The Zone Database Creation, Maintenance And Order Of Information

Original Language Title: Aizsargjoslu datu bāzes izveides, uzturēšanas un informācijas aprites kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1002 Riga 2006 (December 12. No 66 40) protection zone database creation, maintenance, and information of the order Issued in accordance with article 62 of the Act establishes the first part of rule 1 defines the zone database creation, maintenance and information order.
2. the Zone database is a national information system which collects, collects and processes the single graphic and text data on protection zones and their boundaries, preserving historical data. The zone administrator and the database is the national land service.
3. the State land service enables any person acquainted with the protection zone data in the database. The list shall indicate the territory concerned, data sources, and the approval date.
4. Strip a database include: 4.1 these terms referred to in paragraph 6 of the local authorities submitted data;
4.2. protection zone polygon identifier – information systems generate a unique set of numbers;
4.3. the date when the relevant data placed in the zone database.
5. Protection zone database data sources are: 5.1. local government planning, their amendments (hereinafter planning) and detailed;
5.2. the local government approved information on article 33 of the law establishes in the second and third part in protection zones and changes in them.
6. The local government according to the law on local government spatial planning provided by the national land service: 6.1. border zone in graphical form – the polygon bounding the zone associated with: 6.1.1. protection zone number, according to the real estate object classification subgroup of the encumbrances (absence,-group);
6.1.2. the full name of the object and the address (if any) for which specific protection zone;
6.2. the limits of the territory in a graphic way, if the territory has developed planning and detailed;
6.3. This provision 5.1. in the case referred to in subparagraph: 6.3.1. planning and detailed supporting document name, date and number;
6.3.2. data sources;
6.3.3. the name of the territory;
6.3.4. planning and detailed supporting document of the date of the publication in the newspaper "Gazette";
6.3.5. graphical data preparation zone-wide certainty;
6.3.6. planning and detailed picture of the part of the developer;
6.4. this rule 5.2: the case referred to in subparagraph 6.4.1. protection zone in the supporting document name, date and number;
6.4.2. the graphical data preparation zone-wide certainty;
6.4.3. part graphical designer.
7. These regulations 6.1 and 6.2 graphical data referred to in 7.1 shall be submitted: digital, vector form (UR*.gml, UR*.dwg, UR*.dxf, UR*.dgn, UR*.shp file format) Latvian geodetic coordinate system LK-92 with scale 1:10 000, the certainty of 1:2000 or 1:500;
7.2. the clearly identifiable in accordance with the provisions referred to in point 6.1 of the requirements;
7.3. separate files, if one area of the data zone has a different scale of certainty.
8. The local authority is responsible for ensuring that the data provided would be true and current.
9. If the local government provided data does not conform to the provisions in paragraph 6 and 7 of these requirements, the State land service may refuse to accept the data, stating the reason for the refusal. Municipalities month prepare a refusal of protection zone database data submitted according to the requirements contained in these provisions.
10. the national agency "Latvian geospatial information agency" established a database for the maintenance of free digital provide State land service of the following materials in Latvian kartogrāfisko geodetic coordinate system LK-92:10.1. topographic maps vector form;
10.2. ortofotokarta;
10.3. the urban topographical plans vector form.
11. persons have the right to request and receive protection zone database data. Historical data shall be issued, if the application is based.
12. database Established of the data collected shall be issued on the basis of written submissions: 12.1 (in paper form or electronically);
12.2. the electronic request.
13. the written agreement with the State land service of the protection zone database data preparation and procedure for the issue of a switch in the following cases: 13.1. database established for existing data requires regular;
13.2. the requested amount of data is great;
13.3. when preparing the required data, you need to use special methods, selection criteria, or develop software;
13.4. data requested is intended for download through the online transmission of data or file transfer (FTP) server.
14. Protection zone in the database the data collected: 14.1. issuing electronic media, dedicated servers, and other types of data transfer: 14.1.1. graphical data-vector form (UR*.gml, UR*.dwg, UR*.dxf, UR*.dgn, UR*.shp file format) Latvian geodetic coordinate system LK-92;
14.1.2. text data-UR*.xml, UR*.txt, UR*.xls, UR*.doc file format;
14.2. online data transmission mode;
14.3. the paper form.
15. The national regulatory authorities and the local authorities to carry out the functions required of the zone database data on State land Department shall prepare and issue the free electronically this rule 14.1 or 14.2. referred to.
16. persons of the zone database data preparation and the issue of the pay law on State land service charge provided services price list price in full (excluding the provisions referred to in point 15 cases) before the start of the execution of the service. The deadline for the start of the next working day after the deemed acceptance of claim and pay for the service.
17. Protection zone database up to March 1, 2008.
18. when planning and detailed data of the State land service submitted by protection zone to create the database, complies with this provision in paragraph 6 and 7 of these requirements, it is included in the zone database.
19. when planning and a detailed plan approved to this provision to the date of entry into force of the relevant data: 19.1. included in the protection zone database by 2010 through December 30, if it is possible to prepare according to these rules. In that case, the code of the zone attracts real estate object classification group or to burden the bottom group.
19.2. stored in the archives of the State land service, if it is not possible to prepare according to these rules, and allows people to get acquainted with the State land service.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Justice Minister g. Smith Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 23 December 2006.