Rules For Cadastral Information System In The Maintenance Of The Necessary Arrangements For The Provision Of Information And The Amount Of

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par kadastra informācijas sistēmas uzturēšanai nepieciešamās informācijas sniegšanas kārtību un apjomu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 953, Riga, 21 November 2006 (pr. No 61 39 §) rules on cadastral information system in the maintenance of the necessary arrangements for the provision of information and the amount of Issued under the real estate cadastre of the State law of article 88 i. General provisions 1 the questions determines the order in which the cadastral entities, local authorities and public institutions provide information to the State land Department State real estate cadastre information system (hereinafter referred to as the cadastral information system), including real property tax administration as well as the amount of information. The uzmērītāj of the cadastre information referred to provide cadastral trying regulatory laws.
II. Information provided by the cadastre subject 2. Proposing a ground unit or land registration data updated unit information in the cadastre information system, subject to the application of the cadastral land units or land units data updates indicate the following information: 2.1. real property cadastre number;
2.2. the owner of the immovable property;
2.3. distributable unit of land cadastral designation; period of land units, which make the Earth and determine the cadastral area;
2.5. land unit that will keep the land divided by cadastral designation of the unit and will remain in the property.
3. Proposing a ground unit or part of the land units, part of the cadastral data updating, cadastre information systems entities: 3.1 application for part of the land registration and land units data updates indicate the following: 3.1.1. the real property cadastre number;
3.1.2. the owner of the immovable property;
3.1.3. "units of land cadastral designation, which identifies land units;
3.1.4. the part of the land area;
3.1.5. the land part of the real property the purpose of use;
3.2. the application for registration of the land part of the unit or land units data updates added to land a copy of the plan, which represents a part of the land boundary.
4. proposes the creation of real estate of real estate object that do not fit into any of the real property cadastre, subject to the application of the real estate registration, cadastre information system indicates the following information: 4.1 real estate object cadaster designation;
4.2. the real property owner or legal possessor.
5. proposes a new real estate, as well as splitting hair in zemesgr record the real estate cadastre, subject to the application of the real estate registration, cadastre information system indicates the following: 5.1 the cadastral information system in registered in the real property cadastre number, the number of the partition of the land and the owner of the immovable property;
5.2. if separated from the real estate real estate object or set of transaction results in the other party, the new real estate legal possessor;
5.3. the real property cadastre of object notation.
6. If the owner of the property right before the construction of the law "on 22 December 1937 the land registry law and the entry into force of the order" and the entry into force of the shipbuilding is not written in the land, the gum cold on registration of real estate property rights attach supporting document copy, the originals or certified copies. If the local Government does not have the news about housing ownership on 5 April 1993, in addition to submit at least one of the following formal affiliation: 6.1 the State land service certificate on affiliation of construction;
6.2. the administrative procedures adopted in the national or local legislation on the transfer of buildings (structures) of the property of the other entity, the inclusion of the company (the company), fixed assets-buildings and structures built by 1993. on 5 April;
6.3. evaluation of fixed assets Act, which declares the building (structure) of the company's inclusion in the composition, the buildings and structures built by 1993. on 5 April.
7. proposes the distribution of a residential home apartment properties (other than the law "on State and local residential privatization" in certain cases), the property owner shall submit an application for an apartment home furnishings distribution properties.
8. proposes that the apartment property distribution in multiple dwelling estate, apartment owner submits an application for Division of property dwelling several apartment properties.
9. suggests the message registration information system for the cadastral rental real estate object cadaster entity (other than public institutions and local authorities) the application for registration, accompanied by a copy of the lease agreement, showing the original.
10. proposes to the cadastral data updating of cadastral information system: 10.1 subject to application for cadastral data updating, the following appropriate updating of supporting documents: 10.1.1 determine cadastral documents;
10.1.2. the judgment of the Court of Justice or the transaction, a copy of the Act, which established an easement, which creates a real estate lien object;
10.2. If a land unit or land units are changed, the condition of the forest melioratīv information or found contamination of land, then to recalculated the cadastral value before the receipt of the information from this 16 or 21 of the provisions referred to in paragraph post holders, cadastral bodies may submit the following relevant documents: supporting update 10.2.1. National Forest Service statement on forest assessment, if you have a new forest inventory;
10.2.2. the rural support service advice about changes to drainage system;
10.2.3. National Environment services of the regional environmental board certified that the land unit includes contaminated or potentially contaminated site.
11. These rules 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 in paragraph these submissions subject to cadastre State land service submitted to the territorial unit. Subject to the application of the cadastre is entitled to submit a proposal to fix at the real estate object or after a real estate object cadaster information system of registration.
III. The information that the State land Department shall provide State institutions and municipalities 12. cadastral information system To register a new real special mu, a real estate object or a part of the land or changes to cadastral information system of natural persons registered in the data, citizenship and migration affairs administration by the State land service request electronically to give the following details of the physical person: 12.1. personal code;
12.2. the word (words);
UR12.3.uzv ārd;
12.4. the declared place of residence address;
12.5. nationality;
12.6. the personal status (alive, dead, went away).
13. the cadastral information system To register a new real estate, real estate or land units part or make changes cadastral information system in a legal person incorporated within the data, the enterprise register by the State land service request electronically to give the following details of the legal person: 13.1. unified registration number;
13.2. name (firm);
13.3. registered office.
14. the cadastral information system To register a new real estate, real estate or land units part or make changes in the information system of cadastre registered persons, the State revenue service after the State land service request electronically to give the following information on the State revenue service register of institutions financed from the budget, a religious organization and its authority to trade unions, foreign diplomatic and consular missions, Attorney, sworn notaries office practice location : 14.1. taxpayer registration number;
14.2. the name;
14.3. registered office.
15. Administration of Justice at the request of the State land service of the test; Internet data transmission mode of country wide computerized land register for each property in the land register shore provides the following: 15.1 the land registry records the beginning of partition data and property address data: 15.1.1. administrative area code;
15.1.2. the District Court;
15.1.3. land registry departments;
15.1.4. the land registry;
15.1.5. the number of the partition of the land;
15.1.6. subdivision number;
15.1.7. property cadastre number;
15.1.8. the property name;
15.1.9. property address;
15.2. the partition of the land register part I: section 1 entry of data on property and easements: 15.2.1 entry text;
15.2.2. date of decision;
15.2.3. property object size and unit of measurement;
UR15.2.4.dom ājam part of the counter shared ownership (apartment);
UR15.2.5.dom ājam part of the denominator in the joint ownership (apartment);
15.2.6. cadastral designation of the object, liter number;
15.3. the land partition in section 1 of part II of the records of property rights: 15.3.1. date of decision;
UR15.3.2.dar partitions;
15.3.3. type text;
15.3.4. the basic document properties;
15.3.5. the amount by which the purchased property;
15.4. the owner and former owner of the data: 15.4.1. ID code (tax registration number), foreigners granted the land of the country-wide computer code;
15.4.2. name (in other words);
UR15.4.3.uzv ārd (name);
15.4.4. the holder of the part of the counter thought;
15.4.5. the holder of the denominator of the fractions;

15.4.6. records that are the subject of a supposedly;
15.4.7. the personal status (owner, former owner);
15.5. in the land registry, part III, section 1 of the record data about real property rights of use of aprobežojum (the burden of property data): 15.5.1. date of decision;
15.5.2. master document properties;
15.5.3. the amount and the unit of measure of the burden.
16. the national forest service provides the following: 16.1. electronically on the predicted state to the next tax year January 1 – to the current tax year and April 1 of the current tax year on 1 November, noting the age of the stands on January 1 next year, the current tax year, up to 15 December (for each land unit): 16.1.1. land cadastral designation of the unit;
16.1.2. the land units of the forest area (ha);
16.1.3. the land units, the overall amount of the forest of ballhektār;
16.1.4. copse and apmežojum in the age of the coppice area (ha);
16.1.5. coppice and apmežojum in the age of ballhektār coppice;
16.1.6. coppice and apmežojum the age of ballhektār coppice reduction; real property taxable forest area (ha); real property taxable amount of forest land ballhektār reduction;
16.1.9. stumpage value (LCY);
16.1.10. data preparation date;
16.2. after completion of the counting of forests as land usage "forest" area changes and land use changes in the area, to which Bill land usage "forest" area decreased or increased: 16.2.1. land cadastral designation of the unit;
16.2.2. land use area;
16.2.3. land use code;
16.2.4. land use nosa Kuma;
16.3. the digital forest national registry map vector form in the Latvian ģeod zisk coordinate system LK-92 (on areas where it is available).
17. the national agency "housing agency" providing the following: 17.1. once a week for every electronic purchase agreement entered into on the privatizējam object and who privatised object: 17.1.1. territorial code; švaldīb of the privatisation Commission or the national agency "housing agency", the number and date of the decision;
17.1.3. the object type (flat, non-residential space, the artist's Studio in ca);
17.1.4. the object's address;
17.1.5. the area of the object;
17.1.6. the fee in LCY on site preparation for privatisation;
17.1.7. privatisation, in LCY, the value of the object or the certificates;
17.1.8. privatizētāj object's ID number or tax payer registration number;
17.1.9. privatizētāj object name, or name;
17.2. electronically once a month for each of the local authorities concerned in the Commission, and to privatize state agencies "housing agency" concluded the agreement for the surrender of the land unit property without compensation: 17.2.1. territorial code; švaldīb of the privatisation Commission or the national agency "housing agency" agreement on the transfer of the land unit in the property free of charge to date; švaldīb of the privatisation Commission or the national agency "housing agency" the decision on the transfer of land ownership in the unit free of charge date and number; īvokļ the property cadastre number;
17.2.5. address classroom group;
17.2.6. land cadastre unit designation and area; īvokļ property constituting a unit the land supposedly;
17.2.8. privatizētāj object's ID number or tax payer registration number;
17.2.9. privatizētāj object name, or name.
18. the local authorities and the authorities of the local government area of the existing real estate provides the following information: 18.1. real estate object address assigned under the Cabinet of Ministers of 27 august 2002, the Regulation No 384 "Addressing" paragraph 24, giving the real estate object cadaster legend (if the local municipality that is known), – two weeks after the adoption of the decision;
18.2. According to the national real estate cadastre article 79 of the law of the first part of each month until the tenth date of the previous month (on the signs "tax exempt" or cancellation of a land unit, building, land unit, space group, a real estate use purpose). If building with real estate tax levied in part of the area of the building subject to real estate tax;
18.3. pursuant to Cabinet of Ministers of 20 June 2006 no. 496 of the provisions of the "real estate classification the purpose and use of real estate target detection and exchange arrangements" under paragraph unit 36.2 and land units for part of the property specified purpose (goals).
19. Local authorities and governmental bodies according to the national real estate cadastre law 78 on the usage of the leased or transferred in the State or local government property or land units part of the month, counting from the day of conclusion of the contract of lease: 19.1. provide the following information (you can also submit a copy of the document): 19.1.1. the agreement on State and local government real estate project or land units ob part of the lease (date of conclusion , number and term);
19.1.2. the real property cadastre number, which consists of the leased land unit, part of the land or building;
19.1.3. leased land unit, part of the land or building cadastral designation;
19.1.4. the lessee's name, surname (legal persons-name);
19.1.5. tenant ID code (legal persons – unified registration number);
19.1.6. decision on State or local real estate object or a possession of the use of the transfer (date and number), if there is no rental agreement;
19.1.7. the real property cadastre number, consisting in the use or possession of the land unit or building;
19.1.8. use or possession of the land or building cadastral designation;
19.1.9. user or possessor of the first name, last name (legal persons – nosa Kuma);
19.1.10. user or possessor of personal code (legal persons – unified registration number);
19.2. submit land units within a copy of the plan that shows the leased part of the land lease of uzmērīt not part of Earth.
20. The real property cadastre of State law in the first part of article 9, paragraph 2, defines a property used for national real estate, which transferred to the possession of or use, and real estate used for State jurisdiction over land, to own the rights to real estate in the land of the consolidation of the following particulars and documents: 20.1. land units (land units) cadastral designation;
20.2. land units (land units) area square metres or in hectares;
20.3. the real estate object and use its code according to the real estate classification the purpose;
20.4. the real property for the purpose of use of the land; his assent
20.5. the land boundary plan units (situation plan) or other cartographic material, which are marked in the ground unit boundaries and land use types, if the ground unit has more real estate for the purpose and one of them is from the target group using "agricultural land", "forestry land and specially protected natural areas in which economic activity is SAIM prohibited by laws and regulations" and "water land".
21. the rural support service provides news of the Cabinet of Ministers on 22 April 2004 the Regulation No 407 "the order in which the rural support service and State and local authorities shall exchange information on reclamation cadastre".
22. the Central Statistical Bureau under the State statistical information Pro electronic giving gramm: 22.1. gross domestic product;
22.2. the gross domestic product per capita;
22.3. inflation;
22.4. the permanent population;
22.5. the population of working age;
22.6. migration;
14.1. the employed population;
22.8. job seekers;
14.2. the proportion of job seekers;
22.10. the economically active population;
22.11. dependency;
12/22. natural growth;
22.13. the economically active enterprises;
22.14. operating the individual residential house;
22.15. operating the individual residential area;
22.16. other statistically aggregated summary data after the State land service of the written request.
23. the national cultural monument protection Inspectorate for national and local cultural monuments to electronically deliver the following: 23.1. housing cadastral designation;
23.2. the shipbuilding Office;
23.3. the value of the Group;
23.4. typological group.
24. the national agency "Latvian geospatial information agency" electro electronic check shall provide the following information and materials kartogrāfisko Latvian geodetic coordinate system LK-92:24.1. national geodetic network point coordinates (all accuracy classes);
24.2. ortofotokarta;
24.3. topographic maps;
15.2. urban topographic plans;
24.5. satelītkart.
IV. Closing questions

25. This provision 16.1 and 16.2. the information referred to in paragraph 1 below after each new forest inventory data registration in the national register of the forest provided electronically at the national forest service and the State land service data exchange system.
26. pending the completion of the land reform national institutions or local government by proposing to register real estate from the State or the local government land, due to the application for the registration of real estate property is added proof of affiliation.
27. a Person who, with a local government decision or opinion of the Land Commission has acquired usage rights or ownership rights restored, or city land property granted for payment of the application for the registration of immovable property adds a certified extract of the decision or opinion or a duplicate (copy).
28. A Person who, in accordance with the law on cooperative apartments in the "acquired information to privatize an apartment, the apartment application for registering property cadastre information system adds a temporary copy of the certificate on the property right of cooperative apartment, the presentation of the original, or if the apartment was obtained as a result of the transaction by the law" On 22 December 1937 the land registry law and restore order "entry into force entry into force, a copy of the document of the transaction of property rights to the apartment on presentation of the original.
29. If the person does not have this provision in paragraph 28 of that certificate on the property right of cooperative apartment, it must provide one of the following documents: 29.1. certified local government statement or a copy of the decision (in ju), or a statement of the privatization of the necessary documents for compliance with the law; īvokļ building for the cooperative the cooperative apartment.
30. Court bailiffs provide documents about the transfer ban apartments, studios and living spaces to residential home and premises in which the privatization of the State land Department to the law "on 22 December 1937 the land registry law and the entry into force of the order" for the date of entry into force (up to 5 April 1993) is a registered property rights and are not recorded in the land disposal restrictions to register a cadastral information system.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Justice Minister g. Smith Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 25 November 2006.