Internal Security Service Registration Procedure

Original Language Title: Iekšējās drošības dienesta reģistrācijas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1072 in 2006 (28 December. 4. § 69) internal security service Issued the registration procedure in accordance with the law of security activities article 9 of the first and the second part 1. determines the order in which the institutions, economic operators and the bodies which carried out the security employee, State police recorded in internal security, as well as the amount and the order in which the State fee payable for the registration of internal security service. 2. the authority, the operator or organisation wishing to create their own security and ensure internal security in its owned facilities, recruit three or more persons who have received the certificate of security, establishing the internal security service and register it in the national police. 3. Internal security services recorded State police territorial structure unit according to the authorities, the merchant or the location of the organisation. The national police unit that were registered by the internal security services, send messages about the national police the city (district) departments, if their activities within the territory of the authorities, the merchant or organization units (branches), which created and registered for the security of the internal security service. 4. to register the internal security services, the authorities of the Institute of the merchant or the org (hereinafter the applicant) the Manager or his delegate shall submit the relevant application to the National Police Department. The application indicates the applicant's name, address, telephone number, the internal security service, the driver's name, ID number and contact telephone number. 5. the application shall be accompanied by the following: 5.1 the merchant or organization a copy of the registration certificate;
5.2. a copy of a document certifying the applicant's internal security service, and the internal security service posts;
5.3. the internal security service employee list indicating the person's name, surname, personal code, security certificate number and date of issue, and (work);
5.4. the internal security service firearms and used special type and number of resources;
5.5. list of guarded object names, addresses, items (routes), operating mode, change the number, the number of people in each site, the Exchange and the exchange of fire-arms to be used and the number of special features and communication ways. 6. The national police, the territorial unit within 30 days of application and the provisions referred to in paragraph 5 of the document of the date of receipt of the application, and the appearance of internal security service issued the registration certificate (annex). 7. on receipt of a certificate of registration, the applicant's Manager or his authorised person: 7.1 presentation of identity documents;
7.2. presentation of documents certifying the payment of State fees. 8. After receipt of the registration certificate of the applicant's Manager or his authorized person sign the log. 9. If the rules referred to in paragraph 4, the application or the application is not specified in the documents requested or insufficient to deliver internal security service a certificate of registration, or found that this provision in the list referred to in point 5.3 of the specified persons have received security certificate legislation, within the Department of State police shall request the applicant necessary information or carry out the necessary checking. 10. If the territorial unit of the national police within 30 days has not received requested additional information, the internal security service registration is refused. The decision on the refusal to register the internal security services can be a challenge and appeal against administrative procedure law. 11. A State fee of internal security service registration is $25. 12. State fee, including the State budget. Prime Minister-regional development and local Government Minister a. Štokenberg Interior Minister i. Godmanis annex Cabinet of 28 December 2006, regulations no 1072 Interior Minister i. Godmanis