If the managing authority is opposed to granting rights, within five working days after receipt of the application, the applicant shall forward the reasoned written refusal. 8. If the managing authority is not substantiated objection to the application specified in the assignment of its five working days after receipt of the application: send submissions 8.1 applicant confirmation of award;
8.2. the trustee shall be issued a user name and initial password (the password you use when you first start the system);
8.3. the trustee of the present with the procedures used in the system. III. System user rights cancellation 9. Right to withdraw, if the authorized person: 9.1 termination position (job) performance of obligations related to the operation of the system;
9.2. by its actions or omissions made the possibility of unauthorized person to handle system data;
9.3. in carrying out activities that undermine the security of the system;
9.4. the processing of personal data in the system, has not adhered to the laws of the Republic of Latvia on the physical protection of personal data. 10. If the authorised person under this rule 9.1. (a) ceases to hold office (work) duties, it shall be submitted in one workday in the leading body of the withdrawal of the application. 11. The right to withdraw one's workday of 9 of these rules, for the reasons mentioned in paragraph detection. 12. the managing authority within three working days, inform the applicant in writing of the cancellation. IV. final question 13. user authority each year to 1 may be submitted to the managing authority an updated list of the users of the system. Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš