Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 3 January 2006 The Regulation No 21 "provisions On State Aid In Agriculture In 2006 And Its Modalities"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2006.gada 3.janvāra noteikumos Nr.21 "Noteikumi par valsts atbalstu lauksaimniecībai 2006.gadā un tā piešķiršanas kārtību"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 967, Riga, 21 November 2006 (pr. No 61 65) amendments to Cabinet of Ministers 3 January 2006 no. 21 "provisions of the rules on State aid to agriculture in 2006 and its modalities" Issued under the agricultural and rural development Act article 5, fourth and sixth to make Cabinet 3 January 2006 no. 21 "provisions of the rules on State aid to agriculture in 2006 and its modalities" (Latvian journal, 2006, 14, 52. 92., 130, 177. No.) the following amendments: 1. Replace paragraph 2 of the introductory part of the number and the word "33042372" to the number in lats and the word "late" 58887731.
2. Replace paragraph 2.1., the number "with the number" 380110 "380000".
3. Replace paragraph 2.2 the number "9594045" with "9930145".
4. Replace paragraph 2.3 the number "2220000" with "1724000".
5. Replace paragraph 2.4, the number "2073599" with "2136199".
6. Replace paragraph 2.6 the number "2921126" with "3021126".
7. Replace the figure "in point 2.7.675000" with the number "755000".
8. Replace the figure "in point 2.8 404667" with "279667".
9. Replace the number in paragraph 2.9. "1002104" with "1113449".
10. Replace the figure "in paragraph 2.10." with the number "180388 223388".
11. Replace paragraph 2.11. "965140" with "953890".
12. Replace paragraph 2.12., the number "1001657" with "601657".
13. Replace paragraph 2.13 "6136893" with "7910667".
14. Replace paragraph 2.15., the number "3294753" with "410402".
15. To supplement the rules with the bottom paragraph 2.17. the following wording: "2.17. damage compensation by the drought-25812759lat (15. Add Kuma)."
16. Replace annex 2, paragraph 22, the number "with" 350000 "250000".
17. Make 2.35 as follows: ' 35. total amount of the subsidy is 1102100 lats, including: 35.1. determining genetic quality-lat: 35.1.1 985200. for gilts and sows-936570 lat;
35.1.2. controlling for productivity-48630 lats;
35.2. book keeping administrative costs – 5000lat;
35.3. the varieties of high-quality maintenance of the boar-77220 lats;
35.4. the implementation of the results of the breeding pig, about the thickness of subcutaneous fat, and body lean meat content of pig-derived under the raised swine breeding program-34680 lats (0.67 Lati per meter of pigs). "
18. Replace paragraph 41 of annex 2, the words "October and November" with the words "in October, November and December."
19. Make 2.46 of the annex by the following: "46. the subsidy program awarded 274000 lats, including: 46.1. genetic quality-189800 lat;
46.2. the book keeping administrative costs – 4000lat;
46.3. the varieties of certified high-quality breeding stallions maintenance-80200lat. "
20. Replace annex 2 in paragraph 99 of the number "with" the number "795000 865000".
21. Replace paragraph 2 of annex 3 of the "2220000" with "1724000".
22. Make 3. paragraph 3 of the annex by the following: "3. Subsidies are granted to the following measures: no PO box
Measure the amount (LCY) 3.1.
support crop gene pool and a random seed quality 430000 3.2.
support of permanent plantations for the production of integrated (including funding for applications submitted in 2005) 310000 3.3.
support for an integrated system of vegetable cultivation in open field (including funding for applications submitted in 2005) 187343 3.4.
support productive plantations of permanent deployments 400000 3.5.
support for the integrated technologies of cultivation greenhouse in the area (on the application submitted in 2005) 3.6 196657.
Sosnovsk-latvāņ-support forum for the spread of Heracleum sosnowsky Manden 200000 "target 23. Replace annex 4, paragraph 2, introductory part number and the word" 2073599lat "with a number and the word" 2136199 lats. "
24. Replace annex 4 paragraph 2.6. "with the number" 482600 "420000".
25. Replace annex 2, point 6, the number and the word "2921126" to the number in lats and the word "3021126 lats."
26. Express 7 (2) of the annex by the following: "2. the subsidy for 755000lat (including value added tax) is intended for the following measures: 2.1 support for promotion of cooperation-345000 lats;
2.2. cooperation to support the development of new and recognized the futility of Germany service cooperatives – 130000lat;
2.3. interest for deletion recognized agricultural service cooperatives – 280000lat. "
27. Express 8. point 2 of the annex by the following: "2. the grants, which total amount is 279667lat, for the following measures: no PO box
Measure the amount (in LCY) 2.1.
support the companies that support the organic production of agricultural products, primary, processing and marketing of 163417 2.2.
concerning the development of 6400 2.3.
the evaluation of varieties of crops in organic farming, 39850 28. Replace annex 9 of the introductory paragraph, the number "1002104" with "1113449".
29. Replace annex 9 paragraph 5.3, the number "20" with the number "29".
30. Replace annex 10, paragraph 2, the figure "" with the number "180388 223388".
31. To supplement the annex to paragraph 14, second sentence as follows: "If the available funds are not spent, the rural support service in proportion to the cost of the subsidy applicant submission areas."
32. To supplement the annex to 16.4 and 16.5. subparagraph by the following: "16.4. Field support service in 2006 submitted application a copy of the payment;
16.5. submission (table 5.1).
table 5.1 application of provisional state aid payments in linkopīb 33. Replace annex 11 paragraph 19.1. number "300000" with the number "330000".
34. Replace annex 11, paragraph 44, the number "0" with the number "41250".
35. Replace annex 12, paragraph 2, introductory part the number "1001657" with "601657".
36. Replace paragraph 2 to annex 13 of the introductory paragraph, the number "6136893" with "7914777".
37. the supplement to annex 13 the bottom paragraph 2.7., after the word "renovation" with the words "or existing equipment reconstruction or renovation, or for the acquisition of new equipment".
38. the supplement to annex 13 paragraph 8.1 of this annex after the words "and the bottom point 2.1 2.2. measures referred to in the" with the words "and the bottom 2.5 above the greenhouse construction".
39. Express to annex 13, paragraph 11 as follows: ' 11. If the time limit specified in paragraph 2 of this annex, the funding is not used, the field support service may be granted advance contracts in proportion to unused funding. "
40. To make 14. point 2 of the annex by the following: "2. the total amount of the subsidy is $2828272, including: 2.1 the purchase of hardware to ensure rural advisory and information-exchange systems lag action-800000 LVL;
2.2. facilities for security-728272 lats. "
41. To supplement annex 14 with 11 and 12 point as follows: "Annex 11 Of this 2.1. aid referred to in the rural support service contract with Latvian rural advisory and training centre on 493 laptop purchase. The contract provides that the evidence of the transaction and closing statements of support in the field to be submitted to the 2007 April 1 and that the prepayment to be 100%.
12. On this item 2.2. aid referred to in the rural support service contracts to support the applicant. The contract provides that the evidence of the transaction and closing statements of support in the field to be submitted to the 2007 April 1 and that the prepayment 100%. "
42. To supplement the provisions of the annex, with the following: ' Annex 15. Cabinet 3 January 2006 the Regulation No 21 aid for damage caused by the drought in agricultural and forestry i. General question 1. Subsidy aims to partially cover losses caused by the drought on crop and forage crop area as well as forestry and breeding activities in 2006. The total amount of the subsidy is $25812759.
II. The aid for the damage caused by the drought in the crop sector 2. support crop and fodder crop area is 19737830lat.
3. The amount of aid for the damage caused to the agricultural use of land areas are James as follows: 3.1 for winter crops (barley, wheat, rye, Triticale) area – 10lat per hectare;
3.2. for winter rapeseed area-25 Lats per hectare;
3.3. for summer (barley, wheat, oats, buckwheat)-14lat produced per hectare;
3.4. for the summer, the area under rape 15 Lats per hectare;
3.5. on line – 100 lats produced per hectare;
3.6. the workload of 120 pounds of potatoes per hectare;
3.7. for vegetables produced, 250 dollars per hectare;
3.8. for fruit and berry plantations-200 Lats per hectare;
UR3.9.par corn and silage produced in green-60lat per hectare;
3.10. for cereals and pulses harvested green and silage-20lat per hectare area (including field beans, peas);
UR3.11.par of permanent grassland to arable land in the ranch (including lawns seed) – 15 Lats per hectare.

4. the rural support service subsidies paid on the basis of the Field support service in regional agricultural authorities in 2006, selected applications for support submitted to area payments under the laws on national and European Union aid for agriculture and rural development and of this annex referred to in paragraph 3, the amount of compensation per hectare.
III. support for breeding in relation to drought damage 5. support livestock breeding is $5774929. Aid for agricultural animals can get a tenderer who according to annex 2 of these rules has submitted an application for aid is dairy farming, beef production, horse, sheep husbandry and breeding of kazkopīb measures.
6. on the basis of the applications submitted, the rural support service grants paid under financing granted in proportion to the number of applicants: 6.1.-5364773 lati on dairy the following positions: 6.1.1. in monitoring the cow that calculated productivity index;
6.1.2. for high-quality breeds Bull maintenance;
6.2. beef production – 265158 lats for the following positions: 6.2.1 monitoring of meat in the varieties admitted in the book for purebred breeders of suckler cows on the farm;
UR6.2.2.par monitoring of meat in a variety of pure-bred pure-bred suckler cows and Heifer that is older than 12 months;
UR6.2.3.par monitoring of at least (I) grade crossing varieties of beef suckler cows and Heifer that is older than 12 months;
6.2.4. the maintenance of certified breeding bulls;
6.3. horses-lat of 39569 such positions: 6.3.1 for certified varieties breeding stallions, which are descendants of or 3 mares acknowledged the pregnancy;
UR6.3.2.par preparation of the young for examination and inspection capacity;
6.3.3. for the preparation of her evaluation and assessment;
6.4. sheep-54560 late on following positions: 6.4.1. for the assessment of animal breeding – the elite class and first class sheep and class E teķīt;
6.4.2. for class E and a first class breeding sheep mother;
6.4.3. for certified high-quality breeding of the variety teķ maintenance;
kazkopīb-6.5 lats for the following position 35092:6.5.1. for the assessment of breeding kaziņ, not later than 60 days;
6.5.2. the monitoring of the E class and first class breeding goats mother;
6.5.3. for certified high-quality varieties breeding buck.
7. the total amount of aid for the drought damage in rabbit keeping 15777 lats, is granted, subject to the following conditions: the applicant's herd is 7.1. registered agricultural data centre and the provision of information is provided according to the legislation on the characteristics of livestock and animal tracking and identification;
7.2. subsidies are paid, subject to the European Commission on 6 October 2004, Regulation (EC) No 1860/2004 on 87 and 88 of the EC Treaty. application of article de minimis aid in the agriculture and fisheries sector. The maximum amount of the grant to the applicant for aid one cattle unit is 45 lats, not exceeding LVL per beneficiary 2108, together with the support of outside approved aid programs within three years. Before taking a decision on the granting of aid for the rural support service requires the support to the applicant information about it previously received aid which has not been approved by the European Commission to support programmes;
7.3. for support, an applicant to the 2006 December 10 rural support service regional agricultural administration submitted an application for assistance (table 1).
1. table IV. Aid for drought damage in forestry 8. total amount of aid for the sum of sa damage forest holding is 300000 dollars. The amount of aid per hectare is proportional to the number of submissions received, but does not exceed 200 dollars.
9. Support is entitled to physical and legal persons who are the forest and (or) not used in the farm land owner.
10. the conditions for receiving the aid regeneration: 10.1 stand planted in 2006;
10.2. used legislative requirements for plant material.
11. the conditions for receiving the aid of forest regeneration: 11.1. agricultural land unused stand planted in 2006, but is not recognized as an ieaudzēt of the guš of the insufficient number of iea;
11.2. using the laws and requirements of plant material; take the transformation of agricultural land.
12. For support, the applicant until 6 December 2006 submitted to the rural support service regional agricultural administration application support (table 2).
13. table 2 Field support regional agricultural administration records the log sequence for the submission of applications, which all applicants meeting the requirements of this regulation.
14. prior to the application of the Field support service regional agricultural administration, the applicant draws the national forest service, which monitored the wood area is located in the restored (dead) stand. The national forest service officer shall be made in the application or to stand to be recognized as satisfying the conditions for receipt of the aid.
15. At the same time with the application the applicant State forest service person submit such Amat copies of documents (presentation of original): 15.1 ownership certificate – a certificate of the land register or act; material acquisition ādām identity document (if used mežeņ, proof of the basic material);
15.3. If the stand is not used in the farm planted land, agricultural land transformation.
16. the rural support service to accept and evaluate applications for aid for the drought damage in forestry and decides on the granting of aid or a refusal to grant the aid.
17. the rural support service of aid granted in accordance with the legislation on minimum support (according to the European Commission of 12 January 2001, Regulation No 69/2001) record and the procedure for and the minimum support form.
18. If the documents submitted by the applicant to the specified information is not pre cīz or incomplete, the rural support service request for further information in writing. The applicant during the week (counting from the date of receipt of the letter) by the rural support service of the additional information required.
19. If a decision on refusal to grant the aid, the rural support service within two weeks after receipt of the written document of the applicant, inform the applicant of the aid and specifies the reason for the refusal.
20. The applicant in the national forest service and the support service of the decision on refusal to grant aid can be a challenge and appeal against administrative procedure law.
21. After the submission of application to the end of the field support service summarizes the submissions received. If the total amount of aid requested is greater than that referred to in paragraph 8 of the annex, to the extent appropriate, to each applicant the amount of the aid to be granted shall be reduced proportionately.
22. where the European Commission provides a negative decision concerning part III of this annex II and supports the applicant repay aid. "
Prime Minister a. Halloween farming Minister – the Minister of the environment r. vējonis Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 2 December 2006.