Construction Of Information System Of Rules

Original Language Title: Būvniecības informācijas sistēmas noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 983 of 2006 in Riga on December 5 (Mon. No 65 9) information system of construction rules Issued in accordance with article 2 of the law on construction of the fourth part 1. determines the order in which you create and maintain the construction information system (hereinafter the system) construction supervision and control. 2. the system is to ensure construction information storage and exchange of information between electronic construction management and inspection bodies and the construction of the members in accordance with the construction processes, regulatory laws as well as the dissemination of information. 3. the system shall include: 3.1 information about which documents in accordance with the construction of the regulatory laws are prepared during the period from conception to construction building commissioning and during operation, as well as the documents prepared, if intended to tear down the building: 3.1.1 (būvvald) municipalities submitted documents;
3.1.2. the municipalities (būvvald) drawn up documents;
3.1.3. the controlling bodies composed of construction documents;
3.1.4. other institutions and other bodies issued submitted with the construction codes-related documents;
3.2. details of administrative challenge and appeals;
3.3. details of the checks carried out by the authorities in the course of construction;
3.4. documents and information that State and local authorities need to make with construction administration decisions;
3.5. information about the construction of the participants. 4. the system provides: 4.1 with the construction process-related information among all parties involved in construction;
4.2. construction management and inspection bodies and the construction of the participants, using the information in the system, create the documents required under construction laws regulating;
4.3. Exchange of information on construction, using the national integrated information system to prevent data duplication and ensure access to up-to-date information;
4.4. State and local government bodies issued to the construction of the law applicable to public availability. 5. the information to be included in the system or access information is involved in the following institutions: the Ministry of economy to 5.1 and its subordinated institutions;
5.2. the sectoral ministries-the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of education and science, the Ministry of culture, Ministry of welfare, regional development and local government Ministry, the Ministry of transport, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of health, Ministry of the environment-and their subordinated institutions, as well as national regulatory authorities-National Audit Office, corruption prevention and combating Bureau, the General Prosecutor's Office;
5.3. the authorities and their subordinated institutions;
5.4. public service providers, who provide technical or specific provisions relating to the issuance of the construction process. 6. a system administrator is the Ministry of economy. 7. Bodies providing initial data input system, data accuracy, updating, and compliance with laws and regulations for the construction and administrative law. 8. the administrator ensures the exchange of information with these regulations 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 in the said institutions, using an integrated national information system in accordance with the laws of the State information system. Prime Minister a. Halloween economic Minister j. Malcolm