The Amendments "capital Adequacy Calculation Rules"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi "Kapitāla pietiekamības aprēķināšanas noteikumos"

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Financial and capital market Commission Regulation No. 57 in Riga in 2007 (26 April. Nr. 18, 5. p.)
The amendments to the "calculation of capital adequacy rules" Issued in accordance with the law of credit institutions, article 35 of the sixth and sixth article 50.8, financial instruments market law article 121 eighth and sixth article 123.3 to make financial and capital market Commission of 17 November 2004, regulations No. 255 "capital adequacy calculation rules" as follows: 1. Turn off 5.11, 5.12 and 5.19 the words "except for the euro".
2. Turn off 5.13 points.
3. Make the following paragraph 10.3.1:10.3.1. subordinated capital ", which consists of funds that the company borrowed for a period of not less than five years, and the loan agreement shall provide that the lender can reclaim the loan before maturity only in the event of liquidation of the company and the lender's requirement is satisfied when all other creditors, but prior to the shareholders ' claims.
The company may repay this borrowing on its own initiative, if after such a loan repayment of its own capital in conformity with the requirements of these provisions and if the Commission does not object to it. In this case, the company shall, not later than 14 days before the adoption of the decision in question shall notify the Commission in writing of the intention to repay such a loan before the due date. If within seven days after receiving notice of the public, the Commission has not objected to such a motivated loan repayment, it is considered that the Commission has given permission to the company to repay such a loan before the deadline; ".
4. Turn off 14.5 points.
5. Include a list of the Member States of annex 1 in the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania.
6. Express 9. (UPDK 0651247 form) of paragraph 4 by the following: 4. the foreign currency risk capital (k) position title position number of the sum of (A) (B) 1 total net foreign currency position and net gold position (7201000 (11)) 7201 firmly linked the net long positions in the currency of the amount 7202 closely linked currency net short positions amount 7203 closely linked currency matching position (or 7203; 7202 smallest absolute value) 7204 foreign currency option's capital requirement (easy method) 7205 foreign currency option's gamma and Vega risks risk capital requirement (Delta-plus method) 7206 foreign currency risk capital requirement (7201-7204) x 0.08 + 0.04 + 7204x (7205 or 7206) if 7201 > x 0.02; 7201 = 0 if

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