The State Metrological Control Of Measuring Instruments Subject List

Original Language Title: Valsts metroloģiskajai kontrolei pakļauto mērīšanas līdzekļu saraksts

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 732 Riga 2006 (September 5. 45 1) state metrological control of measuring the subject features list issued in accordance with the law "on a uniformity of measurements" the second subparagraph of article 7, the provisions establishing the state metrological control of measuring the subject feature list and the periodicity of verification (annex).
Prime Minister a. Halloween economic Minister a. Štokenberg Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 9 September 2006.
Annex to the Cabinet of Ministers of 5 September 2006, the Regulation No 732 state metrological control of measuring the subject features no PO box
The name of the measuring means Verification of recurrence (not less than) 1.
Geometric size measuring and motion features: 1.1.
length, area, and multidimensional measuring features 1.2 once a year.
face and tape measures to counterbalance the liquid level measurement in tanks once a year to 1.3.
meters, rulers and tape measures (? m) 1.4 every two years.
taxi meter once a year 2.
Measuring mass: 2.1.
non-automatic weighing instrument every two years 2.2.
an automatic weighing instrument every two years, 2.3.
weights every two years 3.
Pressure sphygmomanometers — once a year 4.
Fluid and gas consumption volume measuring tools: 4.1.
measuring system for liquids other than water annually 4.2.
gas consumption meters without proof every 15 years 4.3.
gas consumption counters with proofreaders, proofreaders time eight years 4.4.
water consumption meters every four years 4.
metal measuring cup for measuring quantities of alcoholic beverages in the time after production 5.
Density measuring tools-glass determinations for alcohol after making 6.
Measuring physico-chemical features: 6.1.
rely on twice a year, 6.2.
exhaust gas analysers once a year 7.
Heat meter every two years 8.
The size of electrical and electromagnetic measurement features: 8.1.
single phase induction type energy meters of active time in 16 years, 8.2.
single-phase electronic active energy meters once every 12 years, 8.3.
three phase induction type energy meters of active time in 16 years, 8.4.
three phase electronic energy meter active every 12 years, economic Minister a. Štokenberg in