Municipal Civil Protection Commission Approves The

Original Language Title: Pašvaldības civilās aizsardzības komisijas paraugnolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 303 in Riga, 8 May 2007 (pr. 19. § 28) approves the civil protection Commission issued in accordance with the Civil Protection Act, article 9 of the second paragraph of point 1 i. General questions 1. Municipal civil protection Commission (hereinafter the Commission) is the coordinating and advisory body whose purpose is to coordinate civil protection measures and the threat of disasters, as well as promoting civil protection issues of the Republican town or district. 2. the Commission's Charter and the composition of the Commission, approved by the City Council of the Republic or the District Council. II. the tasks of the Commission and the right 3. Tasks of the Commission are: 3.1 to analyze information about the situation in the disaster area at risk, for people, property and environmental damage, response and relief emergency measures, as well as to assess the possible development of a hazard;
3.2. to organize the provision of assistance to local authorities in disaster or threat thereof, if the local resources available are inadequate response and relief emergency measures.
3.3. coordinate additional resources in the management of disaster fundraising, as well as foreign and international assistance;
3.4. to coordinate the evacuation measures, placement, catering, medical assistance, supply of temporary residence, as well as other forms of assistance to victims of disasters;
3.5. to organize press conferences, media and digital public media representatives;
3.6. after the risk management to assess the measures taken and, if necessary, make recommendations to the relevant authorities for the material and technical base of the State material reserves proposal development;
3.7. examine municipal civil protection plan and to provide the State fire and rescue service's territorial proposals to fine-tune it to the Department;
3.8. to participate in the local civil protection training;
3.9. to consider any other with the Republican town or district safety civil protection issues. 4. the Commission shall have the following rights: 4.1 invite to the meetings of the Commission, national authorities and the other institutions of the Executive and professionals;
4.2. creating an expert group work a disaster site;
4.3. to turn the State fire and rescue service with a proposal to involve the State material reserves of resources;
4.4. to propose to the President of the municipality to address crisis management Council if the local resources are not enough response and relief emergency measures.
4.5. propose to promulgate an emergency situation, as well as the related introduction of restrictions of the city, district or territory of the parish;
4.6. to request and receive, free of charge from the authorities and operators tasks necessary information;
4.7. to propose to request the national armed forces units involved in the emergency measures if the emergency announced Republican city or district administrative territory. III. structure of the Commission, the head of the Commission, 5 are Republican City Council or District Council Chairman. 6. The Commission, by decision of the members of the Commission the tasks and the members of the Commission of the notification procedure. 7. The Secretary of the Commission shall be appointed by the Commission from the head of the City Council of the Republic or the District Council staff. The Secretary of the Commission is not a member of the Commission. 8. the Commission shall consist of representatives of the institutions following: 8.1 Republican city or district municipality;
8.2. the State fire and rescue service;
8.3. the national police;
8.4. The national armed forces (National Guard);
8.5. the national forest service;
8.6. shares of the company "latvenergo";
8.7. the municipal health and social care bodies;
5.5. other institutions, taking into account the risks that may affect the Republican town or district. IV. Organization of work of the Commission, 9. Commission sessions, if there is a disaster or been its threats, as well as other matters in the field of civil protection. Commission meeting may also be convened if it proposes any of the members of the Commission. 10. Decision concerning the convening of the Commission to adopt the Commission's leader. The head of the Commission, shall determine the agenda of the meeting and be involved in the work of the Commission and the members of the Commission. Commission escalated issues can be proposed by any member of the Commission. The Commission's hearing can occur if it not less than half of the members of the Commission. 11. the session of the Commission and Commission the minutes shall be signed by the head of the Commission. The head of the Commission in the absence of his duties of the Deputy Head of the Commission. 12. Commission meetings are open to the public. The Commission shall take decisions by a simple majority. Each Commission member shall have one vote. If the number of votes divided by the casting vote of the head of the Commission. Officials and outside experts have Advisory rights. 13. the Secretary of the Commission not later than two days before the hearing (if a disaster occurred-immediately) shall notify the members of the Commission for meeting time and place, as well as members of the Commission meeting agenda. 14. the head of the Commission, shall inform the Commission of the implementation of the decisions taken. 15. the minutes of the Commission the Commission's Secretary. The Secretary of the Commission within five working days of the Commission members sitting driver signed a Protocol (a copy of). 16. the Commission and the Commission's Deputy head determines the location of the meetings of the Commission and the Commission's tasks in the area of disaster management. Prime Minister a. Halloween Interior Minister i. Godmanis