Regional Development Monitoring And Evaluation System Of The Institutions Involved In The Procedure For The Exchange Of Information

Original Language Title: Reģionālās attīstības uzraudzības un novērtēšanas sistēmas darbībā iesaistīto institūciju informācijas apmaiņas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 766 in Riga in 2006 (19 September. No 48 1) regional development monitoring and evaluation system of the bodies involved in the procedure for the exchange of information issued under the regional development law in the fourth paragraph of article 14 of the i. General questions 1. determines the order in which the exchange of information between regional development monitoring and evaluation system (hereinafter the system) go the tītaj institutions. 2. the system is to ensure regional policy stakeholders with information for making decisions on regional policy development and implementation process. II. the participating institutions 3. as Community law are involved in activities of the following institutions: 3.1. Regional development and Municipal Affairs (hereinafter the Ministry) and its subordinated institutions;
3.2. sectoral ministries-the Ministry of economy, Ministry of finance, the Ministry of education and science, the Ministry of culture, Ministry of welfare, the Ministry of transport, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of health, Ministry of the environment and their subordinated institutions;
3.3. the planning region development agency;
3.4. authorities. 4. the operation of the system is the responsibility of the Ministry. 5. System implementation and maintenance ensure the State regional development agency (hereinafter the Agency). 6. Non-governmental organizations and the business community have the right to submit proposals to the Ministry to improve the operation of the system. III. Exchange of information Industry Ministry 7 or their bodies subordinated to the Ministry shall provide information on their existing responsibility: 7.1 regional development aid instrument performance (including financial and performance);
7.2. the industry representative. 8. the sectoral ministries or their subordinated institutions every year shall provide to the Ministry that rule the information referred to in paragraph 7 of the current year. 9. The Ministry of industry with ministries or their subordinated institutions interdepartmental agreement on Exchange of information, which States: 9.1. This provision 7 of the information referred to in paragraph content;
9.2. Data Exchange format;
9.3. terms of availability information systems, which are sectoral ministries or institutions subordinated to them and which summarizes that information referred to in paragraph 7, after the territorial divisions;
9.4. conditions of cooperation with sectoral ministries in subordinated institutions. 10. the planning region development agency and local authorities requested by the Agency, provide the Agency with the information necessary for the analysis of development in the territory. 11. on the basis of the institutions involved in the system of the information submitted, the Agency shall prepare an analysis of the development of the territory, including the regional development aid instrument (or instruments for the implementation of sectoral policies that affect the development of the territory of the country). 12. the circulation of information within the system is provided via regional development monitoring and evaluation information system. This information system is organized and run by the Ministry. 13. Regional development monitoring and evaluation information system the information accumulated and the prepared areas of the Agency's analysis is publicly available. IV. Closing questions 14. This provision referred to in paragraph 9 interdepartmental agreements drawn up and concluded within nine months after the entry into force of the provisions. 15. This provision of the information referred to in paragraph 7 of the sectoral ministries or their subordinated institutions shall submit to the Ministry for the first time for the period of 2004. 16. the year of the National Integrated information system of the Ministry of communication with this provision in paragraph 3 of the said institutions, using an integrated national system of information law. Prime Minister a. Halloween regional development and local Government Minister m. kučinskis