European Protection Of The Financial Interests Of The Community Coordination Council Charter

Original Language Title: Eiropas Kopienas finanšu interešu aizsardzības koordinācijas padomes nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 54 in 2007 (January 16. 4. § 24) the protection of the financial interests of the Community Coordination Council regulation Issued pursuant to the public administration facilities article 13 of the law on the general issue I. 1. protection of the financial interests of the Community Coordination Council (hereinafter Council) is an advisory body which collegiate aims to promote common European protection of the financial interests of the community in the implementation of national policies and development. II. tasks and rights of the Council of 2. The Council has the following tasks: 2.1 coordinate common European protection of the financial interests of the Community measures;
2.2. evaluation of the European anti-fraud Office (OLAF) information requests and provide suggestions to the Ministry of Finance on the determination of the institution responsible for the matter and reply;
2.3. in accordance with the competency to consider the policy planning documents and draft legislation, developed by Latvian initiatives and submit proposals to the relevant authorities about them, which prepared the document;
2.4. to provide recommendations to the Ministry of Finance on the European Community's financial interests. 3. the Council shall have the following rights: 3.1. to request and receive from the authorities the Council information, the procedure laid down in the laws and guaranteeing restricted access information;
3.2. to invite representatives of the national regulatory authorities and experts to participate in the meetings of the Council and recommendation development. III. structure of the Council the Council shall include manpower 4 11 members who have knowledge and experience in combating fraud in the public administration and the European Community's financial interests, including three representatives of the Ministry of finance and one by one the Ministry of Justice, the national police, the State revenue service, the Prosecutor General's Office, corruption prevention and combating Bureau and other government institutions. 5. establishment of the Council approving the Finance Minister. 6. the term of Office of members of the Council shall be five years. Member of the Council for the Council may approve. 7. The President of the Council is the State Secretary of the Ministry of finance. IV. Organization of the work of the Council and decision 8. The President of the Council shall approve the agenda of the Council, convene and chair meetings of the Council, sign the minutes and other documents of the Council. 9. the President of the Council in the absence of his duties shall be the Deputy Chairman of the Council. Deputy Chairman of the Council for a Council meeting shall elect the members of the Council. 10. the Council Secretariat: 10.1. Council agenda projects;
10.2. preparing minutes of meetings of the Council;
10.3. no later than five working days before the meeting of the Council shall notify all the members of the Council the Council meeting date and agenda;
10.4. no later than three working days before the Council meeting sent to all the members of the Council information on Council documents under consideration and, upon request, provide the opportunity to become acquainted with them;
10.5. within five working days after the Council meeting minutes sent electronically to all members of the project;
10.6. the facilities to ensure the work of the Council. 11. the functions of the Secretariat of the Council to carry out the Ministry of finance. 12. The Council meets at least twice a year. Council extraordinary meeting shall be convened by its Chairman at the request of at least one member of the Council. 13. the Council are valid if they are sitting on at least six members of the Council. 14. the Council decision shall be adopted by a simple majority, a vote. If the vote splits, like the President of the Council shall have a casting vote. 15. The decisions of the Council's recommendations. 16. the minutes of the Council. The Council recorded in the meeting agenda and decisions, as well as indicate the persons who participated in the meeting. 17. The members of the Council within three working days after receipt of the draft Protocol inform by electronic means the Secretary of the Council on reconciliation or send comments. After the signing of the Protocol, a copy of it sent to the Secretariat of the Council to all the members of the Council. Prime Minister a. Halloween place-Finance Minister of regional development and local Government Minister Štokenberg is A.