The Order In Which Are Accredited Mass Media Journalists And Other Representatives Of The Akreditētājinstitūcij

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā tiek akreditēti masu informācijas līdzekļu žurnālisti un citi pārstāvji akreditētājinstitūcijā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 870 Riga 2006 (October 24. Nr. 55) procedures are accredited mass media journalists and other representatives of akreditētājinstitūcij Issued in accordance with the law "on press and other media" 26. the third paragraph of article i. General questions 1. determines the Latvian and foreign journalists of mass media and other forms of accreditation and terms on which grants accreditation, as well as the accreditation procedure and where accreditation can suspend or revoke. 2. foreign media representatives according to the regular requirements of this regulation be accredited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. II. Accreditation forms and deadlines 3. the Latvian and foreign media journalists and other representatives (hereinafter agent) accreditation: Permanent accreditation 3.1, the issue of accreditation cards for the period from 1 January to 31 December;
3.2. the accreditation of the period (up to three months) to the issue of accreditation cards which are not permanently accredited akreditētājinstitūcij accreditation and which need to time preparing with akreditētājinstitūcij-related materials;
3.3. single accreditation (for one day), issuing accreditation cards which are not permanently accredited akreditētājinstitūcij which have not been granted or special accreditation;
3.4. special accreditation, the accreditation card which includes the specific visits, formal hearings and other official measures. III. Accreditation arrangements 4. Akreditētājinstitūcij shall adopt the decision on accreditation based on the Media Manager application in writing that contains the credentials a necessity. 5. to receive accreditation, representative shall: 5.1 akreditētājinstitūcij fill out and sign the Latvian media accreditation questionnaire (annex 1) or foreign media credentials of permanent representatives of the questionnaire (annex 2);
5.2. two photographs (size 35 x 25 mm), or photos in digital format. 6. foreign representatives in addition to these rules 5.1 and 5.2 shall submit the documents referred to in point: 6.1 the Media Manager's letter, stating: 6.1.1. brief description of the media;
6.1.2. the request to accredit certain representative;
6.1.3. a request to issue a visa to the representative of the service, if necessary;
6.2. press copy of the card of the representative;
6.3. a copy of the passport of the representative;
6.4. the life course (curriculum vitae);
6.5. Description of the creative activity of the representative, or a copy of the article for the last few years;
6.6. the intended residence program or a short description of the purpose of arrival. 7. If accreditation is not granted, the ditētājinstitūcij acre issue reasoned written refusal. Refusal may be appealed in the administrative procedure law. 8. Accredited representatives issued the accreditation card. The accreditation card is: 8.1 personal name;
8.2. position;
8.3. representation in the media of the name;
8.4. the accreditation card number;
8.5. the accreditation card expires;
8.6. photos;
8.7. akreditētājinstitūcij driving or on cooperation with the media officers name and signature;
8.8. akreditētājinstitūcij stamp or hologram;
5.5. other information that akreditētājinstitūcij considers it necessary to specify, to ensure that the accredited representative and ditētājinstitūcij of identical fikācij acre. 9. the representative may submit these rules 4, 5 and 6 referred to in documents arriving personally akreditētājinstitūcij or send them by mail. 10. the representatives of the Foreign rules 5 and 6 documents listed may be submitted on arrival at akreditētājinstitūcij, send them to akreditētājinstitūcij by mail or in person on arrival at the Latvian diplomatic or consular office abroad. 11. Latvian diplomatic or consular representation abroad sends this provision 10. the documents referred to in paragraph akreditētāj to the institution. 12. Decision concerning the accreditation of a representative shall be notified to the administrative procedure law and the term. 13. the representative of the accreditation card can be obtained on arrival at akreditētājinstitūcij and presentation of personal identity documents. 14. the foreign representative to the accreditation card can be obtained on arrival at the akreditētājinstitūcij in person and by presenting an identity document or, on the basis of a written request of the representative, in the Republic of Latvia in the international diploma or consular office abroad that the accreditation card is personally placed a representative presentation of identity documents. 15. the mass media, the driver must within seven days to inform the akreditētājinstitūcij on the termination of the legal relationship on which based agent, issued a specific accreditation card, perform the relevant obligations. 16. the agent shall be obliged within seven days of the accreditation card put or akreditētājinstitūcij Latvian diplomatic or consular office if the termination of the legal relationship to which the representative made the basis of the respective responsibilities of the mass medium that had made his accreditation. IV. suspension or withdrawal of accreditation 17. kon krēto Akreditētājinstitūcij, assessing conditions, accreditation may be suspended if criminal proceedings have been initiated against the representative of criminal offences related to the professional activities of the representatives. 18. the Akreditētājinstitūcij shall be entitled to revoke accreditation if: 18.1. received the Media Manager's request to withdraw the accreditation of the representative;
18.2. the agent shall terminate the legal relationship on which basis he performs the duties of the mass medium that had asked for accreditation of the representative;
18.3. the Representative found that their acre ditācij card is transferred to another person in use;
18.4. to akreditējot a representative has provided false statements;
18.5. the representative shall publish or distribute inaccurate or false information;
18.6. the representative do not comply or interfere with necessary security measures must akreditētājinstitūcij, knowingly publishes or disseminates inaccurate or false information about the work of akreditētājinstitūcij. V. closing question 19. Accreditation card issued to the date of entry into force of the provisions shall be valid until the expiry of the period specified therein, but not longer than until 31 December 2006. Prime Minister-Minister of defence (A). the Minister for Foreign Affairs Slakter a. PABRIKS annex 1 Cabinet of 24 October 2006 of Regulation No 870 accreditation questionnaire 1. Word 2. surname 3. Id code-photograph 4 media name 5. Post Media 6 address 7. phone 8. Mobile phone 9. fax 10. E-mail 11. Questionnaire site 12. date signature 13 Annex 2 Cabinet of 24 October 2006 of Regulation No 870 1. Name/surname photo/Photograph 2. Name/first name (names)
3. date of birth (day, month, year)/date of birth (day, month, year) place of birth, and 4 country/place of birth 5. citizenship/Nationality 6. Sex/Sex [] male [] female/man/woman SERVICE marks/service notes Accreditation/Accreditation [] original/initial [] repeating/repeated the decision/Decision passed [] accredit [] accredi/to refuse accreditation/recognition amongst the deny [] accreditation decision on void/a declare it null and void of the accreditation decision date of decision/date of decision ____ _____ ____ accreditation card no/Accreditation card From. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the accreditation card expiry date/validity period Amongst card ____ _____ ____ officer/Official ____ _____ ____ 7. Passport number/Passport No. 8. Issuing Authority/Authority 9. Date of issue/date of issue 10. expiry date/date of expiration issue 11 accreditation from/To grant accreditations from ___ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ until/till ____ _____ ____ 12. Media name/name of media _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ [] News Agency/news agency [] newspaper/magazine/newspaper [] Magazine [] television/television radio/radio [] [] photo agency/photo agency reporter/journalist [] [] [] operator/cameraman/technical staff member technical staff [] photographer/photographer [] _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ [] _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 13. Media address , phone, fax, email, website/address, phone, fax, e-mail, homepage of media 14. State, represented by a/Country that you represen [] Lithuania/Lithuania Estonia/Estonia [] [] _____ ____ 15. Specialization/Specialization [] policy/politics/economics economy [] [] social issues/social issues [] science/science culture/culture [] [] [] sports/sport _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ [] _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


16. do you agree with your name, media name that represents you, and email addresses for publication the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia website?/Do you agree that your first name, family name, the name of the media that you and the represen, e-mail the published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia?
[] Yes [] No Yes//No 17. I am informed that the personal data included in this accreditation questionnaire will be entered and stored in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia's accredited representative database. These data may be available in the Republic of Latvia, competent authorities/I am informed that the personal data that are included in the present form, shall be entered accreditations and stored in the data base of representatives accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia. These data may be accessible for the relevant authorities of the Republic of Latvia 18. address and phone Lativa/address and phone number in Latvia 19. E-mail/E-mail submission of 20 place and date (day, month, year)/place and date of submission of the document to (day, month, year) 21. Signature/signature Foreign Minister Pabriks (A).