Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 27 April 2004, The Provisions Of No. 446 "vehicle Registration"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2004.gada 27.aprīļa noteikumos Nr.446 "Transportlīdzekļu reģistrācijas noteikumi"

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Updated 09.01.2007., Latvian Journal No. 5 (3581) Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1030 in Riga in 2006 (19 December. Nr. 68) 14 amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 27 April 2004, the provisions of no. 446 "vehicle registration", Issued in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act, the first subparagraph of article 10 do cabinet 27 April 2004 the Regulation No 446 "vehicle registration" (Latvian journal, 2004, nr. 69; 2005, 67 no) the following amendments: 1. provisions be supplemented by 4.7 points below as follows: "off-road vehicle 4.7. registration certificate (annex 9)."
2. Make the following point 12: ' 12. Vehicle owner, through the registration of the vehicle, you can order individual national registration number with national standard EN 20:2003 "State of the vehicle registration mark" matching symbols. The decision on the award of individual plates taken CSDD. Such plates confer the vehicle only when the requested number signs, symbols: 12.1. not previously assigned to another vehicle;
12.2. is not intended to assign in series;
12.3. no Latvian language regulatory requirements not corresponding to the angle;
12.4. not making polite or rude words;
12.5. the names of the institutions do not constitute a Latvian language or any other language;
12.6. hinder the identification of the national registration number, as well as of other circumstances, such a plate not issued. "
3. Express 13.2. subparagraph by the following: "13.2. trade plates. They shall be issued only in CSDD register economic operators engaged in vehicle trade (hereinafter referred to as the trading company). Trading number assignment evidenced with the trade number plates issued to the trade number card; ".
4. Supplement with 13.6 points below as follows: "off-road vehicle 13.6 plates. They issue series-manufactured motor tricycles and quadricycles, which road traffic is not provided by the manufacturer. "
5. Make the following subparagraph 16.1.: "16.1. the age of majority in the Republic of Latvia reached the citizens and non-citizens, of the Member States of the European Union, European economic area and nationals of the Swiss Confederation, as well as foreigners who, under immigration law authorized to enter and reside in Latvia;".
6. Add to the introductory part of paragraph 19, after the words "Republic of Latvia made vehicle" or "CSDD in words of undersized vessels issued driving licence, or for the issue of driving training CSDD permission".
7. To make 19.5. subparagraph by the following: "19.5 of the owner or possessor-minor natural persons-the guardian, the presentation of the document, which confirms the guardianship or custody;".
8. Replace paragraph 12.2., the words "the protector" certificate "of the formal auspices".
9. Add to subparagraph 19.7 behind the words "Republic of Latvia made vehicle" or "CSDD in words of undersized vessels issued driving licence, or for the issue of driving training CSDD permission".
10. paragraph 19.13. To express the following: 19.13. "when an address change (for which information is available on public registers), colour change, national registration number or the number of characters is received, if the lost lost one of two number plates changes the damaged number plate (s) or change the damaged registration document, this rule 39.3. in extending the period referred to, or registration document are found in the specified technical error data ,-any adult natural person. "
11. Make 20 and 21 as follows: "the Assembly number 20 compare is the vehicle or view the numbered unit, which aims to verify the registration of the documents supporting the specified accounting and other technical data in the actual situation, as well as missing data.
21. Certificate of the vehicle identification number is printed from the comparison of vehicle register, specifying the number of units defined in the course of comparison of data. It can be issued: 21.1. the person who implements the number for comparing the CSDD provide the transport agent or a numbered identification;
21.2. the provisions referred to in paragraph 19.7. the vehicle manufacturer's official representative on the new, previously non-registered vehicle, based on proof of vehicle tracking technical data conformity to the true position. "
12. Delete 22.4. section.
13. Express 26 the following: "26. Certificate of the vehicle identification number comparison valid vehicle registration within 30 days from the issue date (inclusive). Registering a vehicle that sold the trading company in Latvia, who concluded a cooperation agreement on the exchange of information with the CSDD, inquire about the vehicle identification number of a valid comparison 12 months. "
14. Replace 30.3. and in the name of "18.9" with the word "Merchant".
15. Replace the words "in 37.3 motor vehicle or its trailer" with the words "motor vehicle (other than off-road vehicle) or a trailer, or a moped".
16. Replace the words "section 38.1.3. certifying the vehicle tracking technical data" with the words "or other document confirming the origin of a particular vehicle or the sale".
17. Make the following subparagraphs 38.1.5.: "38.1.5. document that the importation of the vehicle within the European economic area from a third country (non-European economic area country) is made in the laws on customs matters in the order (the document is not submitted, if such action is already in CSDD);".
18. Delete the words in 38.2.2 "moped".
19. Supplement with, and subparagraph as follows: "38.2.8. off-road vehicle;
38.2.9. the moped made 1 January 2008;
38.2.10. after January 1, 2008 registered first moped, conforming to a vehicle type that has undergone conformity assessment in accordance with the harmonized European Union requirements and demonstrates the type approval marking plates on the vehicle; "
20. Delete paragraph 23.9.
21. Make the following subparagraphs 24.0. " foreign registration referred to dock will not need to submit the file snow motorcycles, off-road vehicles, mopeds, trailers and if they have been imported from the foreign country in which the vehicle is registered and the person, in addition to their writing."
22. Add to subparagraph 43.1.4. beyond words "(for example, the ma licence, inherited the judgment of the Court of probate)" with the words "or a copy of this document (the presentation of the original), if the inherited several property objects".
23. Make the following paragraph in 43.2: "43.2. before the law of succession of the formal receipt of the document possible heir, presenting the facts and disclosure of succession potential heir status supporting doc file (such as a death certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate, will), the copies and stating this fact with the signature in the application, and submit a certificate of the vehicle identification number, collation, you can register a vehicle on your name as the possessor of the vehicle. In this case, the vehicle register holder of the vehicle to the law of succession and the identity document of the registration certificate in the "remarks" section in the "forbidden to alienate up to approval of the inheritance."
24. Deleted 27.5. section.
25. replace the words "paragraph 28.1 document" with the words "the Act of transfer of ownership of the vehicle".
26. Put 48 as follows: "48. to register the Corporation's share capital invested in the transport means, the owner shall submit: submission; 48.1.
48.2. the registration certificate if the vehicle is registered in Latvia, or these rules, or 38.1. paragraph 37 referred to documents if the vehicle is not registered in Latvia;
48.3. the company register certified statement about vehicle-the Corporation's share capital, if the certificate of registration under the "mark a change in the holder of the vehicle" does not register the better marks on the circle the vehicle-body of the capital of the Corporation. "
27. Delete 49.3.1 in the word "business".
28. Make subparagraph as follows: " a foreign country or customs area picked the numbered unit technical data records and property of the document and the document certifying that the importation of the numbered unit within the European economic area from a third country (non-European economic area country) is made in the laws on customs matters. If you have information about the CSDD it will not need to submit documents; ".
29. The deletion of the words in the title of chapter XI "and".
30. Delete paragraph 55.1.2., the words "and restore the horse."
31. To replace the words "paragraph 56.2 to issue, amend or renew" with the words "or change" issue.

32. Delete paragraph 57:32.1. the words "lost, stolen, killed, or";
32.2. the words "of the loss, theft, or loss".
33. the express section 58.3. the following wording: "58.3. the transport means losing the operational status of the vehicle in accordance with the law on operational vehicles Executive written envelope Morrow on the operational status of the vehicle, the vehicle owner or holder in the event, as well as if the means of transport or equipment and painted with a national standard EN 63:1999" Operational vehicles, paint, equipment ". In this case, the vehicle in a fixed order, deleting the re-registered at Bury St. in registration certificates. "
34. To supplement the rules by 58.4 points following below: 58.4. to register a vehicle, who lost the operational transport status, submit a certificate of the vehicle identification number in comparison. "
35. Add to paragraph 61, second sentence, after the words "Vehicle disposal to remove test" with the words "for disposal or removal from the country".
36. To supplement the provisions of the following paragraph below with 64.4.: "64.4. If the vehicle is registered in a foreign country without permanent removal of removal from Latvia and this fact certifies the relevant document issued by a foreign registry, disposal of the vehicle out of the country can do without the CSDD registration certificates and number plates."
37. To complement the 67.1.5. section of the third sentence by the following: "If the vehicle is destroyed or died before 30 September 2004, the tone of this fact can be the owner of the vehicle;"
38. Express 67.6. the first sentence of the subparagraph as follows: "If the registration certificate 67.6. or number plate (s) are given, as well as its processing company for the disposal yourself owner, removing the transport means of disposal, reason indicates the application."
39. the express section 68.2. the following wording: "68.2. removing the vehicle from the termination of the registration records for a period of time, the transfer of number plates, vehicle register for the relevant mark;".
40. Replace the words "68.4 in changing the registration certificate" with the words "delete mark on the suspension of registration and number plates issued".
41. To delete the third sentence of paragraph 68.5.
42. the express section 69.4. by the following: "69.4. If the vehicle is not removed in time limit from the State, then repeatedly transit plates shall be granted."
43. Replace subparagraph 70.1.6., the words "permanent residence" with the words "the declared place of residence (location)".
44. Add to subparagraph 70.2.1. with text as follows: "vehicles whose permanent registration in Latvia is prohibited, allowed to register once for a period of up to six months. In this case, the certificate of registration under the "notes" indicates "Imported temporarily. The track is prohibited in Latvia permanently ";".
45. the express section follows 70.2.2.: "72.2.2. If the vehicle submitted for registration CSDD inspection and certification inspection on the registration for a period of up to six months of the completion of the conformity assessment procedures. In this case, the certificate of registration under the "notes" indicates "Imported temporarily without proof of conformity. Forbidden to alienate ";".
46. in paragraph 72 of the following expressions: "72. to register the vehicle in the historic vehicle status (hereinafter referred to as the historic vehicle), in addition to the documents referred to in these provisions be submitted to the national agency" Riga Motor Museum "historic vehicle status issued identity documents. The vehicle, which is granted to the historical status of the vehicle registration certificate under "notes" indicates "historic vehicles". If the historic vehicle ownership is not legally proven, it registers the Latvian Antique car club (hereinafter LAAK) or its members as property rights supporting documents shall be submitted to the technical Commission issued LAAK historic vehicle registration application. In this case, the certificate of registration of the vehicle in the "owner" indicates the Member, but LAAK or under "notes" in addition to "alienate" is prohibited. "
47. Replace paragraph 80 numbers and the words "1 January 2007" with the figures and the words "January 1, 2009".
48. Replace paragraph 7 of annex 1, the word "permanent" with the word "declared".
49. Make 1.21.5. subparagraph as follows: "operational vehicles as 21.5. papildkrās registration certificates shall specify the national standard EN 63:1999" Operational vehicles, equipment, and painted a contrasting color to the specified "."
50. Replace paragraph 27.1 of annex 1, the words "company (merchant), who received a licence issued by the Ministry of transport of small trade with motor vehicles and their trailers" with the words "merchant, dealing with the marketing of the vehicle".
51. Make of annex 1 27.3. subparagraph by the following: "27.3. Business Register mark for vehicle-the Corporation's share capital and the announcement of the date of laying. Record certified by the stamp of the business register and the officers signature. You can do this if not submit a certified statement of the register of vehicle-the Corporation's share capital; ".
52. To supplement the provisions of Annex 9 to the following: "9. the Cabinet of Ministers of 27 April 2004, regulations no 446 off-road vehicle registration certificate sample site-Prime Minister of regional development and local Government Minister a. Štokenberg of traffic instead of the Minister-children and Family Affairs Minister a. Baštik in