The National And European Aid Arrangements Under "basic Services And Village Renewal In Rural Areas" Project Submission Open Tender Way

Original Language Title: Valsts un Eiropas Savienības atbalsta piešķiršanas kārtība pasākumā "Pamatpakalpojumi un ciematu atjaunošana lauku apvidos" atklātu projektu iesniegumu konkursu veidā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 475 in Riga on 18 august 2015 (pr. No 40 26) at national and European Union aid modalities in the event "basic services and village renewal in rural areas" project submission open tender Issued in accordance with the form of agricultural and rural development Act article 5, fourth paragraph i. General questions 1. determines the order in which the State and the support of the European Union (hereinafter referred to as aid) under "basic services and village renewal in rural areas" (hereinafter measure) unveiled the project submission contest. 2. the project submission acceptance issued, project submissions submitted, evaluated and selected, the decision shall be taken and notified as well as support for the request in accordance with the laws of the State of the European Union and the granting of aid for rural and fishery development. 3. objective of the measure in accordance with the Council's 17 December 2013 Regulation (EU) no 1305/2013 on support for rural development by the European agricultural fund for rural development (EAFRD) and repealing Council Regulation (EC) No 1698/2005 (hereinafter Regulation No 1305/13) is to support investments in public infrastructure to improve the quality of rural areas, to facilitate and maintain the population. II. conditions for receiving the aid measure 4 points is the territory of Latvia, except Republican city and County territorial units-cities that have more than 5000 inhabitants. 5. Support the applicant (hereinafter the applicant) is a local municipality administrative area or part thereof complies with the provisions referred to in paragraph 4. 6. in accordance with Regulation No 1305/13 article 20, paragraph 1, subparagraph "b" event in support of local grantsceļ without the hard pavement (hereinafter referred to as the site) construction or alteration, except the national road and the trans-European transport network (TEN-T) connection construction or conversion. 7. The applicant shall comply with the following conditions: support 7.1. implementing the project reaches the event target; 7.2. object construction or alteration in accordance with approved territorial development planning documents and the priorities, including the action and investment plans, according to the Regulation No 1305/13 paragraph 3 of article 20; 7.3. the project has been the object of discussions with local entrepreneurs. 8. objects contained in the project by local authorities according to the established and approved selection criteria. Priority for receiving the aid are agricultural production and recycling sites and integrated type of projects that are implemented in conjunction with the road construction business objects, the Sub-measure "aid for investment in agricultural and forestry infrastructure development" (event code-4.3). 9. The local government approved selection criteria apply to the municipality concerned. Authorities put the objects ranked in order of priority according to their importance in business and its competitiveness, as well as respecting the local business interests and the equivalent of business competitiveness in rural areas according to the provisions in paragraph 3 for that purpose. III. Public funding, and about 10. Aid intensity is 90 percent of the eligible expenditure of the project. For each municipality, the maximum aid available is set out in annex 1 of these rules. 11. the support shall be granted in the event of long-term investment costs that are directly associated with the project. 12. The local authority is entitled to transfer the eligible costs between projects within the territory of the municipality. Amendments to the project in line with the financial breakdown of the field support service. IV. Eligible and ineligible costs the following 13 Measures eligible costs: 13.1 the construction or conversion costs in accordance with the laws of the road and road and street construction based on contracts with third persons responsible for carrying out the works; 13.2. General costs associated with the construction or conversion – legal services, feasibility study, autoruzraudzīb, building, expertise, preparation of technical documentation, cost of patents and licences, which are directly related to the project preparation or implementation and the monitoring of, and shall not exceed eight percent of these rules referred to in point 13.1. eligible costs; 13.3. the value added tax, if it is not recoverable from the State budget. 14. Apply construction estimates are solely those positions that are directly linked to the achievement of the objective of the measure. 15. the following Activities are not eligible: 15.1 interest payments, money transfers, Currency Exchange Commission payments and exchange rate fluctuations suffered damage; 15.2. fines, penalties and litigation costs; 15.3. the subcontracting which do not ensure the achievement of the objectives of the project; 15.4. the subcontracting, which artificially and unduly increase the cost of the project and the fee is fixed as a percentage of the total cost of the project; 15.5. the costs associated with the supply of any services or work for which there is no organized according to the procurement procedure in accordance with the laws and regulations on the application of the procurement procedure; 15.6. the existing and new or rebuilt the road maintenance costs; 15.7. hard cover decking cost; 9.8. taxes and fees (except this rule 13.3. the costs referred to in subparagraph); 9.9. maintenance and operating costs; 15.10. costs incurred prior to the application of the project (except those referred to in paragraph 13.2 of the rules costs); 15.11. other costs which, in accordance with Regulation (EEC) no 1305/13 do not apply. 16. the costs incurred by rural support service assessment exceeds the average costs, as well as the implementation of the activities and objectives of the time period specified by the schedule of the unfinished job costs are not eligible costs. 17. the project monitoring period is five years after its implementation, starting with the first year after the conclusion of the last submission of the request for payment of the support service in the field. V. application procedures and the documents to be submitted 18. To log on to aid the applicant in accordance with the laws of the State of the European Union and the granting of aid, administration and monitoring of the development of the rural and fisheries-2014 – 2020 programming period of rural support service shall submit the following documents: 18.1. the project submission (annex 2) in two copies on paper and a copy thereof in electronic form, which is recorded on an external disk (if it does not submit to the rural support service Electronic login system or electronic document under the electronic document Act). Field support service to one project submission paper copies together with proof of registration of the project shall be returned to the applicant; 18.2. the applicant's statement in accordance with the laws of the State of the European Union and the granting of aid for the development of the rural and fisheries; 18.3. the local government decision about participating in the project and in the implementation of the project required funding, indicating the sources of financing; 18.4. a document certifying the public information for this rule 7.2. the consultations referred to in the notification; 18.5. local authorities and entrepreneurs discussed the outcome of the formal-Protocol; 11.6. technical condition of an object defining documents; 11.6. the extract from the local road and street registry for the projected object; 12.8. Council decision approved the project selection criteria; 11.7. the project for the construction and reconstruction of object: 18.9.1. road construction plan accepted by producing a copy of the original; 18.9.2. a copy of the building permit with a būvvald mark on the construction plans, indicating the acceptance of the original; 18.9.3. building a copy of a supplement to the būvvald mark for the commencement of the construction works conditions, presenting the original, along with the project submission, or nine months after the entry into force of the decision on the application for the approval of the project; 18.10. the procurement procedure of the supporting documents in accordance with the laws and regulations on the application of the procurement procedure. 19. The tenderer together with the final payment request submitted in the rural support service: 19.1. Overview of project "basic services and village renewal in rural areas" the results of the implementation (annex 3); 19.2. If the project is a new gravel road construction – extract from the local road and street register on jaunizbūvēt road in the registration; 19.3. the construction of specialist opinion on the service road construction or rebuilding compliance with laws governing construction. 20. the rural support service in accordance with the laws of the State of the European Union and the granting of aid, administration and monitoring of the development of the rural and fisheries-2014 – 2020 programming period have the right to extend the construction and submission of the purchase document if their submission is not possible within the time limit set by the applicant in support of independent reasons. The Prime Minister is the Minister of Agriculture of Rashness Newsletters site – Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis annex 1: Cabinet of Ministers of 18 august 2015 regulations No 475 one programming period to the applicant the available aid. PO box Local government financial resources (eur millions) 1. Ādaži municipality 0.21 2. Aglona municipality 0.90 3. Aizkraukle municipality 0.39 4. Aizpute municipality 1.79 5. Aknīste municipality 0.74 6. Aloja municipality 0.91 7. Alsunga municipality 0.38 8. Alūksne municipality 1.87 9. Amata municipality 0.97 10. APE municipality 0.65 11. Auce municipality 1.49 12. Babīte municipality 0.21 13. Baldone municipality 0.27 14. Baltinava municipality 0.40 15. Prize municipality 1.58 16. Bauska municipality 3.57 17. Beverīna municipality 0.58 18. Brocēni municipality 0.90 19. Burtnieki municipality 1.30 20. Carnikava municipality 0.12 21. Cēsis municipality 0.38 22. Cesvaine municipality 0.46 23. Cibla municipality 0.71 24. Dagda municipality 1.65 25. Daugavpils municipality 4.00 26. Dobele district 3.95 27. Dundaga municipality 0.36 28. Durbe municipality 1.11 29. Engure municipality 0.42 30. Ērgļi municipality 0.42 31. Garkalne municipality 0.18 32. Grobiņa municipality 1.02 33. Gulbene municipality 2.73 34. Iecava municipality 0.47 35. Ikšķile municipality 0.22 36. Ilūkste municipality 1.73 37. Inčukalns municipality 0.14 38. Jaunjelgava municipality 0.88 39. Jaunpiebalga municipality 0.39 40. Jaunpils municipality 0.86 41. Jēkabpils municipality 1.95 42. Jelgava municipality 4.00 43. Kandava municipality 1.30 44. Kārsava municipality 1.15 45. Kocēni municipality 0.79 46. Koknese municipality 0.80 47. Krāslava municipality 2.43 48. Krimulda municipality 0.97 49. Krustpils municipality 1.50 50. Kuldīga municipality 3.12 51. Ķegums municipality 0.56 52. Ķekava municipality 0.25 53. Lielvārde municipality 0.81 54. Līgatne municipality 0.31 55. Limbaži municipality 2.23 56. Līvāni municipality 1.15 57. Lubāna municipality 0.26 58. Ludza municipality 1.62 59. Madona municipality 3.47 60. Mālpils municipality 0.44 61. Mārupe municipality 0.26 62. Mazsalaca municipality 0.59 63. Mērsrags municipality 0.04 64. Naukšēni municipality 0.68 65. Nereta municipality 0.83 66. Nīca municipality 0.71 67. OGRE municipality 2.21 68. Olaine municipality 0.21 69. Ozolnieki municipality 0.49 70. Pārgauja municipality 0.76 71. Pāvilosta municipality 0.55 72. Pļaviņas municipality 0.47 73. Preiļi municipality 1.11 74. Priekule municipality 1.60 75. Priekuļi municipality 0.91 76. Rauna municipality 0.58 77. Rēzekne municipality 4.00 78. Riebiņi municipality 1.69 79. Roja municipality 0.20, 80. Ropaži municipality 0.33 81. Rucava municipality 0.64 82. Rugāji municipality 0.63 83. Rūjiena municipality 0.91 84. Rundāle municipality 1.17 85. Salacgrīva municipality 0.88 86. The island municipality 0.80 87. Salaspils municipality 0.40 88. Saldus municipality 4.00 89. Saulkrasti municipality 0.24 90. Sēja municipality 0.40 91. Sigulda municipality 0.87 92. Skrīveri municipality 0.24 Skrunda municipality 1.12 93.94. Smiltene municipality 1.88 95. Stopiņi municipality 0.39 96. Strenči municipality 0.38 97. Talsi municipality 3.69 98. Tērvete municipality 1.23 99. Tukums municipality 100 2.90. Vaiņode municipality 0.74 101. Valka municipality 0.97 102. Varakļāni municipality 0.82 103. Vārkava municipality 0.78 104. Vecpiebalga municipality 0.77 105. Vecumnieki municipality 1.22 106. Ventspils municipality 2.66 107. Viesīte municipality 0.95 108. Viļaka municipality 1.01 109. Viļāni municipality 0.72 110. Zilupe municipality 0.43 note. Support, given the County's total length of gravel roads, the registered number of livestock and crop areas. Farming Minister, Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis Ministry of Agriculture presented in annex 2 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 18 august 2015 for Regulation No. 475-Agriculture Minister Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis annex 3 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 18 august 2015 regulations No 475 beneficiaries report on the project "basic services and village renewal in rural areas" implementation results i. General information the project number, the name of the municipality name LADA customer number II. Project performance indicators Built or rebuilt in the path length km population municipality (population of cities where it has more than 5000) project implementation on 1 January of the year of the County territorial units (County, city names), which built or rebuilt municipal roads, and the population of these geographical units project implementation January 1st, report submitted to the ______. the year ____. _____ ____ ____ ____ ____ I certify that the information provided is true (first name, last name) (signature) in place of the Minister of Agriculture, Minister Raimonds Bergmanis