National Forest Land Expropriation Procedures

Original Language Title: Valsts meža zemes atsavināšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 776 in Riga in 2006 (19 September. No 48 25) national forest land transfer order Issued in accordance with article 44 of the law of the forest's fifth 1. determines the order in which the land registry recorded in national forest land seized following municipal autonomous functions: 1.1. road construction;
1.2. the establishment or expansion of the cemetery;
1.3. the installation or maintenance of the park.
2. National forest land seizures (seizures) proposes that the municipal administrative territory of State forest land is necessary (hereinafter the municipality) this provision referred to in paragraph 1 of the autonomous municipality of funk, and information about writing informs the legal possessor of the land.
3. The municipality transfer proposal (the proposal) shall submit to the Ministry, who in the name of the country seized national forest land is recorded or recordable in the land registry in accordance with the laws of the land in the land register recording (hereinafter the Ministry).
4. proposal of the Ministry of local Government shall be submitted in writing. The suggestion from the show: this rule 4.1 referred to in paragraph 1, the authorities of the autonomous function, which requires the execution of national forest land, and seized the national forest land units (hereinafter land unit) seizures;
4.2. the land units location (municipality, municipality, block, nogabal under forest national register data), the real estate cadastre and cadastral designation of the number of land units for the graphics area, as well as the hassle and aprobežojum relating to the seized real estate.
5. Proposals shall be accompanied by the following documents: 5.1 the city (district) Council or Parish Council decision (the original), arrangements for the feasible proposal of the authorities referred to in the autonomous function, and about the need for ground units to get local government property;
5.2. the municipalities planned activities for compliance with the existing planning or detailed;
5.3. National Environment Service regional environmental management technical regulations issued (certified copy) or environmental monitoring national Office opinion on the actions of the environmental impact assessment final report (certified copy) if it provides for regulations on environmental impact assessment;
5.4. specially protected natural areas Administration (if any is given to selected) or national environment service regional environmental management (if the verb is not subject to the provisions of section 5.3) for scheduled operations with the laws governing the protection of the territory concerned and where the use of national forest land seized is located in specially protected natural territory.
6. If the disposal does not need to be, then in addition to the provisions referred to in paragraph 5 shall be added to the proposal: 6.1. technical-economic justification of the works;
6.2. construction methods (original).
7. If the transfer is necessary for the establishment or expansion of the graveyard, then in addition to the provisions referred to in paragraph 5 shall be added to the proposal the state sanitary inspection of the conformity of opinion on the territory of the cemetery's installation.
8. If the disposal requires installation or maintenance of the park, then in addition to the provisions referred to in paragraph 5 shall be added to the proposed construction methods (original).
9. after receipt of a proposal of the Ministry: 9.1. assess the proposal and accompanying documents, and shall inform the municipality on further progress of the case in accordance with law "petition, complaint handling policy proposals and the State and municipal institutions";
9.2. If the seizures and the documents submitted comply with the laws and regulations of the affected the pr of 5.3, 5.4, and the opinion referred to in section 7 are positive: UR9.2.1.pie takes a decision on the permit area to separate land units and make land plan (hereinafter referred to as the authority) as well as the permission of these rules laid down in paragraph 6, to make land units in topographical plan to mark the ground unit. The decision may be renewed for a period of up to two months, giving notice to the applicant;
9.2.2. the power of local authorities to take these provisions 9.2.1. the decision referred to in subparagraph and land units of the forest inventory;
9.3. the municipality shall issue a reasoned refusal if: 9.3.1. it is established that the transfer is not for this rule laid down in paragraph 1, for the exercise of its functions;
9.3.2. any of these rules, 5.4 5.3 or 7 min on selected findings are negative;
9.3.3. documents submitted do not meet the relevant legislative requirements.
10. on the basis of a mandate issued by the Ministry, the local government ordered: 10.1. land cadastre in trying to (certified) licensed in the per son under the Division of units of area and land boundary plan for the manufacture of the bright and separated the pal (movable) land unit. The Ministry notified per sons signed the land border demarcation Act declares the consent the Ministry hired the area divisional land unit;
10.2. ground units of the forest inventory of the person who complies with the laws of the State of the forest registry information set out in the professional requirements of the lifikācij GOK forest inventory.
11. the provisions of paragraph 10 of the Pašvaldībaš mentioned in the documents submitted to the Ministry (the original).
12. The Ministry after separated (r-vinām) under the land units of the receipt of the plan provides land units burn the land book.
13. on the land and forest inventory receipt of the materials, the Ministry prepares a draft order on the ground units cut the vināšan. The draft order along with the land registry in certificate (certified by Pope Pius), land of the land unit plan and forest inventory materials submitted for consideration by Cabinet.
14. All costs associated with these rules 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 point those documents, as well as the costs of the trācij, Reg. changes associated with the Division of immovable property shall be borne by the municipality.
15. If Cabinet has backed seizures, then land the unit served in the Ministry of local government property without compensation, creating and commissioning.
Prime Minister a. farming Minister kalvītis, Minister for the environment r. vējonis Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 27 September 2006.