The Provisions On Essential Requirements And Supervision Of Lighter Arrangements

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par būtiskajām prasībām šķiltavām un to uzraudzības kārtību

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 942 Riga, 21 November 2006 (pr. No 61 9) provisions on essential requirements and supervision of lighter arrangements Issued in accordance with the law "on conformity assessment" 7. the first paragraph of article i. General questions 1. establishes the essential requirements are lighter, and this requirement of the supervisory procedure followed.
2. the provisions do not apply to refillable lighters for which producers after the Brazilian market surveillance authority submit documentation showing-lighters are designed, produced and put in circulation so that it at least during five years has provided a permanent safety of lighters, to allow them the opportunity to correct the jota, and the lighters meet the following requirements: UR2.1.vis s lighters is a manufacturer of at least two year warranty under consumer protection laws and regulatory requirements;
2.2. its possible to fix it (well the Starter mechanism) and safely refilled throughout their lifetime;
2.3. non-descending parts after the warranty period can be replaced or repaired in an authorised or specialised customer service center, located in the European economic area.
3. Lighters are manually operated, with the fuel, flame generating device that is integrated into the fuel tank, which can be recharged. Lighter typically used cigarette, cigar and pipe igniting, and they can be used to ignite, such as paper, burner, candles and lamps.
4. Novelty lighters are manually operated, with the fuel, flame generating device that in any way resembles other objects, which are typically recognised as attractive, or were intended for funeral use in children, and that can pose a threat if children use these lighters do not apply. Novelty lighters the shape can recall like cartoon characters, toys, guns, watches, telephones, musical instruments, vehicles, human body or parts of the human body, animals, food or drinks may have entertainment features (playing the melody, blinking, moving parts).
II. Requirements for manufacturers and distributors of lighter 5. it is prohibited to place on the market of novelty lighters.
6.Ir prohibits the placing on the market of lighters which are not child-resistant. Safe for children is considered lighter, which, under normal or foreseeable conditions of use possible cannot actuate the children that are younger than 51 month because it requires a force to make courting or construction, ignition mechanism, protect or ignition protection is sufficiently complex. Child-resistant lighters on the view: 6.1. lighters, corresponding to the standard LVSENISO9994:2006 lighters — safety specification "with the essential requirements of quality, safety of lighters and safety specifications;
6.2. cigarette lighter, which is consistent with the standard of LVSEN13869:2003 "lighters-child-resistant lighters — safety requirements and testing" requirements (except the standard 3.1, 3.4 and 5.2.3. referred to specifi cations);
6.3. the lighters that comply with the national legislation in force in countries outside the European economic area Member States, and specifies requirements for lighters equivalent to the safety of children.
7. to put into circulation the lighters manufacturers comply with the following conditions: 7.1. using a suitable testing methods, constantly monitors, or pass made the lighters meet the technical solutions adopted to draw up a declaration of conformity and keep the market surveillance authorities needs of documents and produced a declaration of conformity, to show that all lighters produced conform to the model tested. On a lighter model feels the same, except lighters produced not by design, not by other characteristics do not vary that could affect the safety of lighters by children;
7.2. store and immediately submitted upon request of market supervisory authority a test report for each model of lighter and lighter models tested samples, and certifies that a model of lighters that are put into circulation, are the kids safe;
7.3. the market surveillance authorities on request, certify that all lighters in each batch in circulation comply with the model tested, and, on request, be submitted to the supervisory authority of the market test and control program documentation confirming this receipt;
7.4. maintain and upon request shall, without delay, submit to the market supervisory authority in a new test report about compliance with the safety requirement of lighters to children if the lighter model changes that can adversely affect the conformity of the model rules.
8. Lighter safety requirements of compliance testing is appropriate for children in the lighter model methodical safety compliance check, and use the appropriate model of lighters. Check out, for example, the standard LVSEN13869:2003 "lighters-child-resistant lighters — safety requirements and testing" (except the standard 3.1, 3.4 and 5.2.3. the specifications referred to in point) or under the national legislation in force in countries outside the European economic area Member States, and specifies requirements for lighters equivalent to the safety of children.
9. in order to ensure the traceability of the manufacturer of lighters, distributors keeps and upon request shall, without delay, submit to the market supervisory authority dock mentācij needed to identify any person who supplies distributors for the circulation of the lighter.
10. Lighters for which producers and distributors to the market surveillance authorities are not submitted within the time limit set by this provision in paragraph 7 and 9 down the dock mentācij, the market surveillance authority shall be entitled to withdraw.
III. Lighter conformity assessment and market surveillance 11. test reports, referred to in section 7 of these regulations include: 11.1. manufacturer's and importer's (if the manufacturer is not established in the European economic area) name, legal address and the actual sa's economic operation of the site (regardless of the location of the manufacturer);
11.2. a complete description of the lighters (specify the size, shape, weight, fuel capacity, fuel and ignition mechanism, as well as the safety of the children and the device of the design, technical solutions and other features that make this product safe for children according to the requirements of this Regulation). Also includes details of all sizes, the required force or other traits that might affect the safety of lighters children, including the manufacturer's tolerances for each such feature;
11.3. detailed testing and a description of the results obtained, the test date, place where testing has been carried out, the name of the institution and of testing for a detailed description of the skills and competencies to carry out the testing;
UR11.4.nor the skin of the site that are produced or manufactured lighter;
11.5. the place to keep that provision referred to in paragraph 7;
UR11.6.nor skin for testing institutions accreditation or recognition.
12. The test report shall be drawn up: 12.1 laboratories accredited by the national agency "Latvian National Accreditation Bureau ' to a standard LVSENIS/IEC17025:2005" of Test and calibration laboratories competence of General requirements for testing of lighters child "safety, or that of another Member State, the institution announced that the Ministry of economy has published a notice in the newspaper" journal ";
12.2. test institutions testing reports on compliance with the safety requirement of lighter children admit countries which are not members of the European economic area Member States, and the laws of the countries concerned is certain these provisions equivalent to the requirements for the safety of lighters by children.
13. Market surveillance shall take consumer protection Center.
IV. Closing questions 14. This provision is non-compliant lighters allowed to realize after this date of entry into force of the provisions, if the lighters placed on the market until the date of entry into force of rules, and it is impossible to prove with relevant documents.
15. the rules shall enter into force on the 11 March 2007.
Prime Minister a. Halloween instead of Minister of Economics, Minister for Home Affairs i. Godmanis Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on the 11 March 2007.