The Order In Which The Cohesion Fund Managing Authority Assesses Cohesion Fund Project Application

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā Kohēzijas fonda vadošā iestāde izvērtē Kohēzijas fonda projekta iesniegumu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 537 of 2006 in Riga on 27 June (pr. 34. § 12) the order in which the cohesion fund managing authority assesses the application of the cohesion fund projects issued under the European Union cohesion fund project management article 4 of the law on the fourth paragraph of point 5 1. determines the order in which the cohesion fund managing authority (hereinafter referred to as the managing authority) assess the Cohesion Fund funded environmental infrastructure and TRANS port infrastructure projects, as well as their implementation and control of technical assistance related to the project (hereinafter draft) submissions (submission of the project). 2. the intermediate body shall submit to the managing authority for the harmonisation project the project drawn up by the applicant submission (annex) in duplicate. 3. the managing authority within three weeks of the submission of the projects evaluated. If the managing authority for submitting the project proposal or application is in opposition, it prepares and sends it to the IB. The project submitted its application for managing authority shall assess within two weeks. 4. the managing authority of the project application, check for compliance with the following requirements: 4.1 project is included in the Cohesion Fund framework paper and meet the established criteria;
4.2. the application must be filled out all sections of the project and added to the proof of the quality of the prepared project submission;
4.3. is added to the Corporation's financial statements for the last two-three years (depending on the Corporation's operating duration);
4.4. beneficiary is added proof of funding, if the project is approved;
4.5. is added to the project feasibility study;
4.6. it is clear all the project funding sources (Cohesion Fund co-financing, financing the State budget, local government bodies, the private sector co-financing);
4.7. all amounts are shown in euros in the application;
4.8. the project in the development of the application is used for the Central Statistical administration official macro-economic indicators;
4.9. the project application 1 and 2 section provides basic information about the project properly and with the implementation of the related institutions;
4.10. the project submission under section 3 are clearly defined project objectives and provide information about the implementation of the project alternatives, based their rejection;
4.11. submission of the project under section 4 provides a detailed project specification, and the project activities proposed complies with the technical-economic justification of the information provided;
4.12. section 5 of the application project in the specified time frame corresponds to the work carried out so far and are realistic;
4.13. the project submission specified in section 6 planned cost categories correspond to those provided for in the project activities, and provides a reasonable explanation of the value added tax arrangements applicable to national funding secured šinātāj;
4.14. the project submission under section 7:4.14.1. is based on selected cohesion fund financing according to the estimated internal rate of return and the net discounted revenue figures;
4.14.2. provides justification for the project generate revenue and detailed project cost justification, pointing and explaining cost calculation method and assumptions;
4.14.3. it has carried out an economic analysis of the project (projects in the transport sector – using a cost-benefit analysis, environmental projects, using the effectiveness of expenditure analysis, cost-benefit analysis method or any other method giving the choices);
4.14.4. it is certainly the main project risks and perform a sensitivity analysis showing the most significant impact on the internal rules of profitability and net income discounted (4.14.1) pointer changes;
4.14.5. a corporation's financial statements and key financial ratio assessment confirms the company's financial stability;
4.15. the project section 8 of the application information provided is consistent with the information specified in section 6;
4.16. the project submission 9. the section is expressed in months or years, providing the relevant justification, and meets the project in other sections of the application information;
4.17. the project submission agreement specified in section 10 of the activities under the project submission match, as well as the technical-economic justification of the information provided, and gives all the specifics of the project requires information on the European Union's environmental policy and procedural requirements are complied with;
4.18. the project submission under section 11 the exact explanation about the project's compliance with the measures financed by the community;
4.19. the project submission 12. section contains indicators and their corresponding to the application of section 3 and 4, the information provided on the project provides the Thai activities;
4.20. the project submission under section 13: information on the management of 4.20.1., the supervision and control of the project shows efficiency and meet the Republic of Latvia and the European Union budget and finance, as well as transport and the environment;

4.20.2 information about implementation of the institutional status of the Authority (the management of the implementation of the assessment, staff in the technical and economic capacity, the implementation of a project risk identification) certifies the authorities implementing the ability to implement the project under the project objectives, requirements and deadlines. 5. These regulations 4.5, 4.11, 4.14 and 4.17. the test referred to in the information related to the technical-economic justification does not apply to technical assistance projects. 6. the managing authority shall ensure that the financing of the Cohesion Fund, subject to the balance between the transport and environment sectors. 7. on the basis of the managing authority and the intermediate body of the agreed project schedule for submission to the European Commission, the managing authority controls the financing of the cohesion fund balance between respect for environmental infrastructure and technical assistance projects, as well as transport infrastructure and technical assistance projects. 8. the managing authority, in considering the application, the project examined the funding and compares it with other sectors the available funding under the Cohesion Fund from 2004 to 2006. 9. If the available amount of financing of the Cohesion Fund in the relevant sector specific project funding is sufficient and does not exceed the balance between sectors, the managing authority shall examine and harmonize the project submission under paragraph 4 of these rules. 10. If the cohesion fund available funds in the sector in question is already used in the project financing significantly exceeded the balance with respect to the other sectors, the project submission does not match or is transferred to the next cohesion funds programming period. 11. If transport or environment sector project application submitted total funding significantly short of available funding from the Cohesion Fund in the sector concerned and thus not guaranteed funding from the cohesion fund balance environmental and transport sector, the managing authority shall send the relevant to the claim for additional IB project application submission. 12. The Treasury two weeks evaluated the projects submitted by the managing authority of the application and prepare an opinion sent to the managing authority. The managing authorities of the project application to the Treasury assess week. 13. The Treasury, when considering the application, the project assessed the information on the national provider of financing credit history as well as its financial position. If the national contribution intends to provide for a corporation, the Treasury is analysed for the following: 13.1. liquidity;
13.2. profitability;
13.3. financial solvency. 14. If one of the sources of funding for the implementation of the project is the borrowing, the Treasury justified the planned borrowing analyzes, conditions and loan repayment option, except that if the borrower (implementation) is municipality. 15. the managing authority, in preparing this provision in paragraph 3 of that opinion, take into account the opinion of the Treasury. 16. After the submission of the project coordination the managing body shall provide the implementation for the project application to the IB 13 copies of those 12 copies of the application of the project shall be submitted by the managing authority, intermediate body. 17. at the same time when documents are sent electronically, the project coordinator or 1.44 MB 3.5 "used in IBM format floppy disk or recordable CD (CD-R), the implementing authority may submit to the IB agreed to only four copies of the application for the project from which the intermediary institution, three copies of the application for the project submitted to the managing authority. If the project submissions electronically managing authority have not been submitted, submit them to the intermediate managing authority 12 copies. 18. the managing authority shall send the application to the agreed project 10 copies or according to paragraph 17 of these rules in a single copy and electronically with a covering letter to the European Commission. One copy of the application of agreed projects and a copy of the covering letter the managing authority shall send the intermediate. 19. the managing authority within five working days of receipt of the information from the European Commission informed in writing of the authority and its payments on receipt of the application for the project at the European Commission. Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš the Ministry of finance submitted the attachment Cabinet 27 June 2006 regulations No 537 annex Word Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš