The Order In Which To Organize Open Competition To The Public Office Of The Director Of The Agency

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā organizējams atklāts konkurss uz valsts aģentūras direktora amatu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 493 in Riga, 20 June 2006 (pr. No. 33) order in which to organize open competition to the National Director of the Agency in accordance with the issued public agency law article 10 the third paragraph of rule 1 shall determine the order in which to organize a contest on a national tour of the post of Director of the agent.
2. The competition is organised by, if you create a new Government agency or already created a government agency needs to approve new Director.
3. the invitation to tender for the new National Director of posts organized immediately after the Cabinet passed a resolution for a national agency.
4. Contest to create given Government agencies organized by the Office of Director shall immediately after such need arose. The tender for the duration is longer than three months.
5. conformity of the applicant State Agency Director vacant posts to assess the competition Commission (hereinafter the Commission). The Commission shall set up a Cabinet Member who is under the supervision of the Agency (hereinafter: the Minister).
6. the Minister shall approve the contest rules. The invitation to tender shall lay down the requirements for the post in question to the applicant — the necessary education, foreign language knowledge of previous work experience and competencies, as well as others, with the organisation of the contest seeks to send questions.
7. To the vacant post of Director of the national agency is organised by open tender. It advertised in a newspaper "journal".
8. Invitations to tender shall state: the State Agency 8.1 name and directions of activity;
8.2. the applicant may, in accordance with the requirements of the competition rules;
8.3. the deadline set;
8.4. the application site;
8.5. the documents that you want to add to the application.
9. The applicant login period may not be shorter than 20 and fewer than 30 calendar days from the date of the invitation to tender.
10. the Commission shall assess the compliance of the applicant to the post in question according to the contest rules. The contest is over: 10.1 the tenderer vitae (curriculum vitae) contest;
10.2. the interviews with applicants;
10.3. the practical tasks (writing a proposal developed for Kona Crete national agency activities in the development of the next five years).
11. the Commission shall choose one of the applicants who best meet the contest rules and requirements, giving reasons for its choice, recommend their Minister. If the Minister recommended as suitable candidates for the post of National Director of the Agency, he shall submit to the Minister a proposal for State Kabi Kandi datūr approval.
12. On the basis of the results of the competition and the decision taken by the Commission within five working days notice in writing to all applicants for the summer. The applicant has the right to apply to the Ministry concerned with the application and get a detailed justification in writing of the reasons for which he is or has not been designated for public suggestions for the post of Director of the Agency.
13. Reiterates its call for candidates shall, if the: 13.1. contest has not logged on to any applicant;
13.2. in accordance with the decision of the Commission, none of the applicants do not meet the contest requirements contained in the regulations;
13.3. the Commission recommended the applicant Minister of State considers appropriate for the post of Director of the Agency;
13.4. the applicant proposed to the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers is not recognised as such by the Director of the national agency of jewelry.
14. The Cabinet of Ministers at the request of the Minister may confirm the Director ad interim for a time while the contest to the vacant post of Director of the national agency.
15. the Commission's decision may be challenged, and to appeal to the administrative procedure law.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Justice Minister g. Grīnvald Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by 1 July 2006.