Rules On Animal Farms The Variety Of Eligibility Criteria And Breed Animal Breeding Farms In The Procedure For

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par šķirnes dzīvnieku audzēšanas saimniecību atbilstības kritērijiem un šķirnes dzīvnieku audzēšanas saimniecību statusa piešķiršanas kārtību

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 842 Riga 2006 (October 10. No 52 31) provisions on varieties of farm animal breeding and varietal eligibility criteria in animal breeding farms in the procedure issued in accordance with article 10 of the law of Breeding the first part of paragraph 3 of rule 1 determine the breed of animal breeding farms in eligibility criteria and a variety of farm animal breeding status. 2. the varieties of farm animal breeding status may apply for the farm, dealing with varieties of animal production (hereinafter holding) and meet the following criteria: 2.1 the farm flock is established and the animals are labeled according to the characteristics of animals, herd and animal identification and registration procedures of the regulatory laws;
2.2. the holding for at least a year to implement the development plan of the herd, which is matched by the breeders ' organisation (hereinafter referred to as the Organization);
2.3. the farm flock oversees the monitoring procedures of the regulatory laws and relevant animal species breeding in the prescribed order;
2.4. the farm flock is examined in accordance with the veterinary field regulatory laws;
2.5. the appropriate animal species breeding program at bass herd grown woman, selekcion and contributes to high-value breeding animals intended for breeding and farm livestock for sale;
2.6. holding checked as well as the breeding herd for breeding or restocking using bio certified breeders, many of the bio and the certification of embryo laws regulating the procedures specified;
2.7. animal housing conditions meet the relevant livestock species laid down in the legislation, livestock general welfare and hygiene requirements;
2.8. the holding comply with the regulations set out specific requirements of environmental polluting activities in animal yards. 3. a variety of animal production status granted by the Commission to the farm. The Commission shall set up a breeding organisation established in the State inspection. Panelists include breeding national inspection representative. 4. Holding, qualifying for a breed of animal production the construction of saimn status, the organization concerned shall submit the evaluation: 4.1 submission (annex);
4.2. copy of the registration card of the herd;
4.3. the herd;
4.4. develop plans of livestock;
4.5. The food and veterinary service of territorial administration of veterinary certificate of herd health status;
4.6. the national environment service regional environmental management certificate of conformity bas at Mistress environmental requirements. 5. the Organization's in the month following receipt of the documents surveyed holding a stocking, coordinate development plan with the relevant animal species and the variety breeding program developed and awarded varieties of farm animal breeding candidate status for a year. 6. the Commission one year after this provision in paragraph 5, the candidate status of the surveyed holding and draw up a monitoring instrument. 7. after the holding of the survey, the Commission shall, on the basis of these provisions referred to in point 6 of the survey instrument, month assess the conformity of this provision the holding referred to in paragraph 2, the eligibility criteria and adopt appropriate decisions: 7.1. for a variety of animal breeding farm status;
7.2. the refusal to grant a variety of farm animals. 8. the organization gathers information on the holdings, which are assigned to the appropriate animal species breed in animal breeding and farm: 8.1 annually publishes a variety of farm animals list in the newspaper "Gazette";
8.2. a variety of farm animals list shall be submitted to the labour State Inspectorate of the tribe. 9. where the Commission has taken a decision on the refusal to grant a variety of farm animals, farm after six months (if the deficiencies referred to in the Commission decision) may submit an application for a variety of farm animal breeding status. 10. representatives of the Commission annually surveyed the variety concerned animal breeding farms and livestock make up the survey instrument. 11. After the survey, the Commission of the herd, based on this provision, paragraph 10 of the survey instrument, shall take a decision: 11.1. for a variety of farm animals, the conservation status of compliance with the rules referred to in paragraph 2, the eligibility criteria;
11.2. for a variety of animal breeding farm status suspension or cancellation, if these rules are not complied with paragraph 2 of the above eligibility criteria. 12. the Commission's decision may be challenged during the month, by the application of the labour inspection in the country. Breeding national inspection decision may appeal to the Court of Justice of the administrative procedure law. 13. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers on 24 October 2000, the provisions of no. 368 "rules for a variety of animal breeding farms eligibility criteria and breed animal breeding farms modalities" (Latvian journal, 2000, 380./; 2002, 34. no). Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. Roze attachment Cabinet of 10 October 2006, regulations No 842 submission breeds of farm animal breeding status of Agriculture Minister m. rose