Public Service Obligations In The Arrangements For Taxing National Civil Aviation Aerodrome

Original Language Title: Sabiedriskas nozīmes pakalpojumu sniegšanas saistību uzlikšanas kārtība valsts nozīmes civilās aviācijas lidlaukam

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 429 in 2015 (28 July. No 36 31) Public service obligations for taxation arrangements for national civil aviation aerodrome Issued in accordance with the law "on the air" in the third paragraph of article 27.2 1. determines the order in which the national civil aviation aerodrome (airstrip) imposing public service obligations and determine the compensation for the costs incurred by following the ground obligations. 2. The rules referred to in paragraph 1, public service obligations imposed on an aerodrome, to provide support for the public of important functions as search and rescue, civil-military cooperation in support of the public, as well as other important functions that cover the sea proper survey, the purpose of the medical air services, the provision of assistance to the population, in the case of natural disasters (disaster) relief (the affected area survey, observation, the evacuation of the population, food , clothing, medicines, equipment, building materials and other materials supply), public administration joint exercises involving also the existing aircraft, and the vaccination of animals (hereinafter referred to as important public functions support obligations). 3. These provisions shall not apply to scheduled air traffic and flight regularity of commitment. 4. these provisions shall apply to the aerodrome, which average annual traffic volume for the two financial years preceding the public of important functions support relating to the imposition and enforcement of obligations in the period does not exceed 200 000 passengers. 5. important Public functions in support of the aerodrome, which belongs to the municipal corporation, which has a decisive influence, to the Ministry, which is responsible for the function and the municipality, jointly concluding important public functions in support of the Treaty (hereinafter referred to as the agreement). If any of these provisions referred to in paragraph 2, the function is necessary for the provision of a service that does not require the other rules referred to in paragraph 2 for the performance of functions specified in a contract concluded in a joint or separate agreement concluded a specific service. 6. The contract shall include the following major components: 6.1. service description and performance requirements; 6.2. the airfield, which imposed obligations to provide services, and, if necessary, applies; 6.3. information on exclusive or special rights assigned to the aerodromes of the essence; 6.4. the maximum refund amount and the actual calculation, control, as well as the amount of the refund review procedures and parameters, at least every three years contract period and at the end are reviewed and, if necessary, updated and clarified; 6.5. mutual settlement procedures and conditions for the granting of financial resources; 6.6. the overpaid amount of the refund and repayment terms; 6.7. the duration of the contract, not exceeding 10 years. If the contract is a particular investment ground that must be amortized over a longer period, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, the duration of the contract may exceed 10 years; 4.2. reference to European Commission 20 December 2011-2012/21/EU decision on the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union article 106 (2) the application of the State aid with regard to compensation for public services to some of the undertakings entrusted with the operation of a service of general economic interest.
7. A State or local Government shall compensate the costs incurred for the execution of the aerodrome, signed agreement. 8. State compensation within the meaning of this provision is the State budget for the current year by law for this purpose in the State budget allocations for the Ministry concerned to implement the basic State budget funds. Local government compensation within the meaning of this provision is a municipality for this purpose in the budget of the grant for the current year. 9. the compensation for the costs incurred for the aerodrome, the framework contract providing services which are not provided, if the aerodrome does not have imposed this obligation, in each case shall be calculated by taking into account the obligations set out in the description of the requirements and standards of the actual cost. 10. When concluding a contract, the Ministry and local Government includes conditions in the contract, to ensure that the agreement is not included in the cost, which is compensated for pursuant to the service contracts of a certain size and regularity of flights, and that the same expenses are not intended to compensate for multiple framework contracts. 11. If the public key functions support obligations shall jointly by several ministries and local government, the agreement lays down the conditions for the refund of the amount of the planned distribution between contractor and agree on the responsibilities of each of the Contracting Parties to the compensation payable to meet service obligations. 12. If no European public airfield of important functions of the support obligations in addition to economic activities or it is imposed on the public interest obligations of a certain size and regularity of the implementation of the contract, the one with the related income and expenditure accounts separately. From important public functions support obligations prohibited allocations to finance other aerodrome operation. Run the Ministry and local Governments jointly signed contract requirements, airfield and separate accounts for separate service obligations set out in the description of the requirements and standards. Prime Minister-Minister of traffic Anrij matīss Interior Minister Richard Kozlovsk a