The Provisions On The Labelling Of Fisheries Products For Use In Species Names

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par zvejas produktu marķējumā lietojamiem sugu nosaukumiem

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 646 in Riga in 2006 (8 august. No 41 23. §) rules on the labelling of fisheries products for use in the species names are Issued in accordance with the law of the food chain monitoring 13. the third paragraph of article 1 the rules laid down for distribution. retail trade in fishery products provided for marking shall indicate the names of the species in accordance with the Council's 1999 17 December of Regulation (EC) No 104/2000 on the common organisation of the markets in fishery and aquaculture products article 4, paragraph 2. 2. Distribution of retail products for the fishing in the label or labels shall indicate the appropriate fish, crustacean or shellfish Latvian language the name set in the annex to these provisions. Prime Minister Minister for Agriculture (A). Halloween-Minister for the environment r. vējonis annex Cabinet 8 august 2006 Regulation No. 646 of fish, crustaceans and shellfish list no name p.k. Latin Latvian language English i. fish turbot 1 Psett Maxima Ālant 2 Leucisc of Turbine for id Id 3. Grayling thymallus thymallus-Grayling was Alos Aloz 4 of Allis shad alos 5. Anchovy engraulis spp.
6. the Argentine Anchovy Argentina spp.
Argentina, the lesser silver ladle, ladle herring 7. Perch Perca fluviatilis Perch 8. Amur, white grass carp Ctenopharyngodon idella 9. Big White Hypophthalmichthy molitrix, a Silver carp 10. Barb to barb for red mullet Barbel mullets, sea 11 Mullah spp.
[Red], [striped] follow follow 12. Beluga the beluga of Huss Huss 13. Bops, Bogue Boops boops, Bogu [striped] bigey 14. Sprat Sprat sprat of the SPP.
15. Sprat Cavic Oncorhynchus tshawytsch King [guinn, chinook, spring] 16 picked salmon shark Dogfish Dogfish Is a Hyperoglyph of Eļļasziv 17 Logfish, rudderfish, a perciform black (American) barrelfish 18. Trout, Salmo trutta stavrakis of the stream of Brown Trout 19. rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss Rainbow Trout 20. Trout Salmo Salmo Apache, gila, Salmo aguabonit Trout, Salmo clark in 21. pout the French trisopterus Luscus (whiting), pou Bib 22. Greenland halibut Reinhardtius hippoglossoides Lesser or Greenland halibu 23. Hake Merluccius spp.
24. the New Zealand Haka grenadier Macruronus novaezelandia blue grenadier 25. Redfish (sea bass) Dicentrarch-26, labrax Seabas Searobins trigla spp.
Gurnard 27. Sea, Golden Swing of Gilthead seabre auratus 28. Jūraslīdak in molva spp.
Ling 29. Sole Solea spp.
30. Jūrasvēdzel-Gaidropsar bench spp., Enchelyop spp.
31. the Anglerfish Rockling lophius spp.
Anglerfish, Monkfish Conger conger by the 32. Jūraszut. 33 Kapteiņziv by Pseudotolith Conger spp.
Captainfish, mearg, Karanks, Caranx spp. weakfish. 34.
Crevall, hard tail kingfish, jackfish-35. the Carp carp in carpi Cyprin. 36 of the bream Carassi carassi Crucian carp Kefal Mugil spp. of 37.
Follow in the his Ketlas Oncorhynchus 38. cat cat, CHUM salmon 39. Gymnocephal of the cernu of the Ruffe Ruffa 40. (sudrablas) Coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch Coho Silver salmon, Oncorhynchus gorbush 41. Kuprlas a Pink salmon 42. Salmon, Atlantic salmon Salmo salar Atlantic 43. Ledusziv the Champsocephalus spp.
44. the Pike Esox Icefish Lucio to Pike of Lichi 45. Lihij spp.
Pompan, leerfish 46. of limanda limanda limanda Nature by a 47. Strap the Tencho 48 Tinc tinc. Pout zoarces viviparus Eelpou Lufar in Pomatom for the 49. Bluefish saltatrix, elf, fatback, greenfish, skipmackerel 50. Mackerel, Scomber spp. japonica East
Chuba, American mackerel mackerel mackerel, Spanish mackerel, coly, Pacific (common Japanese), spotted mackerel mackerel mackerel, Atlantic 51. Scomber scombrus Atlantic [club] 52. mackerel mackerel, Scomber australasic of Slimy in Australia [spotted club, Blue] 53. Makrūrziv a Macrur mackerel spp.
54. Black Scabbardfish in the Trichiur grenadiers spp.
Hair-tail fish, ribbonfish, scabbard, bondfish, cutlas fishes 55. Microstom sole, flounder in Lemon sole Kitt 56. Black sea bream spondyliosoma cantharus Black Sea for cod, bre 57. Atlantic morhua Gadus morhua cod Atlantic cod, 58. Baltic Gadus morhua of Baltic cod 59 collari. Greenland cod, ogac morhua Greenland cod years 60, Pacific Cod Gadus morhua in Pacific cod macrocephala 61. Cod, trisopterus minutus little Poor cod cod 62. Boreogad of the Arctic, said the Arctic [polar] code 63. Whiting Whiting Whiting merlangus of Theragra chalcogramma 64. Mintaj [Alaska] pollack to 65. Capelin Mallot villosus spp.
Capelin, a 66 in Muksun lodd. 67. Coregonus muksun, Muksun Lamprey Lampetr spp.
Western brook lamprey, River lamprey, sea lamprey 68. Petromyzon marinus sea lamprey 69. Stenod to leucichthy Not LMA lm not the Inconn 70. Nerka Oncorhynchus nerka Socks-eyed [red, bluebacked] salmon, (summer, spring, talk)-71. Nototēnij of sockey Notothenia spp.
72. the Ogļziv of Aphanop Notothenia carbs, Scabbard gastric [Black] scabbard fish 73. Pagels ' eye-opening Pagell of SPP.
Pandora, the red sea to 74. Shad bre of the shad 75 Alos fallax Twaid. Char Salvelinus spp. of
76. the Greenland halibut is Hippogloss charr spp.
Halibut in bonito SARDA SARDA 77. Atlantic bonito of Coregonus peled 78. Peled Peled 79. Haddock Melanogrammus aeglefinus Haddock spotted the Big 80, Aristichth nobilis Spotted silver carp 81. Bream abramis Brama Bre to 82. sea bream, Brama spp.
Ray's (sea) to 83. bre flounder, platichthys flesus trachurus Flounders have a bjoerkn 84. Plic Blicc white bre to 85. Pollack pollachius pollachius Pollack, lythecoalfish 86. Blue Whiting Micromesistius poutassou or Year poutassou blue whiting 87. Skate Raja spp.
View 88. of Roach Rutilus rutilus Roach 89. Baltic herring, Clupea harengus the Baltic herring 90. Membri Reps of Vendac in the Coregonus albul 91. Diamond, smooth Scopthalm to Rudul a rhombus-Brill 92. Scardini erythrophthalm-93. Saida Rudd pollachius virens saithe, Coalfish, pollack (American), green cod 94 smelt of eperlan to Osmer. Ladle of glan 95. Catfish Imports (European), Wels catfish, (European), sheatfish 96. Chub, white Leucisc in leucisc in Leucisc 97. Chub DACE to cephal Club 98 of Sardinella Sardinella spp..
99. of sardines sardinella Sardina pilchardus spp.
Sardina pilchardus, pilchardus, Sardinops, European-Sardinop is 100. sagax [true] Sardina, (South African, Pacific, California, Japanis Australian) pilchardus 101. Redfish Sebastes spp.
102. the Sevrjug of Acipenser Redfish stellat of surgeons, sevrug-103. Whitefish Coregonus lavaretus Whitefish 104. Atlantic herring, Clupea harengus harengus, Atlantic herring in 105. Sim Oncorhynchus masu Salmon trout, cherry [mass] the spicara Maena 106 salmon. a smart High-body pickarel 107. Megrim lepidorhombus spp. (megrim).
Megrim is 108. Dragonfly abramis baller in blue to 109. bre horse mackerel trachurus spp.
Horse mackerel in the Sterlet Acipenser ruthen-110. the 111 Sterle. Store in the Sturgeon Acipenser sturi 112. Store, Siberian, Siberian sturgeon Acipenser baer 113. Store, Russian, Russian sturgeon Acipenser güldenstädt's Sudrabkarūs-114. Carassi auratus, the golden Goldfish [Chinese] 115. Pepril Butterfish to carp triacanth-116. Sea Trout Salmo trutta Butterfish for trout, sea trout of bifurcat Talismani 117. Talisman (Threadfin) 118. slickhead, bigeye tuna Thunnus obesus false albacor, big-eyed tuna tuna 119. Euthynnus affinis, spotted Black skipjack, mackerel [eastern little] 120. Tuna tuna, yellowfin Thunnus albacares Yellow-fin albacor, yellow-fin tuna 121. albacore tuna, Thunnus alalunga Long-fin albacor, long-finned tuna, skipjack tuna 122. Katsuwonus pelamis, pelamis (sin.)
Striped [skipjack] (oceanic) tuna, skipjack, bonito (ocean) 123. Blue tuna, Thunnus thynnus Northern blue-finned tuna, great tunny 124. Lot's lot Burbs Forkbeard the garfish is 125. Belon Garfish Atlantic of the belon 126. Anarhichas Lupus (Atlantic), wolfish (Atlantic) catfish, blue cat Vimb of Vimb of vimb 127. Vimb a Vimb of 128., forest aspius aspius Asp 129. Zaķziv (sea Hare) Cyciopter of the Lumpsucker 130 waded. Zander Stizostedion lucioperc Pike-perch 131. of Plaice pleuronectes platessa, sea of Northern buļļziv Plaic 132. of Bullrou, myoxocephalus Scorpio for short-spined the scorpion 133 Dentex dentex Dentex, catfish. dog's-teeth, six-toothed bre to 134. Swordfish Xiphias gladius Swordfish 135. Eel Anguilla Anguilla Eels II. Crustaceans and invertebrates 136. Octopus Octopus vulgaris Common Octopus 137. Oysters Ostrea spp.
Flat oyster in 138. Buksin, the usual Common whelk buccinum undatum, Harpenden 139. Shrimp, brown shrimp Crangon Crangon Brown shrimp, Northern 140. Pandalus borealis, pink shrimp, Northern Deepwater basis basis 141. Shrimp Penaeus spp.
White shrimp is 142. Scallop Pecten maximus Common scallop, coquill St-Jacques 143. Squid Loligo spp., Illex spp.
144. Squid in Squid ommastrephes sagittatus Flying squid, squid, red sea squid 145. Crab Cancer Pagurus, portunus puber, Maia-Mercenārij squinad 146. Crabs, normally Hard to mercenari Venus clam, round clam 147. Mussels Mytilus spp. Perna spp.
Mussels 148. Norway lobster, Nephrops Norvegicus Norway lobster 149. Lobster Homar spp.
150. Lobsters sepia sepia officinalis, Rossia macrosoma, sepiola rondelett 151. Cancer of the Cuttlefish, marine Palinurus spp., Jas spp.
Rock lobster, sea crawfish 152. Cancer, the blue of the noble crayfish Astac astac 153. Cancer, šaurspīļ of leptodactyl of Galician crayfish of Astac agricultural Minister-Minister for the environment r. vējonis