The Rules On Fees Provided By The State Library Services And Their Pricing Methodology For Determining

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par valsts bibliotēku sniegtajiem maksas pakalpojumiem un to izcenojumu noteikšanas metodiku

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 680 Riga, august 22, 2006 (pr. No 43 28. §) rules on public library services provided paid services and their pricing methodology of determination Issued under the Library Act article 5, third paragraph 1. National Library (library) provided paid services and the pricing methodology of determination. 2. The library provides the following paid services: 2.1 copying (such as printing and copying documents, copy to termoplēv);
2.2. obtaining information from your computer (for example, print, record, record a CD to a floppy disk);
2.3. interlibrary loans (SBA) and the international interlibrary loans (SSB) services (for example, request processing, document delivery);
2.4. the electronic delivery of documents;
2.5. the thematic execution of the request (for example, select Library of information in databases, bibliographic lists);
2.6. fragment of copying audiovisual material;
2.7. the original scanning, digital photography with the consent of the information maintained in electronic form;
2.8. the binding document (for example, binding, laminating, bookbinding). 3. The library paid service pricing is determined using the following formula: Tizm + Nizm Imp = — — — — — —, which charges the Vsk Imp-pricing;
Tizm = (B + S + C + D + E + F);
Nizm = A × k;
Tizm-direct costs. They are the library service fee projected costs, comprising the library staff (staff Department) maintenance expenses, which plans to provide the paid services, and expenditure on capital works (including fixed asset depreciation amount);
B-the library staff (employees), who intends to provide the paid service. The planned remuneration consists of the number of employees involved in the process, they spent hours and wages (per year) that is planned in accordance with the legislation. Library employees apply monthly base salary (pay) system;
S-State social security payments. They apply the appropriate level of contribution regulations set out planned fiscal year;
C-travel and business travel expenses. It intends only when missions and business travel will be made directly with the relevant fees for service;
D-service payment, as well as materials, energy, water, and tack the Phys Tara acquisition expenses. The plan, to ensure the provision of the service concerned;
E-payments for loans and credits related to the fee for a service. It intends, in accordance with the regulations;
F-fixed asset depreciation amount used the fee for a service. If the charge for providing the service you need to buy additional assets, expenditure shall include also planned asset depreciation amount;
Nizm-indirect costs. They have paid the cost of providing the service, which forms part of the library's administration costs;
A-library administration expenses. They are spending that supports the overall activities of the library, to the relevant staff to successfully provide paid services;
k-factor (percentage) that describes the extent to which the library administration expenses planned to include the charge for a service, and have a paid service employees directly involved in the planned remuneration (per year) against the planned fee on all library services directly involved in the compensation of employees (per year);
Vsk-planned paid services unit per year. Prime Minister a. Halloween Culture Minister-Minister of finance Spurdziņš o.