Minimum Safety Requirements For The Movement Of Fishery Products Not In Bulk

Original Language Title: Obligātās nekaitīguma prasības zvejas produktu apritei nelielā apjomā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 596 in Riga on July 18, 2006 (pr. No 38 24) mandatory safety requirements for the movement of fishery products not in bulk Issued under the food surveillance law article 4 second subparagraph 1. lays down minimum safety requirements for small scale fishing products and direct delivery to the final consumer or trader dealing with retail sales in the territory of Latvia and fishing products are supplied directly to the final consumer. 2. If the delivered products (except for eels and salmon) not exceeding 100 kg in a week, this small supply of fisheries products. If the eel and salmon delivered volume week does not exceed five fish species concerned, it considers small eel and salmon. 3. A fisherman or fishery products producers (hereinafter-the product benefit), which acquires small fishing products, recorded their activities in food and veterinary service in accordance with the food business regulatory laws. 4. the fishing product winner: 4.1 ensure fisheries products quality and safety of food for human consumption;
4.2. the delivered products inventory journal. Journal of fisheries products indicate the date, location, species, the direct-delivery date, recipient, quantity. Log stores a year after the supply of fisheries products and the presentation of the food and veterinary service officer upon request;
4.3. to fisheries products, storing and supplying: 4.3.1. would be shielded from direct sunlight exposure;
4.3.2. the detected temperature in their essential characteristics;
4.3.3. would be protected from environmental pollution. 5. If the acquirer of fisheries products in a small volume of fisheries products in retail, fishing supply products require the accompanying document. Accompanying document shall indicate the following: 5.1 for the fishing products: 5.1.1 the acquisition date;
5.1.2. species;
5.1.4. storage temperature (0 to minus 1 ° C);
5.2. products of the beneficiary name or name and address. 6. If the fishing products visually find any deterioration or sasl trouble signs, it's forbidden to use supply for human consumption. Prime Minister Minister for Agriculture (A). Halloween-the Interior Minister Or a Jaundžeikar.