Minimum Safety And Labelling Requirements For Apple And Pear Cider

Original Language Title: Obligātās nekaitīguma un marķējuma prasības ābolu un bumbieru sidram

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 893 Riga 2006 (31 October. No 56 35) minimum safety and labelling requirements for Apple and PEAR cider issued under the food surveillance law article 4, second subparagraph, and article 13, third subparagraph 1. minimum safety and labelling requirements for distributed in Latvia Apple and PEAR cider (hereinafter referred to as the product).
2. A product is lawfully manufactured or marketed in one Member State of the European Union or Turkey or who is lawfully manufactured in a European Free Trade Association countries that are members of the European economic area agreement, the Contracting Party shall have the right to offer, subject to the principle of mutual recognition.
3. product produced in a country other than those referred to in paragraph 2 of this rule, is the right offer in Latvia, if complied with these provisions and food regulatory laws and requirements.
4. monitoring of compliance with these provisions, and shall be carried out by the food and veterinary service.
5. the product is produced from fermented Apple or pear juice or both, or of a mixture of juice from Apple or pear juice from concentrate.
6. The product contains only alcohol, which causes the Apple or pear juice fermentation.
7. food additives and flavouring solution may be used for alcohol, but it should not increase the alcohol resulting from the fermentation of Apple or pear juice.
8. Product after fermentation can add Apple or pear juice, carbon dioxide, food additives, flavourings, different types of sugar and water under the food laws and regulatory arrangements.
9. Products labelled in accordance with the laws and regulations on food labelling requirements.
10. The product name, the word "cider" applies only if the product is manufactured from Apple or pear juice.
11. Product name "Apple Cider" is used where the product contains more than Apple Juice PEAR juice. Product name "pear cider" is used where the product contains pear juice is more than Apple juice.
12. If a product is added to a food additive or a flavouring, it specifies the name of the product, such as "Apple Cider with Apple flavouring" or "Apple Cider with Kiwi flavour".
13. If the product is connected to an Apple or pear natural food additives or flavourings, in the name of the product, it may not.
14. Pre-packaged the actual volume of the contents of the product meets the conditions laid down in the laws on the metrological requirements fasētaj goods.
15. Products that do not meet the requirements laid down in these provisions, permitted to distribute in Latvia until 31 December 2007.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. Roze Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 4 November 2006.