The Rules On Fees For The Provision Of Information Services

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par informācijas sniegšanas maksas pakalpojumiem

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 940 in 2006, Riga, 21 November (pr. No 61 § 4) the rules on reporting of paid services made under the freedom of information act article 13 of the third and fourth and the law on budget and financial management of the ninth article 5 part 1. determines: 1.1. Services for the provision of information, of which the freedom of Information Act, article 1, paragraph 4, authorities charged a fee (paid service);
1.2. the amount of the paid services of the authorities, and where the individual reduces the service charge or release;
1.3. the order in which prepays for a paid service. 2. these provisions are not applicable to fees for services paid by certain laws, Cabinet of Ministers regulations or municipal binding regulations. 3. Paid services are the following: 3.1 the information service of the institution's archive;
3.2. preparation and issuance of information from data bases of the authority;
3.3. documented information copy or duplicate and issue, if the volume of information is more than 20 pages. 4. the authorities paid services provided in accordance with the price list (annex). 5. From the payment of fees for services released in the following cases: If the information requires 5.1:5.1.1. disabled persons;
5.1.2. the Chernobyl nuclear power plant emergency relief actors;
5.1.3. the retirees that the amount of the pension shall not exceed the national minimum wage;
5.1.4. for disadvantaged individuals recognised;
5.2. If the requested information is required for the child's rights and interests;
5.3. If a document has lost private accident or unlawful conduct. 6. the amount of the fees will be reduced by 50 percent, if the information is requested: 6.1. repressed persons;
6.2. the guardian and protector. 7. This provision in paragraph 5 and 6 these individuals reduce the fees for the services or exempt from it, unless the person submits the formal status of the copy of the document (the original show). 8. the authority, on a reasoned application receipt is entitled to take a decision on the fee reduction for individuals, other than those referred to in this provision in paragraph 5 and 6. The authority shall assess the individual's assets and the need for the information requested her legal interests and adopt appropriate decisions. 9. If necessary to provide the individual one of those fees in the price list, the Authority Bill. If you need to provide more of these fees in the price list services authority prepares them. 10. Individuals pay the prepayment of 100% of the invoice or the amounts referred to in the statement and submit to the authority a copy of the identity document of the prepayment (the original show). If after the execution of the services, the actual costs differ from those specified, the payment amount you can specify 10 percent. 11. adjustment of pay for service with credit institutions or other institutions, which, in accordance with the financial institution regulatory laws have the right to open an account. 12. Paid Service for private person receives after the fee has been paid for the service and payment authority submitted a copy of identity document (original show). 13. If the private person during the execution of the service, it refuses, the body stops the operation of the service, prepare them and of the received service prepaid amount shall bear the costs for the work performed up to the date of interruption of the services concerned. The remaining amount in excess administrative costs, within 10 days of the released individuals for the specified account. If prepayment does not cover the provision of services, the institution within 10 working days of the invoice is issued to individuals. If the prepayment amount exceeds the service provision, the authority 10 days shall repay the excess amount of individuals specified account. 14. these provisions of the Individuals referred to in paragraph 13 of Bill pay 20 working days of receiving it. Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister O. Spurdziņš attachment of the Cabinet of Ministers of 21 November 2006, regulations no 940 Government authorities charge service price list no PO box the type of service the unit pricing (Ls) VAT 18% ($) price (Ls) 1. copying documents from the institutions item 1 A4 page 1 A3 page of 0.05 0.01 0.06 0.10 0.02 0.12 2. Obtaining information from computer : black and white print 2.1 1 A4 page colour print 2.2 0.05 0.01 0.06 1 A4 size sheet 0.55 0.10 0.65 2.3 record floppy disk 1 floppy disk 0.34 0.06 0.40 2.4. record Matrix 1 matrix 0.85 0.15 1.00 2.5 scanning 2.6 0.17 0.03 0.20 1 page documented information copy or duplicate manufacture, if the volume of information is more than 20 pages, 1 document: document preparation 3 0.47 0.09 0.56 If you need additional treatment: 3.1 document from archive to archive a copy of the document in proof 1 0 * 2.50 2.50 3.2. document processing or manufacture of duplicates of existing databases page 1 0 * Note 2.70 2.70. * In accordance with the law "on value added tax" article twenty-second part of the value added tax does not apply.
Minister of finance Spurdziņš o.