Calculation And Payment Of The Remuneration Arrangements Of The Subsoils Property Aprobežojum Of The National Significance Of Nogabalo Of Subsoils

Original Language Title: Atlīdzības aprēķināšanas un izmaksāšanas kārtība par zemes dzīļu īpašuma tiesību aprobežojumu valsts nozīmes zemes dzīļu nogabalos

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 155 in Riga in 2007 (27 February. No 16 41) calculation and payment of the remuneration arrangements of the subsoils property aprobežojum of the national significance of the subsoils nogabalo issued in accordance with the law "on Earth" the second paragraph of article 12.1 1. determines the order in which the calculated and paid compensation to the owner of the land of the subsoils property aprobežojum of the national significance of the subsoils nogabalo (further-), if the public and the public interest require the subsoils of valid properties or get ground water. 2. the landlord is entitled to compensation if their property right to land enshrined in the land. 3. land owners whose land includes the national significance of the subsoils nogabal provide the user the subsoils written application for compensation. The application shall be accompanied by the following: 3.1 property rights supporting documents or certified copies thereof;
3.2. a statement of the cadastral value of the land concerned. 4. If the land on which the property rights of the subsoils are limited, has set this property, referred to in paragraph 3 of the rules of all the co-owners. 5. the lump-sum compensation for land property rights aprobežojum deep in the national nogabalo of the subsoils calculates five percent of cadastral value of land, as it had the national significance of the subsoils nogabal detection time. Consideration on subsoils of property rights of land owner aprobežojum only pay for their area, under which the use of the subsoils are ignorant. 6. user subsoils, within thirty days after this rule laid down in paragraph 3 of the document, taking account of the cadastral value of the land, the calculation of the amount of remuneration payable (-) and shall inform the owner of the land, as well as the calculation and calculate withholding and payment arrangements. The user sends the subsoils of calculation by registered letter or against a signature present land owner to calculate on-the-spot. 7. on the basis of the calculation of the user of the subsoils, land owner agreed with users on subsoils remuneration costs time and payment arrangements. 8. user subsoils asked the relevant land registry Department to strengthen the subsoils property rights of the owner of aprobežojum. 9. If a user of the subsoils and land owner cannot agree on the compensation or land owner a month from the receipt of the calculation has not given its consent, the user of the subsoils or land owner can take legal action, calling for the conclusion of the contract. 10. The intention to bring a court action of the subsoils user or land owner shall inform the other party at least a month in advance. Prime Minister a. Halloween Environment Minister r. vējonis