Amendments To Cabinet Of Ministers 3 February 2004 No. 62 Of The Regulations ' Provisions On The Single Wage Accounting System To Be Financed From The National Budget Institutions "

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2004.gada 3.februāra noteikumos Nr.62 "Noteikumi par vienoto darba samaksas uzskaites sistēmu no valsts budžeta finansējamās institūcijās"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 531 Riga, 27 June 2006 (pr. No 34 11) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 3 February 2004, the Regulation No 62 ' provisions on the single wage accounting system to be financed from the national budget institutions "Issued in accordance with article 62 of the law of work of the fifth 1. make Cabinet February 3, 2004-Regulation No 62 ' provisions on the single wage accounting system to be financed from the national budget institutions" (Latvian journal, 2004, no. 20) the following amendments : 1.1. replace paragraph 3.1.7., the words "economic classification" by the words "economic" category; 1.2. deleting subparagraph 3.2.5 and 3.2.10; 1.3. the introductory part of paragraph 5 worded as follows: "5. the institution, except for educational institutions, this provision 2. the information referred to in the annex shall be submitted to the Ministry of finance twice a year:"; 1.4. to make paragraph 6 by the following: "6. This provision of the information referred to in annex 2 of the educators and pedagogical staff (Administration, cleaners and other technicians) educational institutions shall submit annually to 20 March for the period from 1 September of the previous year to the current year's 28 (or 29). February. "; 1.5. to complement 7. the second sentence of the paragraph with the following: "with statement the institution of the Ministry of finance submitted the signed by the head of the institution a letter."; 1.6. delete paragraph 10; 1.7. Replace annex 1, the words "economic classification" by the words "economic" category; 1.8. the deletion of paragraph 4 of annex 1 in the table row 4:4 "company (company)" to delete 1.1.9. in paragraph 5 of the annex table 5: "5. The responsibility to express the" 1.10 Annex 2 as follows: "annex 2 Cabinet-February 3, 2004-Regulation No 62 overview of institution post (personnel) and pay list ____ ____ of _____ semester 1. Ministry _____ _____ 2. Institution name _____ _____ 3. Institution code _____ _____ 4. status of _____ _____ 5. Institutions subordinated to the _____ _____ 6. Year _____ _____ 7. Half year _____ _____ 8. Freelance employees _____ _____ notes. I. information on the institution 1. Ministry-point lead (top) Authority (the Ministry, Minister with special responsibility for the Secretariat, the State Chancellery), which contains the body of Benchers. 2. Institution name-specifies the full name of the institution. 3. the institution code-specifies the registration code of the institution of the State revenue service. 4. status-indicates the status of the identification (Id) code: status Id code status 1 direct regulatory authority 2 central public authority (the State body which is financed directly by national budget law laid down in current year appropriations) 3 Government agency 5 Corporation 6 7 justice system Prosecuting Authority 8 educational institution 5. Institutions subordinated institutions subordinated to the-indicates the type of Id code institutions of the type of subordination: the Id code of the institution subordinated to the managing type 1 (higher) Authority (the Ministry, Minister with special responsibility for the Secretariat, the State Chancellery) 2 central public authority (the State body which is financed directly by national budget law laid down in current year appropriations) under the supervision of 4 6 3 a corporation in which the Ministry or institution's shareholders 6. Year-indicate the year for which the information is being requested. 7. Half-point "1" or "2 second half. half year." 8. External staff-indicate the number of external staff of the relevant semester. II. Information on the staff of the institution 9.1, 2 and 3, the information required in box full of words without abbreviations. 10. box 4. Specifies the position of the code according to the classification of occupations. 11. box 5. Specifies the full name of the position in accordance with the classifier of professions (masculine, singular). 12. box 6. Specifies the Id of a basic code of post: the basic functions of the post Id code Post Ad administrative functions (body control) function Au Audit function (B) budget and financial planning (G) Accounting for IT information technology legal function By J control, monitoring records From sectors L a coordination of personnel policy planning P Po (legislative drafting) Pi policy implementation Framework institutions operating function (specify positions that perform the functions assigned to the institution for example, educators, judges, medical) Pal institutions ancillary activities (support) function (specify the positions as head Assistant, Secretary) Ltd. S holding public information function 13. box 7. Vacant posts marked with the capital letter "g". 14. box 8. Specifies the Id of the position status code: Post status Id code position status (I) by a civil servant (D) knowledge workers will be specialized by a civil servant Mi soldiers Met the medical person Sd social work specialist Pe Teachers T judge Pr Prosecutor F physical employee DP employee with A special service rank Officers around the officer with a special service rank

15.9 and 20 of the aisle. Specifies the date of adoption of the legislation, the number and the full name or its conditional designation. 16. box 10. Specifies the qualification categories of positions using the normative acts mentioned in the legend. 17.12. column. Direct administrations persons indicates the degree of qualification, qualification of judges, prosecutors, the class-rank judges according to the qualification class. 18.12. column. Information only on direct administrations persons using the normative acts mentioned in the legend. 19. box 13. Specifies the position of the family according to the laws of the post in the klasifik system and the procedure for the classification of posts of national regulatory authorities. 20. box 14. Indicates the post family level, consistent with the laws of the post classification system and the procedure for the classification of posts of national regulatory authorities. 21. box 15. Specifies the position of the family and the level of wages corresponding to the group in accordance with the laws on the direct administration officials, employees and officers, as well as the Central Election Commission and Central Land Commission employee pay system and the degree of qualification, benefits and compensation. 22. box 16. The years indicate the integer type (for example, if the number of years worked in the institution is less than one year, indicate "0", if the number of years are one to two years (not including), specify "1"). Direct administration workers indicate the public service the number of years worked. Judges, prosecutors and the fight against corruption and Prevention Office staff indicates the particular system the number of years worked. The Ministry of the Interior system and the prisons administration workers indicate the particular system year of service and the law treated as a number of years. Educators teaching indicate seniority. 23. box 17. Specifies the integer from this provision 5.1 and 5.2 below point referred to in paragraph 6, or the end of the period. 24. in box 18. Specify 1, if the person is employed full time (normal weekly working time is 40 hours for employees, educators-21 hours). If a person is employed on a part-time, indicates when 0.5 to 1.5 for one-and-a-half-load, etc. 25. box 19. Specify the appropriate payment method Id code: an additional payment type Id code additional payment hierarchy Id code an additional payment type 4 allowances supplement for exercise of the increased intensity of work conditions 8 premium the premium on the quality of work 12 premium bonus for work in special circumstances, 16 premium bonus for work during the rest of the week 20 premium allowance for work on public holidays 24 premium the premium for working conditions of elevated responsibility 26 premium bonus on special service rank 28 premium bonus for staff in specific conditions

30 Premium surcharge for service duties with the service dog 32 premium premium on professional hazards 36 premium surcharge for rank 40 premium bonus on diplomatic rank 44 premium bonus of two parts divided into 48 time allowances supplement for special circumstances allowances supplement for 52 of 54 retirement allowances supplement for seniority for treatment and social services 56 premium premium Premium premium on qualifications 60 for night work premium Premiums regarding 64 non-working spouses ' allowances supplement for 68 increase the amount of work 72 premium bonus on absenteeism, employees or officials of the vacant posts of duty allowances supplement for 76 additional pedagogical work 80 premium for premium public prosecutor level 84 premium supplement for language skills on 88 premium premium work of attestation of judges 92 premium the premium for the judge's removal of surcharge on Premiums 96 judges exercise of 100 premium premium for overtime premium premium 102 special system of the Ministry of the Interior staff with special ranks 104 Premium management agreement 108
Premium premium (not classified) 112 payroll benefits benefits benefits 116 120 severance pay benefits vacation allowance benefits rent and 124 utilities expense compensation 128 benefits allowance on the birth of a child to 132 benefits allowance for funeral expenses allowance allowance 136 death of 140 benefits allowance for officials of the wounding or mutilation case 144 benefits allowance due to dismissal allowance 148 benefits due to a family member or dependent death benefits allowance 156 serious accident benefits Benefits 160 (previously unclassified) 164
Premiums Premiums for high performance premium bonus according to 166 officials, employees and officers of the performance evaluation for 168 bonus bonus (not classified) 172 compensation compensation for travel expenses refund compensation 176 training to cover the removal expenses of 178 compensation compensation Remuneration remuneration for work 180 a forced absence 184 Remuneration remuneration for the less well-paid work of 188 holiday pay public holiday pay (if not doing any work) 192 Prize prize 194 insurance health insurance 26.21. aisle. Specifies the letter "R", if a payment is regular (premium is fixed to the end of the year), or the uppercase letter "N", if the payment is not regular (premium is fixed for a few months). 27.22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28. column information specified in whole numbers (no cents) ". 2. the rules shall enter into force by 1 July 2006.
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