In The Republic Of Latvia Awarded State Pension Costs Order After Departure To Permanent Life Abroad

Original Language Title: Latvijas Republikā piešķirto valsts pensiju izmaksas kārtība personām pēc izbraukšanas uz pastāvīgu dzīvi ārvalstīs

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 542 in Riga, 27 June 2006 (pr. No 34 51) in the Republic of Latvia awarded State pension costs order after departure to live abroad are Issued in accordance with the law "on State pensions" article 38 and 28 of the transitional provisions of paragraph 1. determines the order in which the Republic of Latvia awarded State pension (hereinafter pension) is paid to the person who leaves or gone to live abroad permanently. 2. to continue or restore the payment of the pension, a person who leaves or had gone into a permanent life in foreign countries, anywhere in the State social insurance agency Division (hereinafter referred to as the Agency): 2.1 the presentation of identity documents (if you appear in person);
2.2. submit a request for the continuation of the payment of the pension or renewed trouble;
2.3. list of credit institutions of the Republic of Latvia, which included an account of the pension;
2.4. provide a new residential address. 3. If the provisions in paragraph 2 above documents from abroad shall be sent by post or submitted by authorised persons, the application shall be accompanied by the notarial certification that a pension claimant or dependant who is entitled to a pension, is alive. This receipt must be issued not earlier than one month before sending a request or submission. 4. the Agency's chapter according to the residence of the person (to exit) appearance that the request referred to in paragraph 2 and the month following receipt of the decision on the costs of the pension continuation, renewal or refusal to do so and send the decision to a pension claimant. 5. the chapter of the agency decision assessing: 5.1. personal information;
5.2. The population register data on persons leaving to live abroad;
5.3. data on citizenship of the Republic of Latvia on the day of departure of the person from Latvia, if the person is out until December 31, 2001. 6. If the Agency does not have this provision in Chapter 5.3 of the information referred to in the request of the citizenship and Migration Board. 7. A Person who, after the departure of the foreign countries continue to payment of the pension, each year from 1 October to 15 December requesting continuation of the pension costs: 7.1. personally, arriving in chapter of the Agency;
7.2. sending by mail or submitted by authorized persons. In this case, the request shall be accompanied by not more than one month before the date of filing of the deed given proof that the beneficiary is alive. To receive a survivor's pension, you need notarization proof that life is dependant, which the pension was granted. 8. the survivor's pension for the dependants who reached 18 years of age and not older than 24 years, continues to pay, if in addition to the provisions referred to in paragraph 7 of document person makes educational institutions for training or studying general education, professional education institution or university days Department (full time onsite). 9. in paragraph 3 of these regulations, and in paragraph 7.2 8. documents referred to be legalised if the Republic of Latvia concluded international treaties do not provide for different arrangements. 10. If a person pursuant to section 7 of these regulations does not have renewed the request for payment of the pension, the continuation of the Agency's Division with next year's January 1 stopped payment of the pension. 11. the payment of the pension shall be restored by application of the law "on State pensions" to article 35 the procedure laid down in the first subparagraph, in this case: 11.1. these provisions have been received the documents referred to in paragraph 2, if a person had gone to live abroad after 1 January 2002;
11.2. This provision has received the documents referred to in section 7, if the person stopped payment of the pension in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 10. 12. Pension paid pursuant to the law "on State pensions" article 30 the first, second and third, 32, 35 and 36, and of the transitional provisions of article 12 and paragraph 30. Pensions including persons designated by the Republic of Latvia a credit account. 13. After departure on a permanent basis within the European Union or European economic area Member State, the provisions shall apply to the extent they do not conflict with the Council of 14 June 1971, Regulation (EEC) No 1408/71 on the application of social security schemes to employed persons, self-employed, as well as members of their families moving within the community. 14. If the Agency's chapter from the population register receives information about a person's departure to permanent life abroad and party submitted that rule 2 of the documents referred to in the chapter of the Agency stopped payment of the pension. Payment of the pension is terminated by the next month after receiving knowledge. Payment of the pension shall be restored, subject to these rules. Prime Minister a. Halloween Welfare Minister d.-Staķ