The Order In Which The Stake And Collectable Vehicles And Their Drivers Public Records Information

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā pieprasāma un iegūstama transportlīdzekļu un to vadītāju valsts reģistra informācija

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No 519 in Riga, 27 June 2006 (pr. No 34 27) procedures callable and collectable vehicles and their drivers public register information issued under the Highway Traffic Act article 14.1 first and eighth 1. establish procedures for the disclosure of callable and hold vehicle and their managers in the national register (hereinafter register) information, the amount of information available, as well as persons to whom the information is required for the work or service functions. 2. the information contained in the Registry are generally available information, if these rules or other regulations for the circulation of information otherwise. 3. Road Traffic Safety Directorate of information from the register may be issued to: 3.1 General information: 3.1.1. in writing;
3.1.2. using electronic media;
3.1.3. using online data transmission.
3.1.4. on the phone, if generally available information does not contain personal data;
3.2. the limited availability of information: 3.2.1. in writing;
3.2.2. using electronic media;
3.2.3. using online data transmission. 4. information on the physical person-owned vehicle, identifying personal data is limited by the availability of information. This information has the right to obtain: 4.1 law enforcement authorities;
4.2. the State and local authorities;
4.3. for sworn bailiff, sworn notaries, sworn to lawyers, performing duties;
4.4. certified administrators in insolvency proceedings regarding the debtor's representatives;
4.5. the credit institutions, financial institutions providing financial leasing services, and insurance companies as a natural person, that the bin, amended or di terminate contractual obligations;
4.6. the insurer of the vehicle it provides šināšan. 5. If the rules referred to in paragraph 4 information required by the cold, the tubers shall state: 5.1 the applicant's name, surname and personal code (instructions a person-name and kajai registration number);
5.2. information needs and information usage objectives;
5.3. the amount of information required and the type of service;
5.4. information on physical persons, for which the required information-name, surname and personal code or national registration number of the vehicle. 6. the information specified in the application to the truthfulness of the applicant certifies by signature. 7. using the online data transmission, the information contained in the register shall be issued on the basis of a written agreement between the road safety Directorate and consignee information indicating the particulars of the applicant, be issued in the amount of information, use of information, details of the specific person who request information, and other information necessary for requesting information and service. 8. the natural person in writing information on the proportion of vehicles are entitled to receive free of charge no more than twice a year. 9. Natural person, information presented in the identity card or driving licence. If the information is received by an applicant (natural person) the authorised person, it presented a notarized powers and identity card or driving licence. 10. the representative of the legal person, the information presented in the identity card or driving licence and a document certifying the recipient of information (legal person) the right of representation. 11. Road Traffic Safety Directorate register of refusal to issue the information the person can challenge the Ministry of transport. The decision of the Ministry of transport law on administrative process in the order can be appealed in court. 12. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 13 July 2004, Regulation No 586 "procedures callable and collectable vehicle and driver state information in the registry" (Latvian journal, 2004, nr. 113). Prime Minister a. Halloween traffic Minister k. Peters