Methodology Of Determination Of The Zone Of Operation Along The Aqueduct And Sewerage Networks

Original Language Title: Ekspluatācijas aizsargjoslu noteikšanas metodika gar ūdensvadu un kanalizācijas tīkliem

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 833 in Riga 2006 (October 10. No 52 11) operating methodology for determining zone along the aqueduct and sewerage networks were issued in accordance with article 19 of the law Establishes the third paragraph and article 59 the first part i. General questions 1. Rules lays down the requirements for the aqueduct and sewerage network (network element) operational protection zones (hereinafter referred to as the zone) and includes: 1.1 the aqueduct and sewerage network. the operational and safety requirements;
1.2. environmental and human protection requirements;
1.3. protection zone of the State of maintenance and technical control mechanisms;
1.4. information on aprobežojum related to indoor plumbing and sewage networks and their protection zones;
1.5. the order in which the lines are fitted and marked runs. 2. Indoor plumbing and sewage networks in the sense of these provisions is the water pipelines that provide water from ūdensgūtn to built-up areas or individual objects, water and sewer overflows discharge pipelines, as well as civil engineering, ensuring that network operation, stone water tower, surface-water reservoirs, water pressure increases in pumping stations, water treatment plants and sewage pumping stations. 3. Network elements within the meaning of these provisions has tunnels, canals, drainage channels, open trenches, zemtek, water and waste water output. II. Water and sewer network operation and security requirements 4. to ensure the aqueduct and sewerage network operation and security, land owners or users, in addition to the protection zone Act 35 and 48 referred to in article aprobežojum of the safety zones prohibited to: 4.1 perform works or repairs without coordination with the aqueduct and sewerage network of the owner;
4.2. carry out the ground work for deeper than 0.3 metres, but the arable land – deeper than 0.45 metres, as well as coordination with the without indoor plumbing and sewerage network owners to make bottom gliding;
4.3. to grow trees and shrubs;
4.4. construct objects that cause elektrokorozij, which can be prevented. 5. Zemtek of the safety zones prohibited: the ship equipment 5.1, barge and Wharf of floating cranes;
5.2 anchor;
5.3. ride with a dropped anchor and discarded fishing nets;
5.4. to put fisheries and fishing;
5.5. with deep water tools catch aquatic animals and aquatic plants get;
5.6. installation of the drinkers;
5.7. to conduct seabed dredging and land Dipper (acquisition). III. Environmental and human protection requirements established in the forbidden: 6 6.1. deploy the feed, fertilizer, manure and chemical storage facilities;
6.2. installing a dry toilet, dishwater pit, waste water filtration equipment and other contamination of soil and ground water sources. 7. If the lines cross the especially protected natural areas, water and sewerage network in accordance of actions of the owner with the protected areas administration, or, failing that, through its regional environmental governance. 8. in order to ensure the protection of people, the outsiders banned: UR8.1.atv established in the era of the building doors or hatches, as well as be in civil engineering;
8.2. open water and sewer manhole and into the network. 9. Water and sewer network owner and landowner action plumbing and sewage networks in the event of damage or down the ground rent or property aprobežojum contracts. 10. Navigable watercourses and water bodies in the location of zemtek in line with the relevant port authorities, and noted the port plans and navigation maps. IV. Protection Zone of the State of maintenance and technical control of the Zone diet and the 11 technical condition control of indoor plumbing and sewage networks. 12. Protection zone protection zones established by law within the control of environmental services and the local authorities concerned in accordance with the law "On local governments". 13. If you make an aqueduct and sewerage network repair, reconstruction or renovation or has crashed, the aqueduct and sewerage network owner has the right to strip the slash growing trees and shrubs, by giving the land to the owner. Land owner in this case compensation shall be paid. V. information on aprobežojum related to indoor plumbing and sewage networks and their protection zones 14. defining the horizon for zone indoor plumbing and sewerage network, water and sewage network owner with land owner or his authorized person conclude land lease or the aprobežojum contract. Aprobežojum in the land of the records Established in article 60 of the law. 15. the newly installed indoor plumbing and sewerage for networks aprobežojum secured in the land after their commissioning. 16. A change in the aqueduct and sewerage network owner or confined land owner or user, aprobežojum does not change. 17. If the property changes in the aqueduct and sewerage network (network element) the disposition or the way aprobežojum review and clarify the documentation accordingly. Aprobežojum changes to strengthen the land register in the order in which aprobežojum is fixed. Vi. Procedures shall be established and represents a natural protection zone boundaries in 18 on land (nature) with special characters does not highlight. 19. nature protection zone defined by the aqueduct and sewerage network constructions of stationary location right stages of vision limits (but not more than 500 meters), or special minimum size of manhole, which housed the track turning points. To determine the boundary of the zone, from the selected network elements to measure the distance. 20. the Navigable watercourses and water bodies, as well as places where possible the boat anchor, zemtek location bounded with special signālzīm. Signālzīmj Visual and constructive design and location along the zemtek to be determined in accordance with the relevant provisions of the port. 21. place the water of Signālzīm and sewerage network owner. VII. final question 22. If this provision, paragraph 9 contract up to the date of entry into force of the provisions, and there are no specific action at aqueduct and sewerage network of breakdown or in the event of an emergency, the land owner or the user of the aqueduct and sewerage network of breakdown or accident shall immediately notify the owner of the network, as well as by a damaged areas until emergency crews arrived. Prime Minister a. Halloween economic Minister a. Štokenberg in