Use The Subsoils And Frequently Occurring Mineral Mining Permit And Geological Information Of General Use Policy

Original Language Title: Zemes dzīļu izmantošanas licenču un bieži sastopamo derīgo izrakteņu ieguves atļauju izsniegšanas un ģeoloģiskās informācijas izmantošanas vispārīgā kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 280 in 2007. April 24 (. No 25 19) use the subsoils and frequently occurring mineral mining permit and geological information for the use of the General order Issued in accordance with the law "on the Earth" in article 4, paragraph 1, the fifth subparagraph, article 10, of the first and the eleventh subparagraph and article 23 of the fourth part i. General questions 1. determines: 1.1. mining (except ground water) lookup Passport content;
1.2. use of the subsoils of licences (hereinafter licence) and common mineral mining permit (hereinafter authorisation) procedure;
1.3. the use of geological information in General. 2. the rules also apply to surface cleaning, ūdensobjekt, ļināšan, or expel the installation, if the objects that match one of the following criteria: 2.1 surface ūdensobjekt of pure, deepen or mineral shall be included in the register of mineral deposits in the territory;
2.2. installation of surface ūdensobjekt in the course of the implementation of the project is expected to get more than 20000 m3 mineral. 3. The rules referred to in point 2.1 of the requirements do not apply to meliorāc nary system renovation and reconstruction. 4. with regard to hydrocarbons this is applicable only for the Latvian environment, geology and Meteorology Agency (hereinafter the Agency) hold or geological information available. 5. Mineral Exploration inventory, procurement and accounting for mineral deposits and mineral inventory balance sheet applied mineral inventory categories according to prospecting detalitāt in accordance with the laws and regulations that govern the use of the subsoils. 6. licence to which the intended characteristics of the subsoils of valid, authorized the issue of nogabal the subsoils have a geological investigation and research data have been examined and accepted by the Agency. 7. licences, which provided for the quarrying of underground structures not related to construction and operation, the issue the authorizations of the subsoils have geological nogabal researched and survey data have been examined and accepted by the Agency, as well as if such construction is not in conflict with the local government planning. 8. the licence or permit the recipient has obtained beneficial ownership of the minerals, if the addressee has not abandoned them in the contract for the right to use the Earth's depths. 9. Subsoils (except ground water) users before mining operations: 9.1. mineral deposits are issued passports (annex 1), containing in prospecting for basic information on mineral deposits, accepted inventory, mineral inventory quality and functionality, as well as certain requirements that must be followed when issuing a permit or licence;
9.2. give mineral extraction limit (annex 2), which sets out the maximum amount of quarrying in the area of land and time. 10. Mineral deposits passport and permit or license shall be issued by: 10.1. If mineral deposits inventory prospecting detalitāt corresponds to category A or N mineral stocks;
10.2. If the local government planning of mineral extraction in the land concerned is established on the territory of the planned (allowed) use. 11. the mineral deposits of the passport validity period may not exceed 10 years. 12. the issue of mineral deposits Passport N category mineral inventory, the Agency may request before the mining work to carry out additional geological research. 13. Mineral extraction limit may be divided into smaller parts, in coordination with the Agency. II. Authorization and licensing procedures 14. Authorisation (annex 3) or license (annex 4) shall be submitted to: 14.1. application permission or licence (annex 5);
14.2. a copy of the contract concluded with land owners for the use of the subsoils, if the licence or the licence requires a person who is not the owner of the land;
14.3. details of staff qualifications and work out the technical support except if the Earth for use of leisure and tourist activities;
14.4. the work programme shall, except when the permit or licence is issued by the mineral extraction;
14.5. use of subsoils areas map or plan;
9.1. If the use of the subsoils in the intended area is located in the cultural monuments protection zone-written consent with the national cultural monument protection Inspectorate;
14.7. authorization-mineral deposits and the passport document, which contains the assigned agency mineral mining;
9.2. If the use of the subsoils awarded tender or an auction procedure-Commission decision on the tender or auction results. 15. The water hole to create the Agency requires the reconciliation of site selection with government agencies "public health agency" the relevant territorial unit. 16. If the information provided in the application is incomplete or the application of this provision is not added to the documents referred to in point 14, permits or licences issued within 14 days of receipt of the application, inform the applicant in writing and shall specify the information to be submitted. On the date of receipt of the application, considered the day when you have received all the necessary information. 17. If the applicant does not provide the additional information or reveal that he provided false information, issuing a permit or licence, shall take a decision not to issue a permit or license. 18. Economic operator for a period of up to one year can get a license for the entire territory of Latvia or individual country region where the Earth's depths are intended for use in the following way: 18.1. inženierģeoloģisk research class I structures, as well as hydrogeological, ģeoekoloģisk or ģeofizikāl for research;
18.2. the monitoring and observation systems. 19. the agency that referred to in paragraph 18 the license extended for one year, if the merchant the previous licence period complied with the conditions of the licence. 20. This provision of the license recipient referred to in paragraph 18 of the operating licenses before work on a particular contract with land owners for the right to use the land and subsoil shall inform the national environmental guard relating to the works and their run time. 21. the authorization or license has the following attachments:

21.1. conditions for the use of the subsoils;
21.2. subsoils areas intended for the use of the location map or plan or description of the boundary, if the licence was issued or mineral prospecting;
21.3. the mineral mining limit, if the licence issued to the mineral extraction. 22. the authorization or license the use of the subsoils conditions shall include requirements to be met through the Earth. 23. the permits issued mineral extraction on time as stipulated in the Agency issued mineral mining limits. 24. This rule 21.2. in the referred to map or plan shall specify: 24.1. mineral deposits or prospecting area;
24.2. the recipient of the permit or licence or usage of the site;
24.3. a valid abstraction or mineral prospecting for the management of the territory of Latvia's geodetic coordinates in the coordinate system of the LK-92. 25. If the authorization or licence the recipient has complied with the regulatory environmental protection regulations and the conditions of the permit or licence requirements, he may require permission or licence area prescribed to increase or decrease. 26. This provision 25 the cases referred to in paragraph the authorisation or license recipient shall submit the authorization or license vendor application and the following documents: 26.1. Programme of work permits or licences in the area after its expansion or reduction;
26.2. If the authorization or licence the recipient wants to expand area-a copy of the contract concluded with land owners for the use of the subsoils, if the authorization or license distribution is not the land owner. 27. If the authorization or license distribution requires the increase or reduce permit or licence the prescribed area, the issuing of permits or licences required by national environmental information about the conditions of the permit or licence. 28. the authorization or license to one land two or more uses of the subsoils are issued if the different uses of the subsoils in accordance with the opinion of the Agency do not interfere with each other. 29. where, in accordance with the opinion of the Agency the new subsoils in any manner interfere with the existing permit or license holder to perform the activities allowed him to obtain permission or license the new uses of the subsoils, requires existing licence or the licence holder's consent. 30. If the authorization or license the operator changes the firm received or reorganization, issuing a permit or license permission to re-register or licence to a new licence or licence in the name of the recipient after the merchant has submitted register public notary copy of the relevant decision. 31. the authorization or license shall be issued in the following order: 31.1. authorization or license recipient: 31.1.1. natural person – passport, representative of a legal person-a document proving that the representative is authorized to receive the permit or licence on behalf of the legal person, if the person is not registered in the register of the company legal person's right of representation;
31.1.2. document confirming that the State paid the fee for a permit or licence;
31.2. the permit or license issued by a permit or licence is recorded in the permit or licence in the journal in the journal-in paper form or electronically;
31.3. one copy of the permit or licence is issued the permit or license, the other recipient stores issuing the permit or license. 32. Local Authority Quarterly until the 20th of the month following the date you inform the public about environmental services permission issued and withdrawn. 33. the Agency's quarterly until the 20th of the month following the date you inform the public about environmental services licences issued and withdrawn, as well as mineral deposits and mining granted passports. 34. the Agency's decision may be challenged by environmental monitoring national Office. Environmental monitoring national Office's decision may be appealed to the Court of Justice of the administrative procedure law. 35. The municipal decision may be challenged, and to appeal to the law "on local governments". III. the use of geological information in the General Order 36. Subsoils of geological information obtained by users (except for mineral extraction) passes the State geology agency Fund. State Geological Survey provides geological information the Fund's accumulation, storage and use in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements. 37. the report on mineral extraction (annex 6) until the next calendar year February 1, user submitted subsoils national environmental service. 38. the use of the subsoils data collects in geological report if the authorization or license terms are not required to submit geological information in another form. 39. The geological report of: 39.1. part of the text, which describes the work undertaken and the methods used, collected using the subsoils in deed data, their analysis and conclusions;
24.4. part graphical-maps, charts, and tables. 40. If the subsoils user licence conditions inadequate geological information, the Agency will require 30 days (from the date of the finding of fact) to make the necessary corrections. 41. The mining agency inform the benefit: 41.1. the acceptance of the item ciešamīb if they don't lost significant quality mining conditions or for other reasons, as well as if the acquisition time is revealed in new information about the geological mineral inventory;
41.2. the license or permission for the non-valid minerals, mineralization characteristics, hazardous substances, the palaeontological collection or archaeological finds that are revealed in the course of the work authorized. 42. There are General and limited availability of geological information: 42.1. restricted access geological information is as follows: Interstate, also national 42.1.1. authorities, economic operators and their foreign partners ' content and the results of the negotiations of national importance, mineral deposits of national importance and of nogabal use of the subsoils;
42.1.2. national mineral deposits of national importance, and the use of the subsoils nogabal strategy feasibility study and geological concepts;
42.1.3. national mineral deposits of national importance, and the nogabal of the subsoils geological or geophysical research materials, including pirmmateriāl and geological reports;

42.1.4. news about new geological work methods and technical means that are in development or approval and is not protected by patent or copyright;
42.1.5. geological data whose disclosure could harm the economic interests of the owner;
42.1.6. the information belonging to private individuals, the use of which is restricted by the conditions of the contract on the use of geological information. This information is specifically highlighted, and the interested parties to receive only the information owner permission. If the interested party wishes to receive the geological information that is intended by its owner for a fee, the Agency shall notify the owner of the information. Is drawn up by a special agreement, which lays down the rules of transferring information, prices, commissions and other conditions;
26.2. information which is not mentioned in that rule 42.1, is generally available in the geological information. 43. The limited availability of information status of the national geological information placed in the Fund provides:-individuals on its 26.8-owned information under this provision to paragraph 42.1.5. up to five years following;
43.2. the Agency's Director-General. 44. This provision of the 42.1.5. case in point geological information submitted in support of the application for the Agency restricted availability status in his possession to the existing geological information. 45. Individuals can use: 45.1. State-owned limited availability of geological information-with permission of the Director of the Agency;
45.2. the individuals belonging to the limited availability of geological information-with its owner's permission. IV. final question 46. Up to this date of entry into force of the provisions provided for: 46.1. permissions and licenses are valid until the expiry of the period specified therein;
46.2. mineral deposits passports are valid until 20 June 2015. Prime Minister a. Halloween Environment Minister r. vējonis annex 1: Cabinet of Ministers of 24 April 2007, regulations No 280 mineral (except ground water) lookup Passport Environment Minister r. vējonis annex 2 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 24 April 2007, regulations No 280 mineral mining limit Environment Minister r. vējonis annex 3 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 24 April 2007, regulations No 280 Minister of environment r. vējonis annex 4 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 24 April 2007, regulations No 280 Minister of environment r. vējonis annex 5 cabinet in 2007. on 24 April the Regulation No Application for authorisation or 280 licence Environment Minister r. vējonis annex 6 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 24 April 2007, regulations No 280 review of mineral extraction in _____ _____ _____ _____ the Minister for the environment r. vējonis