The Order In Which Event The Organizer Provides Emergency Medical Assistance In Public Event

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā pasākuma organizators nodrošina neatliekamo medicīnisko palīdzību publiskā pasākumā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 526 in Riga, 27 June 2006 (pr. No 34 36) the order in which event the Organizer provides emergency medical assistance to the public in accordance with the measures issued in Public Entertainment and celebratory event Security Act 10 of the second paragraph of article 4, paragraph 1. determines the order in which event the Organizer provides emergency medical assistance to the public event.
2. To provide emergency medical assistance to the public event, the organizer of the event concluded with a hospital that meets the regulations set out minimum requirements for medical treatment institutions and their departments and provide emergency medical services (hereinafter referred to as the emergency medical providers), except for this provision, paragraph 10.
3. Expenses related to emergency medical provision in the measure, shall be borne by the public, the event organizer.
4. The event organizer shall: 4.1. emergency medical assistance provider with the necessary information on a public event;
4.2. emergency medical care requires the deployment of resources in accordance with these rules;
4.3. the indications of the emergency medical assistance;
4.4. emergency medical assistance at the place of the provision of drinking water and electricity, if it does not need emergency medical assistance;
4.5. information about emergency medical facilities receiving public visitors and participants of the event.
5. Emergency medical assistance in the event organizer shall ensure, in cooperation with the public event on the agenda for the prosecution.
6. Emergency medical provider designated by the responsible medical person who works in the medical management of individuals involved in the event of a public emergency medical provision, and first aid providers on arrival at the public event in place, inform the organizer or the public order and security of the person responsible for emergency medical aid arrived and the willingness to provide emergency medical care to a public event.
7. Emergency medical provider will measure the space left to the public after the end of the event, having informed the organizers of the event or public order and security of the persons responsible.
8. the organizer of the event, along with emergency medical provider plan in ambulances for the minimum necessary resources through resource prediction methodology (annex), and their location. If necessary, emergency medical provision involved in first aid providers (persons regulations on training first aid in accordance with the procedure laid down in the heard of the course first aid).
9. Emergency medical providers are placed in locations where they can be seamlessly to provide emergency medical assistance and to ensure victims ' evacuation.
10. Public events, which in accordance with the provisions of annexes 1, 2 and 3 the estimated the number of points used to define the emergency medical providers the minimum resources, has 50 points and more, emergency medical care resources for planned and emergency medical care to ensure a disaster medical center in cooperation with the territorial emergency medical providers.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Health Minister – Minister of culture h. demakova Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by 1 July 2006.
Annex a Cabinet of 27 June 2006 regulations no 526 emergency medical care resources needed for forecasting methodologies 1. taking into account the maximum number of visitors, the number of points is determined as follows: 1. If a public event held in the open air: 1.1.1.  1-500 visitors – 1 point; visitors – 2 points; visitors-3 points; – 3000 visitors-4 points; visitors – 5 points. visitors – 6 points; visitors – 7 points;
1.1.8. any future visitors above 10000-20000 plus 1 point;
1.2. If a public event held in closed spaces, then this specified in point 1.1 in annex a the number of points multiplied by two. 2. Taking into account the actual (expected) number of visitors, the number of points is determined as follows: If the public event are for entrance tickets, the number of points obtained by the number of tickets sold by 500;
2.2. If the event is organized by the public without admission tickets, score calculation, event location area (in m2) divided by 250.3. Adds relevant 1 and 2 of the annex to the above points and amount multiplied by one of the following public events risk factors: intrinsic 3.1 concert (except to this annex referred to in point 3.7.), theatrical show, show – 0.2;
3.2. sports (with the exception of this annex referred to in point 3.5), exhibition, market, trade fair-0.3;
3.3. combo event (music, sport and show) – 0.35;
3.4. the Folk Festival (Festival of the sea, Fireworks, the city of celebration, the Street Festival)-0.4;
3.5. action-Motorsports 0.8;
3.6. aviation technical demonstrations – 0.9;
3.7. rokkoncert – 1.0.4. Emergency medical provider minimum resources determines, taking into account the number of points obtained in accordance with this annex 1, 2 and 3:4.1. emergency medical physician assistant (feldšer), if the score is: from 0.1 to 4-;
4.1.2. from 4.1 to 13-2;
4.1.3. from 13.1 to 25-4;
4.1.4. from up to 40-6; 25.1
4.1.5. from 40.1 to 60-8;
4.1.6. from 10 to 80 – 60.1;
4.1.7. from 13 to 100-80.1; from 100.1 to;
4.2 emergency medical doctor when the score is: from 0.1 to 3 4.2.1-0;
4.2.2. from 3.1 to 25.5-1;
4.2.3. to 45.5-2 from 25.6;
4.2.4. of up to 60.5 45.6-3;
4.2.5. of up to 75.5 60.6-4;
4.2.6. of up to 100-5 75.6;
4.2.7. from 6 to 120 – 100.1;
4.3. emergency medical operational medical vehicle number, if the number of points is: 0.1 to 1.5-4.3.1 from 0;
4.3.2. from 1.6 up to 20.0 – 1;
4.3.3. from 2 to 40-20.1;
4.3.4. from 40.1 to 60-3;
4.3.5. from 4 to 90 – 60.1;
4.3.6. to 100-5; from 90.1
4.3.7. from 6 to 120 – 100.1;
4.4. emergency medical assistance you need specially equipped for camping (per tent one doctor, three doctors assistants, six beds), if the score is: 4.4.1. from 50 to 80-1;
4.4.2. from 2 to 110-80.1;
4.4.3. of up to 120-3 110.1;
4.5. If the number of points is 50 and over, assess the need for public action to anticipate the helicopter landing area.
Health Minister-Minister of culture h. demakova