Provisions On Metrological Requirements Tangible Measures

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par metroloģiskajām prasībām materiālajiem mēriem

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 671 in Riga august 22, 2006 (pr. No 43 10) provisions on metrological requirements material measures Issued in accordance with the law "on conformity assessment" 7. the first part of the article and the law "on a uniformity of measurements" 6. the second paragraph of article 1. determine the metrological requirements and the conformity assessment procedures material measures, designed for measuring the length and quantity of the beverage trade, before the material measured is placed in the internal market, as well as placed in service. 2. One copy of the Declaration of conformity can be issued to a whole lot of material measures. 3. the meaning of these provisions: 3.1 material measures of length-measured with the tick marks. The distance between the marks is given in units of length;
3.2. the drink serving jug-volume (for example, dzeramglāz, or Cup type) which is intended for the determination of a specific volume, sold for immediate consumption, other than the pharmaceutical product;
3.3. measurement-measurement of the amount of the drink trade volume for mayor with a bar, which means the nominal capacity;
3.4. measurement vessel "up to the top edge of the" quantity of measuring-drink sales volume for the Mayor, whose internal volume is equal to the nominal capacity;
3.5. the drinks beaker-transfusion for measuring the quantity of trade for a capacity serving measure from which the fluid is to transfuse before consumption;
3.6. capacity-internal volume measurement "to the upper edge of the" or internal volume to a filling mark stripes for the measurement. 4. The essential requirements specified in the regulations, measures of material in the Act on the metrological requirements measuring instruments. Specific requirements for the material measured in the annex to these regulations. 5. material measures comply with the rules and regulations of the Act on the metrological requirements measuring instruments. 6. The manufacturer may choose a conformity assessment procedure for material measures of length of the following modules: F1 or D1 or B + D or H or G laid down in the Act, regulations of metrological requirements measuring instruments. 7. The manufacturer may choose conformity assessment procedures for the measurement of the quantity of the beverage trade from the following modules: A1 or F1 or D1, E1 or B + E, or B + D or H, set out in the Act, regulations of metrological requirements measuring instruments. 8. Tangible measures for which type-approval was issued to this provision to the date of entry into force of the market and allowed to post material, which made the first verification, allowed to pass until they use the type approval expiration date, but if it is not set, the-by 2016 of 30 October. 9. The entry into force of the provisions by 30 October 2006. Informative reference to European Union Directive provisions included in the law arising from the European Parliament and of the Council of 31 March 2004, Directive 2004/22/EC on measuring instruments. Prime Minister a. Halloween economic Minister a. Štokenberg annex a Cabinet of 22 august 2006 Regulation No. 671 of specific metrological requirements i. material measures of length 1.5 m measuring tape, which is long and longer than 5 m, maximum permissible error (further-CPC) determines when they are applied to the traction force of 50 newtons or other force values specified by the manufacturer. Manufacturer specific power value is marked on the Ribbon. From the solid or semi-solid material made for measures for the determination of the CPC requires no tractive force is applied. 2. The reference temperature is 20 ° C, if the manufacturer on measuring feature specifies a different value. 3. the CPC with positive or negative in mm, between two fixed scale marks (a + bL), which are next to each other: 3.1.  L-length, to be rounded to the next full-meter mark; 3.2. a and b values are set out in table 1 of this annex. 4. If the tape section designated by the end of the surface for any distance beginning at this location, the CPC will increase on the table 1 of the annex contains the value c. table 1 accuracy class a (mm) b (c) 0.1 0.1 0.1 II 0.3 0.2 0.2 (mm) I III 0.6 0.4 0.3 D-special class for dipping tape (1)