Rules For The Issue Of Certificates Of Security And The Arrangements For Payment Of The State Fee And The Amount

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par apsardzes sertifikātu izsniegšanu un valsts nodevas maksāšanas kārtību un apmēru

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1058 Riga 2006 (19 December. No 68 75. §) rules for the issue of certificates of security and the arrangements for payment of the State fee and the amount Issued in accordance with the law of security activities article 11 in the first and third subparagraphs 1. determines: 1.1. procedures for natural persons to be issued subject to security certificates and their extended period of validity;
1.2. the national toll for the security background checks you in action sorting, the security certificate and the security certificate is issued after the expiry of the term extension. 2. the certificate shall be issued by the security guard Inside the Department established qualifications of security activities Commission (hereinafter security activities qualifications Commission) natural person who acquired the security certificate necessary to obtain vocational training (training) program and passed the qualification test of security activities. 3. the education (training) program security certificate for an employee in the Ministry of development and coordinated with the Ministry of education and science. This training can take a legal person who has received the license for the implementation of this programme. 4. a Person who wishes to receive a security certificate shall submit the application to the security activities of the qualification Commission. The application specifies the persons name, surname and personal code. 5. the application shall be accompanied by the following: 5.1 a copy of the certificate of professional development training, which certifies that provision referred to in paragraph 3 of the education (training) programs for learning (the original show);
5.2. a copy of the certificate of completion of first aid courses in schools or medic a copy of education, or educational diplomas and a copy of the statement of success, proving that the person has acquired the appropriate course in this educational institution (the original show);
5.3. one photo (3 x 4 cm);
5.4. payment of State fee a copy of identity document (original show). 6. If the application is sent by mail, the original documents presented before the sorting task. 7. If the application is not added to the provisions of paragraph 5 of that dock puts a copy of the security guard qualifications Commission action made necessary his copies of the document. 8. the Person not later than 30 days after the submission of application sort burglar operating qualification test. Before the test sort burglar operating qualifications Commission verify the person's identity. 9. If the person that rule 8 within the time limit set in point or another with neither the activities of Apsar qualification Commission agreed time not sort burglar operating qualification test, the application shall be submitted. 10. By submitting the application again this provision 9. in the case referred to in paragraph a, the person does not have to pay the State fee for security activities qualification examination and security certificate, if the payment of the fee from the State is not passed more than a year. 11. If a person does not pass the qualification test of security activities, it can sort of ordeal. 12. Security activities qualifications the Commission within five working days after the security operation qualification test must be issued to the person guarding the certificate (annex). Security guard certificate validity period shall run from the date of the outstanding security activities qualification test. 13. a Person who wishes to extend the security certificate's validity period, 30 days before the security certificate expires or the activities of Apsar qualifications submitted to the Commission the relevant application and sort burglar operating qualification test. 14.13 these provisions an application referred to in paragraph add: 14.1. photo (3 x 4 cm);
14.2. the security certificate copy;
14.3. a State fee of a copy of the identity document. 15. If the person who wants to extend the security certificate validity term, not headphones passed the security activities of the qualification test and a certificate has expired, it shall forward the certificate of security guard qualifications Commission activities and after the payment of the State fees again sorts the qualification test. 16. where a party submitted an application security extension of the period of validity of the certificate for this provision, paragraph 13, and within the time limit referred to in the certificate expiration date is more than three months, a security certificate will be received in the General order. 17. If the security certificate is lost, stolen or damaged, the person shall forthwith notify in writing the qualifications of security activities and submit a photograph and stamp duties paid for the security certificate issue a duplicate copy of the identity document. Security activities qualifications the Commission within five working days, issue the guarding of the duplicate certificate. 18. the security activities of the qualification test and security certificate pay stamp duties amounting to: 18.1 the security activities of the qualification test sorting-10 lats;
18.2. for the security certificate – 10 lat;
18.3. the security certificate is issued after the expiry of the period of extended-10 lats;
18.4. the security certificate issue of duplicates-5 lats. 19. a State fee shall be paid before the security activities of the qualification round game sort or security certificate duplicate is received. Prime Minister-regional development and local Government Minister a. Štokenberg Interior Minister i. Godmanis annex Cabinet of 19 December 2006, the provisions of no. 1058 security certificate for Interior Minister i. Godmanis