Student Personal Things And Updating Procedures Design

Original Language Title: Studējošā personas lietas noformēšanas un aktualizēšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 203 in Riga in 2007 (March 27. No 21) student personal things and updating procedures for design Issued in accordance with article 46 of the Law School's eighth 1. determines the order in which University or college designs and updates student personal affairs. 2. the high school or College Department designated as student personal things design and actualization of the responsible person (hereinafter person responsible). Student personal file is created by person imatrikulācij, supplemented and updated in the course of the study, as well as student eksmatrikulācij. Student personal matter kept in 75 years. 3. After the student submits the imatrikulācij person in charge documents required for student personal things in design. 4. the graduate school or college produces, maintains and stores student papers on the course of study (further-study card) paper or electronically the data registered in the national inspection of the personal data processing system. Student personal things in College, or college documents can be stored in electronic form. Electronically stored Studio card or signature to certify respectively that rule 9 or 10 in the order referred to in paragraph, using a secure electronic signature. 5. The person in charge of the study on the map indicate at least the following: 5.1 student personal data (name, surname, personal code, student ID number or code imatrikulācij);
5.2. student declared place of residence address;
5.3. data on previously acquired education (General secondary, vocational secondary or higher education, the education of the year, the country in which you obtained in the previous education);
5.4. the centralised examination and entrance examination result (name and rating) on the basis of which the student imatrikulēt;
5.5. the study programme;
5.6. study programme classification code;
5.7. imatrikulācij data (order number and date);
5.8. the Studio type (full/part time studies) and shape (not present in the remote/tienes studies);
5.9. method of financing (with student contract date and number), the exemption from tuition fee (if any), news of the study of changes in the method of financing;
5.10. news about student transfer tuition application (the order number and date);
5.11. the details of the study and the resumption of (order number and date);
5.12. details of semester course of study (mastered study courses and practices, volume kredītpunkto, rating, date of test, Faculty name, and academic posts);
5.13. details of other University or College in the course of learning and their recognition;
5.14. details of academic degree, degree, professional degree and professional qualifications or vocational qualification (Bachelor, masters, thesis or skilled labour, the working name for the driver and the reviewer's name and academic posts, the Defense date, credits, ratings, or the national examination test name, academic, scientific or professional degree or professional qualifications, the granting authority granted a degree or professional qualification name, rating, date and number of the decision);
5.15. diplomas issued by name, series and number;
5.16. eksmatrikulācij data (order number and date). 6. Student personal file in addition to the University Law article 46 in the seventh part contains the documents allowed also include other documents (for example, general secondary education, copies of the certificates, copies of documents proving the person's last name or change of name). 7. Within two months after the person in charge of the imatrikulācij study map entry that rule 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 5.9 and 5.10. data referred to, as well as other information to which the student is based imatrikulēt. 8. In the month following the end of each semester person in charge study map entry test results according to the records of the test protocols, signed by the faculty or academics, eksaminējoš. 9. Responsible person according to the progress of the process of study, student or personal submissions, decisions of the institutions of the public administration and the actual action to update the study. That person is responsible for the study map message. Month after the end of the academic year the person responsible for the accuracy of the information supplied by the certifying signature. 10. during the two months following student eksmatrikulācij Faculty of graduate Deans (or head of Department, if the Faculty is not established (article 24 of the Law School's second part)) or the relevant head of Department of the College and the responsible person signature of card. 11. If the certificate was issued, the academic on the basis of a written application of the person eksmatrikulēt, place the copy of the certificate in the appropriate person. 12. Academic certificate signed by the Rector of the University, the master or his authorised person. This is confirmed by a high school or college seal. 13. academic certificate include the following: 13.1 study programmes;
13.2. in the course of learning;
13.3 faculty name, and academic posts. The student who imatrikulēt before the entry into force of these regulations, the name of the Faculty and academic positions (optional);
13.4. the amount of the course, or if the person kredītpunkto imatrikulēt before the introduction of credits academic hours;
13.5. the amount of the course of study, the European credit transfer system (European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)) points, or if the person imatrikulēt before the introduction, kredītpunkto or academic hours;
13.6. the assessment and transcript;
8.5. date of the test. 14. Student who imatrikulēt after 1 September 2006, the high school or college student in the personal file shall be made pursuant to these provisions by 1 July 2007. 15. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 31 May 2005, Regulation No 366 "student personal things and updating procedures to design" (Latvian journal, 2005, 88 no). Prime Minister-Defense Minister a. Slakter by Minister of education and science Rivž of B.