The Order In Which Living Space Tenants And Leaseholders Settlement Service Provider Of Services Related To The Use Of Living Areas

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā dzīvojamās telpas īrnieks un izīrētājs norēķinās ar pakalpojumu sniedzēju par pakalpojumiem, kas saistīti ar dzīvojamās telpas lietošanu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 999 Riga 2006 (December 12. No 66 36) procedures by which tenants and residential leaseholders settlement service provider of services associated with dwellings use Issued under the law "for the residential rental of premises" in article 11(3) third subparagraph of paragraph 1 and 2 is rule 1 determine the order: 1.1. a living space the tenant (tenant) independent billing service provider for services received, related to living space use (hereinafter service);
1.2. a tenant agreed with leaseholders and the service provider that the leaseholders shall receive from the tenant services charge with rent and payment service provider.
2. payment of services received, procedures and deadlines determined by the residential tenancy agreement, subject to the requirements of the legislation: 2.1. residential rental agreements with landlords in tenant agree about which services the tenant settles independently and with leaseholders, respecting deadlines;
2.2. a contract for the provision of a particular service provider agreement with the recipient of the service as a service fee arrangements and deadlines.
3. If a tenant living space rental agreement in writing agreed with the leaseholders that leaseholders receives from a tenant services charge with rent and payment service provider, the tenant is responsible for the payment of the services within the time limits, but leaseholders-about billing service provider.
4. A tenant may agree with the leaseholders or the service provider on advance payments, deferral and payment conditions.
5. The tenant shall have the right to no more than once a month, to request information in writing about the House for a set of indicators for measuring instruments, under which each billing period is specified for a given service charge, as well as other payment related information. Leaseholders or if tenant accounts independently, the service provider is obliged within seven days to provide a written response to the request.
6. the Leaseholders have the right no more than once a month, to request in writing from the lodger who settled with the service provider on your own, information on payments. A tenant is obliged within seven days to provide written response, if necessary, shall submit the supporting documents for the payments.
7. the Leaseholders or if the tenant settles independently, the service provider is entitled to check the individual apartment measuring features set readings.
8. If the tenant or person on a legal basis, lives in an apartment (apartment living person), is located in the temporary absence of seven days or more, the period in question are not charged a fee for municipal waste management, sanitation, electricity and sewerage for the operation of the lift, as well as on water, if it is not listed with the flat of the measuring means.
9. The tenant advance written notice to leaseholders or if he settled independently of the provider of the apartment resident in his absence, if it will last more than seven days (the exception being in the fixed medical institution), but after the apartment resident in return week presented evidence of this person's absence in the dock file. Get information about the person's temporary absence cannot be disclosed to third parties.
10. If the apartment resident in a temporary absence is announced in paragraph 9 of these regulations established or is not provided in the person's absence, supporting documents, fee for services is not recalculated.
11. If water consumption is accounted for by measuring the flat feature, the tenant pays the appropriate measurement of the quantity listed pursuant to paragraph 14 of these rules in these conditions.
12. If you have not set up a means of measuring or service not measured, one residential home within the tenant pays for the service as follows: 12.1 the heat for heating the apartment-dwelling space proportionally and space group (apartments, artist workshops and residential space) total area, excluding the balcony and loggia area;
12.2. about the municipal waste management and sanitation-propor. persons living in the flat. If the House is in the room or space groups, which are not habitable spaces, or the artist's workshop, a separate apartment payment calculated in proportion to the number of persons living in an apartment, dividing the amount resulting after the room or group of rooms the tenant payment is deducted from the total payment in a private home;
12.3. the collective tv antenna and radiotranslācij-according to the number of connections;
12.4. the sewerage in proportion to the quantity of water consumed;
12.5. for heat in a space-dwelling space proportionally and space group the total area;
12.6. the electricity home sharing space to illuminate and utilities for the operation of the devices, according to the residential home space and space group;
12.7. the use of the lifts in proportion to the number of persons living in an apartment, dividing the amount of the total payment, if the residential tenant report payments for premises or premises not groups that are habitable spaces, or the artist's workshop. The fee for the elevator is calculated for persons who live in the second floor and above, but when boarding the elevator to the second floor is not provided for, respectively, on the third floor and above;
12.8. water consumption for apartment (even if the measuring instrument has expired, the period of verification): not more than 10 m3 a month for each person living in the apartment, subject to this provision, paragraph 14 and 15 of these conditions.
13. If the separate apartment is autonomous heating installed or if the apartment is not used centrally prepared hot water, the tenant pays for home sharing needs heat consumed part attributable to this apartment, according to a certified heating technicians developed and with leaseholders agreed calculation.
14. If the apartment building in the cold water input, as well as in some or all of the apartments are set in the measuring means and house internal ūdenssistēm and measurement features are tested, but when the difference between the home and the common meter in apartments specific water consumption, consumption adjustment is carried out, in proportion to the difference in water consumption in apartments, subject to this provision in paragraph 21 above.
15. when the measuring tool is installed in the apartments only cold water inlet, water consumption, subject to this provision in paragraph 11 of these conditions, it is calculated using the following formula: S = Pd: x, where S-Pk Vsk calculated water consumption flat;
PDA-the individual person living in the apartment;
PK-living person living in the House;
Vsk-total water consumption by apartment building type of the measurement readings (m3).
16. If the measuring tools are not installed, not apartment blocks water entry, not apartments, on the consumption of water fee charged pursuant to this rule laid down in paragraph 12.8. controls water consumption.
17. If the leaseholders has reasonable doubts as to the home or apartment water enter the set measuring features shows impartiality, he has the right to require the service provider or tenant to ensure that the means of measuring early verification. If the measuring instrument does not meet the statutory requirements, expenses related to verification of measuring instruments shall be borne by the early tenants.
18. If verification finds apartments cold water enters the measuring instruments installed in the corruption, the last payment period, payment is made in the light of the installed measuring apartments features readings, but if you have not set up a measurement in apartments, according to these regulations the prescribed norm of consumption.
19. The tenant water measuring instrument readings read the monthly rent within the period prescribed in the contract and the leaseholders or the service provider (if the tenant settles independently) consumption distribution calculations.
20. If the tenant has not submitted information on the means of measurement readings, consumption, distribution of water consumption calculation in the apartment shall be determined taking into account the particular apartment average water consumption in the last three months. Consumption smoothing apartments out next month.
21. If the calculation of the distribution of consumption between the home key in the measuring instruments installed in the display and the living rooms in your House and space groups in the amount of water consumed (including accidents and repair water nopludināt) formed the difference greater than 20%, the Manager (if payment is made by the Manager) during the six months of research and measures for the reduction of the difference, if needed, using the appropriate merchant services.

22. With a view to more efficient use of the heat as well as facilitate the settlement, leaseholders can appoint or elect a representative to tenants that monitors heat mode, read the features of measuring display and carry out other obligations under the contract (hereinafter referred to as the energopārvaldniek).
23. for contracts with the Landlords of energopārvaldniek this provision the obligation referred to in point 22. Energopārvaldniek rights, duties and responsibilities of the contract.
24. With the energopārvaldniek services related costs shall be borne by the landlords, if he is appointed energopārvaldniek, or tenants, if energopārvaldniek is their elected President.
25. the costs borne by the Landlords for services relating to rented and leased residential house and space groups.
26. If the apartment until the date of entry into force of the provisions is an autonomous heating, fitted to this provision provided for in paragraph 13 the development of calculation the tenant pays for home sharing needs part of the heat consumed in proportion to the room in a private home and the total area of the space group.
27. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 26 March 2002, Regulation No 133 "order in which apartment tenants and leaseholders in accounts with the service provider for the services associated with the use of the living room" (Latvian journal, 2002, nr. 49).
Prime Minister a. Halloween regional development and local Government Minister a. Štokenberg Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by December 16, 2006.