Accounting Council Charter

Original Language Title: Grāmatvedības padomes nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 500 in Riga, 20 June 2006 (pr. No 33 58) Accounting Council regulation Issued pursuant to the public administration facilities of article 13 of the law i. General questions 1. Accounting Council (hereinafter Council) is the national set up counselling prostitution laws, which aim is to promote the quality of financial statements grew older, as well as stināšan financial reporting standards and rules governing the coordination of funding, with international accounting standards. 2. the Council supports the Ministry of finance were assigned for this purpose from the State budget. II. the Council functions, tasks and rights 3. main functions of the Council are defined in the law "on accounting" in the second paragraph of article 15.2. 4. in order to ensure the fulfilment of the Council function performs the following tasks: 4.1 confirm Latvian accounting standards and draft amendments (hereinafter the project), preparation of annual plans as well as project development, submission, consultation, guidance and coordination arrangements;
4.2. organizes and directs the development of the project. If the development of the project working group or technical Committee, the Council confirms its composition, responsibilities, work tasks and work deadlines;
4.3. evaluate the submitted project accounting regulatory compliance regulations, European Community law and international accounting standards, as well as the technical and legal language Latvian PRA affected;
4.4. After discussion and consultation deadline collects proposals and specify the project or ask it to take the project to the author;
4.5 determine the range of subjects to which the project relates, and the deadline for entry into force;
4.6. decide on supporting the project;
4.7. the projects supported shall be submitted to the Minister of finance for reconciliation. After the completion of the conciliation procedure adopted by the Latvian accounting standards or amendments thereto;
4.8. The Latvian accounting standards adopted or amendments thereto shall be published in the newspaper "Gazette";
4.9. the Council shall decide whether the accounting standards issued or its amendments need to determine as mandatory as well as draw up and submit to the Minister of finance a legislative proposal on minimum applicable Latvian accounting standards;
4.10. prepare and publish a sliver of Council issued rojum Latvian accounting standards in response to the requests received;
4.11. evaluate reports submitted for consideration in the field of accounting developed projects or the laws in force in the field of regulatory accounting regulations and provide to the Minister of finance for the development of the proposal. 5. the Council shall have the following rights: 5.1 set up working groups and technical committees to develop the project. Working groups and technical committees involved Council members, experts and specialists;
5.2. prepare and submit financial Minis tram regulations for the compulsory applicable Latvian accounting standards to guide them to the Cabinet for consideration;
5.3. to examine the accounting industry and other general accounting methodology issues and publish opinions, recommendations, and shingle rojum;
5.4. prepare and publish methodological expenses on ing standards book and their application. III. Organization of the work of the President of the Council 6:6.1. conducts the work of the Council;
6.2. organise the annual plan of work of the Council and the development of the project, ie the period of examination, provide consultation and conciliation procedures;
6.3. convene and chair the meetings of the Council;
6.4. confirms the Council meeting agenda and ensure the intended to ask you;
6.5. the signature of the Council meeting, Council approved protocols Latvian accounting standards and other documents adopted by the Council;
6.6. without express authorisation of the representative Council. 7. the President of the Council in the absence of his duties shall be the Deputy Chairman of the Council. 8. Deputy Chairman of the Council elected by the Council from among the members of the Council by simple majority. 9. it is the responsibility of the members of the Council to participate in the meetings of the Council and in the preparation and adoption of decisions. The Finance Ministers will conclude with the Council members on the work contract of the company Council. IV. meetings and decisions of the Council 10. regular session of the Council at least every month. 11. the Council are valid if they participate in the hearing not less than half of the Board members. Each Council Member has one vote. 12. the Council decisions, the open vote. Decisions are taken by a simple majority. If the vote splits equal, the Chairman of the Board shall have a casting vote. 13. the meetings of the Council may call upon experts and consultants with the Council's law. 14. the minutes of the Council. The Council recorded in the agenda, the meeting participants, persons who have reported on the matter, and the decisions taken. 15. the minutes of the Council, Latvian accounting standards, as well as their projects are available on the Ministry of Finance website on the internet. V. closing question 16. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 5 august 2003, the provisions of no. 437 "accounting regulations of the Council" (Latvian journal, 2003, 112 no; 2004, nr. 68). Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš