Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 15 March 2005, Regulations No. 177 "procedure For Granting And Animal Owner Shall Receive Compensation For Losses Incurred By The State Supervision Of Animal Infectious Diseases Or Epizootic Outbreak"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2005.gada 15.marta noteikumos Nr.177 "Kārtība, kādā piešķir un dzīvnieku īpašnieks saņem kompensāciju par zaudējumiem, kas radušies valsts uzraudzībā esošās dzīvnieku infekcijas slimības vai epizootijas uzliesmojuma laikā"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 907 Riga 2006 (31 October. No 56 39) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 15 March 2005, regulations No 177 "procedure for granting and animal owner shall receive compensation for losses incurred by the State supervision of animal infectious diseases or epizootic outbreak" Issued in accordance with article 35 of the law on veterinary medicine, second subparagraph and the second subparagraph of article 38 to make Cabinet of 15 March 2005, regulations No 177 "procedure for granting and animal owner shall receive compensation for losses incurred by the State supervision of infectious animal disease or outbreak of an epizootic disease "(Latvian journal, 2005, nr. 46; 2006, nr. 33) the following amendments: 1. provisions supplementing with 3.4 points below as follows:" Avian salmonellosis outbreak 3.4 and its loss in the fight-according to this provision, 3, 5 and 7.1. "
2. To supplement the provisions under point 7.3 below as follows: "the UR7.3.apm era, which does not exceed 50% of the provisions laid down in annex 7.1, the amount of compensation, if compensation is paid to the eradication of Avian salmonellosis in time to cover the expenditure incurred."
3. Add to paragraph 8.2., after the word "embryo" with the words "hatching eggs".
4. To supplement annex 1 paragraph 6 by the following: "6. the Avian salmonellosis (s. enteritidis and s. pullorum, s. gallinarum, s. typhimurium, s. infantis, s. virchow and s. hadar)."
5. Supplement with 7.1 the following annexes: Annex 7.1 "Cabinet of 15 March 2005, regulations No 177 loss compensation for slaughtered and forcibly destroyed birds, day-old chicks and hatching eggs no BC the animal species or category of damages (in LCY for the animals or hatching eggs) I get meat birds intended for day-old broiler 1 stocking chick 0.20 2. ready for slaughter broiler day-old 1.00 3. breeding livestock chicken 4. Breeding poultry 1.57 until the arrival of 4.00 increased 5. breeding birds at different laying months 3.60 6. Hatching Egg Laying of 0.15 II. 7. Day-old chick lactating herd 0.23 8. Increased breeding bird (vista, quail) 4.90 9. Ready-to-bird and laying (vista, quail) 10 day-old 2.10 breeding flock to chicken (chicken, quail) Notification to 2.45 11. lay started (vista, quail) egg Hatching 12.2.10 (vista, quail) 0.055 III. Ostrich 13. Day-old lactating herd Strauss 23 14. Day-old breeding herd of ostrich breeding increased 42 15. Strauss 800 16.
Ready for egg Hatching eggs ostrich 620 17.10 "Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. rose