Rules On Industrial Fishing In Inland Waters

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par rūpniecisko zveju iekšējos ūdeņos

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 295 in Riga on May 2, 2007. (pr. No 26 27. §) rules on industrial fishing in inland waters issued under the Fisheries Act, in article 13, first paragraph, point 2 i. General questions 1. determines the order in which the natural or legal person (hereinafter Fisher) may be to deal with industrial fishing (fishing) of the Republic of Latvia in internal waters, except in the waters, which are only used for specialized farming and artificial propagation of fish.
2. These rules apply to the waters, which is in the land side of the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Riga coast line, including the river flows into the sea – located on the land behind the line, joining the River opposite the beach at the sea below the stated points and ports, located on the land behind the line, which connects the harbour located on opposite sides of the waterworks or other structures at the stated points further out to sea.
3. Fishermen may fish in inland waters if: 3.1 are concluded on fishing rights leases;
3.2. have a fishing permit (license), indicating the types of fishing gear and their number or catch limit (hereinafter referred to as the fishing limit);
3.3 commercial fishing activities in the relevant authorities have received a special permit (license) commercial fishing;
3.4. undifferentiated fishing, natural persons are registered in the national environmental service for marine and inland waters Administration (hereinafter referred to as the marine and inland waters Administration) during the control sector.
4. Fishers should not take the fishing rights lease and only need a fishing permit (license), where the fishing takes place in bodies where the fishing rights belong to the State and not to fishing water body concerned deal the owner or his authorized person, as well as the body of water where the fishing takes place in accordance with the laws and regulations on the licensed commercial fishing.
5. Private bodies that fishing rights are not owned by the State, may go to fishing fishing the right holder or with his authorization or lease – other fishermen, respecting certain bodies fishing limits, the rules and regulations on the use of fishing rights in private waters.
6. Fishing limits based on the national agency "Latvian fish resource agency" and the recommendations of international organisations, after coordination with the Ministry of the environment each year, with the decision to establish the Ministry of agriculture in the national fisheries authority (hereinafter referred to as the fisheries authority). The decision to send the municipalities that have an agreement with the management of fisheries on fisheries resources management.
7. fishing in the specially protected natural areas is under the special protection of protected natural areas and the terms of use and these rules, but fishing for research and other specific purposes, paragraph 9 of these regulations in the manner set out under the administration of fisheries and Environment Ministry agreed in zivsaimnieciskaj programs or projects.
8. Cancer and chironomidae larvae mining authorized bodies in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 6 of the fisheries authority has identified cancer or mining larvae of chironomidae limit. Hired bodies and bodies which are established licensed industrial fishing, after coordination with the fisheries administration, a government agency "Latvian fish resource agency, Ministry of the environment and the marine and inland waters administration control can determine the fishing sector procedures under the legislation on water and commercial fishing rights leases and fishing rights, as well as licensed commercial fishing.
9. fishing under the Fisheries and Environment Ministry of administration in accordance with zivsaimnieciskaj ' programmes or projects based on scientific recommendations on the need for such fishing can be made if the environmental Ministry of nature protection (hereinafter referred to as the nature protection authority) have received a fishing permit (license) for scientific research purposes fisheries or other specific purposes (fish farming, acclimation, kontrolzvej, melioratīv for fishing). The fisheries administration after coordination with the Ministry of environment under the fisheries programmes or projects for the intended purposes and tasks and in accordance with the scientific advice relevant to the following fishing permitted derogations relating to fishing gear and their use, the minimum length of fish, by-catch, prohibition of fishing time and place.
II. the use of fishing gear and Fishing are allowed in 10 the following gear: 10.1. network – passive fishing gear made of netting, which tied to (uzsēdināt to) the ropes. Mesh size: 10.1.1. network of fish – not less than 30 mm; 10.1.2. network dedicated to Morgan fish fishing – not less than 20 mm; 10.1.3 fish network specialized in fishing for smelt in the sea – not less than 12 mm; 10.1.4. lamprey lamprey in a specialised network of fishing, from 8 to 14 mm 10.2.-passive krātiņveid pots of fishing gear made of netting material of which no Twine diameter thinner than 1 mm (including pot farm and wings (go)) and which consists of one or two cages with the exception of cod eel traps with fences, which can contain up to eight of the cod trap, if the length is greater than 30 m. Murda cages can be added and (or) wings (go). Mesh minimum size in any part of the design of the pots, except cod is: 10.2.1. fish pots – 30 mm; 10.2.2. fish pots in specialized sea smelt and eel fishing and vetch pots – 12 mm; 10.2.3. lamprey-pots with a horizontal opening of the pot must not exceed 4 m-8 mm; 10.2.4. stickleback trap and Lake smelt pot-6 mm. 10.3. TACIS-lamprey River in a stationary at one line fixed lamprey pots;
10.4. zušķērāj-fixed krātiņveid fishing gear from the Lake down migrating interpretative eel fishing, eel traps, also if it is obstructed for more than half of the width of the river;
10.5. fish wire – active gear consisting of ropes, netting the Dragonfly and a strengthening and which were used only for fishing for research and other specific for fishing purposes;
10.6. the larvae of chironomidae frame (screen) to the frame (frame) or frame (frame) fixed rope line or sieve;
10.7. cancer trap – passive krātiņveid fishing gear, consisting of one or more of them without fences and flapper wings (passages).

11. fishing is considered specialized if fishing for a particular species of fish with the relevant species for this provision referred to in paragraph 10 of the fishing gear and the gear is designated a fishing permit (license) (except this rule 10.1.1 and 10.2.1, 10.5) (specified in the. fishing gear not in directed fishing). Each specialized type of fishing down the individual fishing limits under paragraph 6 of these regulations, as well as limits the number of cod eel traps that the back is greater than 30 m. 12. Fishing gear of mesh size shall be determined by measuring the distance between the track received eleven one-row mesh nodes and dividing the resulting figure by ten.
13. no Buļļup, and in directed fishing in Daugava (also its reservoirs) prohibited from using fish nets.
14. it is prohibited to use such fishing gear: pots, of which 14.1. back length or the wing opening is greater than 30 m, excluding eel traps and Lake smelt fishing and specialist fishing traps in the river Daugava, Buļļup round from mouth to the sea to the river Daugava Riga HES, water storage and Lake Liepāja, where pot back length can be greater than 30 m, but must not exceed 100 m and two wings trap may not be greater than 30 m, 14.2. networks with a length of less than 15 m, where the fishing waters, and private networks, the length of which is less than 30 m, where the fishing public waters;
14.3. If you are fishing for domestic consumption: 14.3.1. more than one fish pots, where the length of the fence or the wing opening is not greater than 30 m, where private and public fishing waters, or more than two 15 m long networks where private fishing waters, and more than 50 m long, where the fishing public waters;
14.3.2. mutually connected together (tied) of two or more private networks used in fishing or fish traps;
14.3.3. any other rules referred to in paragraph 10 of the fishing gear.
15. Morgan, eel, lamprey, Lake and sea smelt, vetch and stickleback fish, as well as cancer and chironomidae larvae mining in certain fishing areas or bodies in addition to the annual fishing limit can be determined by a fisheries management order by a particular type of fishing or mining prior coordination with the national agency "Latvian Agency of fish resources" and the Ministry of environment.
III. minimum length of fish and by-catch volume 16. Role allowed to keep, but prohibited to sell this rule laid down in paragraph 23, as well as by-catch allowed to keep these species of fish and crayfish, if their minimum length shall conform to the following dimensions: 16.1. salmon (Salmo salar) – 60 cm; 16.2. sam (Silur-glan) – 60 cm; 16.3. Pike (Esox Lucia) – 50 cm; 16.4. sea trout (Salmo trutta) – 50 cm 16.5. Zander (Stizostedion lucioperc) – 45 cm 16.6. eel (Anguilla Anguilla) – 40 cm; 16.7. ālant (id Leucisc)-30 cm; 16.8. PIA ( Tinc-tinc)-30 cm; 10.5. asp (forest vimb) (aspius aspius)-30 cm; 16.10. Chub (Leucisc-cephal)-30 cm; 16.11 whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus)-30 cm; 16.12. forkbeard (Lota Lota)-30 cm; 16.13. vimb (Vimb-vimb)-30 cm; 16.14 reps (Coregonus albul)-16 cm. Blue cancer 16.15 (Astac of astac) – 10 cm; 16.16. šaurspīļ cancer (Astac to leptodactyl)-10 cm. 17. All species of fish length is determined by the by measuring the fish from the muzzle end of the tail fins. If processed (salted, dried, smoked or dried) fish, certain length reduced by four percent, but the fish with separate tails and heads down the length is reduced by 25%. If separated, only a certain length reduced by 15% if the separated tail, only about 10%.
18. the length of the Cancer by measuring the distance from the forehead dominated the final (as overgrowth in front between the eyes) to the tail end of the plates.
19. All species of fish and crayfish that are smaller than this provision set out in point 16 length, called the undersized fish and the small size of the crawfish.
20. Concerning by-catches are considered the species specific, for which fishing is prohibited during the relevant period, place, or with the appropriate gear, as well as small fish and small size of the cancer.
21. Forbidden Pike, whitefish and Morgan catches this provision set out in paragraph 28 of the additional ban, but Brook trout, Grayling, as well as by-catches of cancer banned all year. Salmon and sea trout catches prohibited throughout the year, except that rule 28.1. referred to catch.
22. In directed fishing during the period from 16 March to 20 June 16. these provisions referred to in the by-catch of prohibited species, but other species of fish by-catch must not exceed 10% of the total weight of the catch. The rest of the time the by-catch of other species is not limited, pursuant to this rule 21 and paragraph 23 referred to by-catch limits.
23. Allowable by-catch of undersized fish, except that rule 21 and 22 of these by-catch limits in any lifting gear each time the rules referred to in point 16 fish species may not exceed 5% of the total number of fish species to catch.
24. If these provisions are over 21, 22 and 23 above, the volume of by-catch, fish by-catch must be immediately released back into the water.
25. If it is determined in the by-catch exceeded, Fisherman fishing in a given location should be stopped or fishing gear must be replaced with other gear, or change the location.
Vi. related to fishing bans fishermen banned from 26:26.1. using fishing gear without marking or labelling of such, which does not satisfy this provision in paragraph 34 above requirements;
26.2. check Remove and transport them outside gears;
16.3. to obtain any species of fish, crayfish and lamprey, using electric current (except fish, crawfish and lamprey, with direct current or DC pulsed elektrozvej apparatus the accounting scientific purposes), tools, explosives duramo, guns and chemicals;
16.4. to be in the water or in their immediate vicinity: 26.4.1. with the gear, the use of which the appropriate time and place is not allowed or the use of which has not been granted the appropriate fishing authorization (license). For this offence is not considered cases where fishing gear is the body of water after fishing remained restricted time starting at the end of the prohibition period, if it is due to force majeure, exceptional circumstances (in the case of natural phenomena, accidents, inappropriate hydrological conditions-melt, ice and walking, the cleavage of drastic fluctuations in water level hydroelectric power operations affect), which cannot be predicted in advance and prevent;

26.4.2. with any species of fish, crawfish, chironomidae larvae and Lampreys, of which mining at a given time and location is not allowed or which exceeds the permitted by-catch of these regulations;
26.5. after transport from the place of landing or transhipment or sell fish caught, if they are not sorted and weighed, as well as the relevant entry has been made in the logbook;
16.5. to register in the logbook of one species of fish with other species name, not the name of the fish or do other "fish" or "sīkziv";
16.6. arbitrary move caught fish from one body of water in the other;
16.7. putting gear, arbitrarily create a pile of rocks, dams, and perform other operations that alter the natural hydrological regime of water bodies;
26.9. use fishing nets: 26.9.1. Feimaņi, big Papa, Baltimore and Ludza Lake, throughout the year.
26.9.2. other public Lakes, other than those mentioned in this rule and in,-free of ice fishing season on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 24.00 o'clock at night from Friday to Saturday (or from 24.00 of the day at night or Sunday on the holiday) until 24.00 o'clock in the night from Sunday to Monday (or till 24.00 at night from the last holidays on the next working day). This condition does not apply to the rules referred to in annex 3 public Lakes (Lake parts);
26.10. using eel traps in fishing Lake source in during daylight hours;
26.11. initiate fisheries to research and other specific purposes, if you have not previously informed the marine and inland waters administration control sector;
26.12. the use for fishing vessels that are not registered according to laws and regulations on small vessels registration and fishing licence is not recorded.
V. Prohibition of fishing times and places 27. It shall be prohibited to fish for, and get any fish of the species in all the bodies, except for fishing for research and other specific purposes: 27.1. with fish nets, from 16 March to 20 June;
27.2. the fish traps, from 16 April to 20 June.
28. in addition to the provisions laid down in paragraph 27 for the fishing ban and get fish of that species, the Lampreys and crayfish in such times: 28.1. salmon and sea trout – throughout the year, except for salmon and sea trout catches obtained without specialized in Buļļup and fishing from the mouth of the river Daugava in the sea to the Riga hydroelectric power plant;
28.2. Brook trout and Grayling – throughout the year.
28.3. Pike-from 16 March to 15 April;
28.4. lamprey: 28.4.1. The Daugava – from 1 May to 31 July;
28.4.2. Ford, the Gauja, the Irb, the river Lielupe, Say, Svētup, Užav, Salatsi and Vents, from 1 February to 31 July;
28.4.3. other rivers where the lamprey fishing is allowed, from 1 February to 31 October;
28.5. whitefish and Morgan, from 1 October to 30 November;
28.6.-Buļļup and vimb from the mouth of the river Daugava in Riga HES – to the sea from 1 October to 15 November;
28.7. cancer (blue and šaurspīļ)-from 1 October to 30 June, but cancer females with calves – visible throughout the year.
29. fishing shall be prohibited throughout the year (except specialized eel, lamprey, stickleback and smelt fishing Lake) in the following locations: 29.1. in all the rivers and canals, except for the Buļļup and the river Daugava (also its water storage), which is allowed under these rules 29.2 30.1 and 30.2., referred to;
29.2. the Daugava: from the mouth to the sea m upstream;
29.2.2. of the ķegums HES 1000 m downstream of the dam;
29.2.3. from the Meadow, the HES dam 1000 m downstream;
29.2.4. from Riga HES 700 m downstream of the dam;
29.3. Lake lubāna 100 m on all sides of the Aiviekste floodgate;
29.4. Alūksne, Āraiši, Babīte, prize, Cirm, Dagda, Jugla, kaunata, lielauce, large navel, Lilast, small, tiny navel Ludza, Rezekne, Islands, Slokas, viesīte, viļaka, Virtukšņ and Lake Zosn, Dūņezer, Dzirnezer,, big Baltezer the Kisezers, Lielezer and small Baltezer.
30. in addition to the 29 of these rules to the places referred to in paragraph 1 shall be prohibited to fish for the following locations and times: 30.1. Lake lubāna, from 15 March to 15 April;
30.2. Lake lubāna North dam adjacent part of the Rezekne River to the dam of 1400 m turn along the coast and 600 m from the shore of the Lake, from 1 October to 15 March;
30.3. to networks in all public Lakes were free of ice fishing season on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, except those listed in annex 3 of the rules of public Lakes (Lake) and the cases where, in accordance with article 12 of the law on fisheries is the need to make fishing for research and other specific purposes.
31. gear (except specialized eel fishing with zušķērāj) prohibited to place: 31.1. blocking the body of water between the land points any more on the side of free water in the area is not densely overgrown with reeds, rushes or other aquatic plants, with the exception of specialised fishing lamprey Weir. The lamprey may obstruct the tac to no more than two-thirds of the free water surface area, but after the lamprey fishing at the end of the time allowed in the body of water to ensure water flow naturally and must be removed from the lamprey, however, pots and other elements that hold up the flow of water;
31.2. closer than 100 m from any water body on the opposite bank in fishing gear deployed in the water below the point;
31.3.100 m from each other than in any direction up the fishing gear deployed except specialized eel fishing and lamprey, but other bodies – the pot closer than 30 m in any direction from another fisherman deployed in any type of fishing gear, and the closer than 50 m 15 m in public bodies or private bodies in any direction from another fisherman deployed in any type of fishing gear;
19.5. closer than 50 m on all sides of the river and the inlet channels and sources.
32. Banned any fishing gear deployment designated shipping fairways.
Vi. duties of the 33 Fishermen. Dealing with fishing, fisherman has the following responsibilities: 33.1. fishing keep up a fishing permit (licence), identity documents, but also commercial fishing along, in addition to the certificate issued by the employer;
33.2. in accordance with the provisions of Chapter VII of these requirements highlight fishing gear and mark their location;
33.3. following the lifting of the sort the fish immediately and release the water the fish that exceed this rules 21, 22 and 23 above, the amount of by-catch;

20.8. After returning to shore before the sale or transport of fish to weigh and sort the fish caught along the fish species, as well as to track fishing data the marine and inland waters administration control sector in inland waters issued in the log (1 or 2);
33.5. the 10th of the following month to the date you submit the log for the marine and inland waters administration control sector;
20.9. to prevent fishing, fish processing and fish transport activities that cause pollution of the environment;
20.9. to provide opportunities for scientific research institutions on contracts to carry out biological analysis of fish;
33.8. sending the State Agency "Latvian fish resource agency" memo, which were attached to the selected fish;
21.1. do not disturb the marine and inland waters administration control sector authorized officials to check the fishing location caught and processed fish, fishing gear, fishing-related information and provide the required inspection;
33.10. fishing with nets in these rules referred to in annex 3 in public Lakes (Lake regions) free of ice fishing season on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays to keep the present fishing permits (license), in which the marine and inland waters administration control sector has made additional recordings for permission to fish with nets on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays the public concerned in the Lake;
33.11. to inform the authorities immediately notified authorities and the marine and inland waters administration control sector for this rule 26.4.1. force majeure referred to the exceptional conditions that result when the fishing ban period, the gear was not removed;
33.12. submit the Central Statistical administration with fishing and fishery business related information according to national statistics, regulations governing the requirements review forms, and submission deadlines.
VII. marking of gear and location, designation 34. marking of gear and location tagging respects the following conditions: 34.1. the marking of fishing gear made of bright sign foam, baltmetāl or other waterproof material, and its size may not be less than 3 x 6 cm; 21.3. label to indicate the legal entity (Organization) name or an individual's first name, last name, and a fishing permit (license) number as well as the contact telephone number of the fishermen;
3. gear, which under the agreement are used in research, in addition to the marked with appropriate research institutions;
21.4. the size of the letters and numbers and the degree of wear must be such that the inscriptions and signs are legible;
34.5. the label shall be affixed: 34.5.1. network-both ends at the top of the line no more than one metre from the netting ends;
34.5.2. wings-no more pots in the arc (ARC);
34.5.3.-each with wings to trap the wing over the top within one metre of the end;
34.5.4. fish wire, and larvae of chironomidae (sieve), frame in any visible place;
21.5. gear locations marked with signs that are visible above water, in the following way: 34.6.1. network at both ends and the two furthest advanced Murda paragraphs added to the fixed or floating vertical marker buoys (cards) with the same colors (except white) flags, which all sides are not shorter than Those of 20 cm. above the surface of the water or ice fishing in addition to affix the tool's identification mark;
34.6.2. network, which length exceeds 50 m, and traps that the back is longer than 50 m, in addition to after every 50 m is denoted by additional displayed;
21.6. navigable rivers fishing gear on the right coast of the River, in addition to those marked with a red flag, but the left bank, with those with a green flag.
VIII. management of fish resources and fisheries control authorities of the rights and duties of 35. National Environment services authorized officials within their competence: 21.8. have the following rights: 35.1.1. in accordance with the conditions and limits for fishing with fishing commercial fishing rights concluded lease annual report be issued a fishing permit (license) (4 or 5) and extend the expiration date, to issue fishing logs, registering fishermen fishing for domestic consumption, and explain the rules of fishing before the fishing permit (license) issued to check the knowledge of fishermen fishing regulations;
35.1.2. stay in the boat and the other floating means and to check the fish caught and processed, prepared fish products, fishing gear, fishing and fishing-related documents, as well as draw from these documents, the necessary information;
35.1.3. request information from fishermen on the fishing, as well as to check the correctness of filling in the logbook;
35.1.4. destroy illegally used (not highlighted) fishing gear, as well as restricted fishing tools and resources;
35.1.5. suspend or withdraw a fishing authorisation issued (license) this provision in cases of infringement, as well as these rules, and 38.2.4 in the cases referred to in point or if you have received a fisheries administration or the municipal notice of fishermen-commercial fishing rights-obligations of the lessee, or the information on this provision 33.12. the obligations referred to in (a);
35.2. has the following responsibilities: 35.2.1. until the 20th of each month to the date you submit the national agency "Latvian fish resource agency" of the fishermen after fishing fishing logs received;
35.2.2. If a fishing permit (license) is suspended or withdrawn, inform the appropriate authorities;
35.2.3. submit the fisheries and Environment Ministry of administration proposals on the necessary accompanying measures for the regulation of fishing bodies;
35.2.4. each quarter until the 20th of the month following the date you submit the registration in the management of fisheries data for the fishermen who fish for domestic consumption.

36. the municipalities, which are agreed with the management of fisheries on fisheries resources management, in accordance with the fisheries management bodies established fishing limits and arrangements concluded on fishing rights lease agreements and allocation of fishing limits for fishermen. The fisheries administration after coordination with the Ministry of environment has the right, at its own initiative, as well as on the basis of the municipal initiative to prohibit industrial fishing and non-fishing limits set in public waters where necessary to preserve fish resources or to take appropriate action so that water could be used for recreation.
37. These rules shall control and supervise: 37.1. National Environment services and specially protected natural areas, as well as authorized officials of the national environmental service for authorized persons;
37.2. the authorized officials of the local government, which in the territory of the municipality is entitled to examine the role that tools used in fishing and, if a violation is found, the corresponding competence to draw up administrative offence reports and send them to the competent authorities for consideration, as well as the laws and regulations in order to remove illegal fish and fishing gear used and means;
37.3. the police, National Guard, as well as the status of the owners and tenants, which in cooperation with this rule 37.1. inspectors referred and authorized persons or 23.1. these provisions under these officials according to competency are entitled to participate in the monitoring of fishing activities.
IX. Liability for violation of this rule 38. If your violation of these terms, suffered the loss of fish resources, environmental protection, public authorities (officials) to determine the amount of damages for the loss of any natural or legal person, unlawfully did get a fish and invertebrates, internal waters. If the damage is not compensated, the amount voluntarily enforced in court, including the possibility of a judicial decision that damages the wrongdoer must clean up the environment. In determining the amount of the damages, take into account the following conditions: 38.1. This provision is laid down in annex 6 of the taxi, except that rule 38.2. cases referred to;
38.2. the use of this provision in annex 6 rates triple for such offences: 38.2.1. fishing without holding a fishing permit (license);
38.2.2. relevant fish species fishing prohibited in time or place;
38.2.3. illegal fishing gear and catches, as well as the use of fishing gear and fishing types use not specified in the authorization (license);
38.2.4. allowable by-catch of undersized fish (this provision, paragraph 23).
39. without taking into account the application of administrative or criminal penalties, the State environmental official authorised officials have the right to withdraw a fishing authorisation issued (license). Fishing regulations can lead to refusal to grant fishing limits next year or lease fishing rights for breach of contract. Fishing rights lease required laužam at least for two years with fishermen, who during the calendar year, has repeatedly committed any of this rule 38.2. the infringements referred to in or passed away other legal or natural persons leased the fishing rights. If a person has caused damage to the fish resources, by a decision of the Court of justice it may be obliged to clean up the environment, to compensate for the loss.
40. following the provisions referred to in paragraph 37 of the authorised officials and at the request of the authorised persons fishing gear and floating means used in the illegal taking of fish as well as fish caught up to their sale or storage space for transporting the offenders.
X. closing questions 41. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet's January 2, 2001, Regulation No 3 "rules on commercial fishing in the inland waters" (Latvian journal, 2001, nr. 3; 2003; 2004, nr. 183.175.210. no).
42. This provision 1. and 4. the annex shall enter into force on the 21 June 2007.
43. This provision of the annex 2 and 5 are valid until 20 June 2007.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. Roze Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 6 May 2007.
1. the annex to Cabinet on May 2, 2007.-Regulation No. 295 inland waters fishing Journal No. ____ _____ Minister of Agriculture m. Roze annex 2 Cabinet on May 2, 2007.-Regulation No. 295 of Agriculture Minister m. rose annex 3 Cabinet on May 2, 2007.-Regulation No. 295 Public Lakes (Lake), which is free of ice fishing season on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays allowed fishing with nets no PO box
Public Lake (Lake) local government (municipalities), which is located in the administrative territory of the Lake (Lake) 1.
Lake Durbe, dunalka parish tadaiķi, Durbe town with its countryside territory 2.
Lake lubāna nagļi, gaigalava, barkava parish, ošupe 3.
Rāzn (Rēzn) Lake kaunata, čornaja mākoņkalns parish, 4.
Rustēg (Ungur) Lake raiskums parish 5.
Rušon (sociable flocks separate) Lake, Rušon, kastuļina feimaņi parish 6.
Sīver Lake auleja parish, 7.
USMA Lake USMA parish Minister of Agriculture m. Roze annex 4 Cabinet on May 2, 2007.-Regulation No. 295 of Agriculture Minister m. Rose of annex 5, the Cabinet on May 2, 2007.-Regulation No. 295 of Agriculture Minister m. rose annex 6 Cabinet on May 2, 2007.-Regulation No. 295 rates for the purpose of calculating the amount to be recovered for the loss of any natural or legal person, unlawfully did get a fish and invertebrates of inland waters no PO box
Fish or aquatic invertebrates species Loss compensation (in LCY) unit of measurement 1.
Grayling, salmon, catfish, whitefish, trout, Brook Trout Creek 100 1 PCs.
2. Fish eggs 100 100 g 3.
Eel 50 1 PCs.
4. the Reps, ASP, Zander 25 1 PCs.
5. Ālant, Pike, vimb a 20 1 PCs.
6. the larvae of Chironomidae, sānpeld 20 100 g 7.
CARP, PIA, lamprey, blue cancer šaurspīļ cancer, Chub, 5 1 PCs of forkbeard
8. Other species of fish farming 1 1 kg Minister m. rose