Housing Provided For Public Consultation Procedures

Original Language Title: Paredzētās būves publiskās apspriešanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 331 in Riga in 2007 (May 22. Nr. 30) For the construction of public consultation procedures Issued pursuant to article 12 of the law on construction of the fifth part i. General questions 1. determines the order in which assessed the need to hold a public consultation structures, as well as the order in which the construction takes place (hereinafter referred to as the construction plan) public consultation.
2. Public consultation aims at harmonising public and construction conception agents (hereinafter referred to as the proponent) interests, ensuring the transparency of local government estimates us in connection with the development of the territory, as well as the possibility of the public to share in decision making.
3. ensure public consultation procedures and supervision of the same Government. Public consultation is organised and the costs shall be borne by the proponent. His consultation procedures pub organizing agents with local government where public consultation.
4. The municipality shall pass the construction plans to the public consultation for a period of up to eight frame Che weeks.
II. The procedure shall assess the need for public debate After the construction of the application 5-tab card – review the municipal būvvald shall decide on public consultation and issue an opinion not ciešamīb under Cabinet 1 April 1997 of Regulation No. 112, "General provisions" (further – General provisions).
6. Where do the construction plans public consultation, the municipality is determined according to the law "on local governments", construction law, General provisions and the Latvian et seq, as well as considering other legal requirements in relation to natural, environmental, public health, cultural monuments and property protection.
7. to assess construction plans public consultation is needed, you need būvvald required: 7.1 from relevant authorities (in accordance with the General requirements of būvnoteikumo)-documents and information relating to the construction, application tracking map-parcel or specified on the existing building;
7.2. from the agent-the calculations required, documents and other materials.
8. If you have received materials, proving that the intention of the construction does not require public consultation, būvvald takes the decision, and the process of European construction continued in the General būvnoteikumo of.  
III. Public consultation, if the construction plan affect multiple administrative territory 9. If the construction plan affects more areas of local public consultation organised by each municipality.
10. The Municipal Council (the Council), in the territory of which the intended construction: 10.1. coordinated by the public consultation procedure;
10.2. the progress of the public consultation with the municipalities affected by the construction of the concept;
10.3. evaluate this rule 9, paragraph adopted by the local Government ruled must;
10.4. takes the final decision.
11. Each municipality affected by the construction of the concept, are obliged to provide public consultation. After the end of the public consultation the report of būvvald ņojum and transmit this decision of the rules referred to in paragraph 10 of the municipality. 
IV. conduct of the public consultation the public consultation 12. supervision of the municipality designate responsible for the effects or the responsible Secretary retār posting agreed with the agent (if the agent is a government institution). The responsible Secretary shall coordinate the progress of his consultations at the pub.
13. the proponent construction plans public consultation, prepare the following materials and information: 13.1. notice of construction intentions for public consultation transfer away. The notice shall include the following: 13.1.1 the construction conception name, address;
13.1.2. agents (natural persons first name, last name or legal name of sono per address, registration number and contact the person responsible);
13.1.3. Designer (name, address, registration number and the phone number of the person responsible);
13.1.4. building plans presentation event (which occurs in the second week after the public not discussed the beginning of) the venue and time, as well as the date by which the information material about the construction plans will be on display;
13.1.5. feedback submission date and place;
13.1.6. informative telephone number for inquiries about local Government Council (of) the place and time of the hearing, when a decision will be made on the construction plans public consultation results;
13.2. the questionnaire public expression. Questionnaire person specifies the following information: 13.2.1. name, surname, personal code and residence or legal per-sons name, registration number and registered office;
13.2.2. do the construction plan is supported or rejected (as can the anti-marked with a cross;)
13.2.3. construction intentions of supporting or rejecting reason (Cates variants of answers marked with a cross;)
13.2.4. public benefits or loss after construction intentions true ery;
13.2.5. how and to what extent the construction idea offends the right of any person or legal interests;
13.2.6. proposals, suggestions or conditions for implementing the plan, construction would not be a person's rights or legitimate interests;
13.2.7. answers to other survey questions (the questions are consistent with the būvvald and expanded it to clarify public opinion in connection with the construction plans);
13.3 construction intentions, description, meta value land photo images;
13.4. a description of the potential effects of the construction plans for the administrative area or the region's environment, infrastructure, housing and real estate value. The description shall be accompanied by the opinions of the competent authorities (if issued);
13.5. būvtāfel (not less than 1.2 x 1.2 m), which reflects the image of the proposed structures and include this rule 13.1. the information referred to.
14. the Agent has the following responsibilities: coordinate with local 14.1. rules 13.1. notification referred to and ensure the publication of the notice in the local newspaper;
14.2. to coordinate with local governments that rule 13.2. referred to around the "page text and sample form;
14.3. to coordinate with local time and space, which exhibit viewing and presentation tool teriāl ma measure;
14.4. to place a value on the land, in būvtāfel from the days when a local newspaper published in 13.1. these regulations referred to in the notice to the construction plans to the end of the public consultation.
15. The municipality shall have the following responsibilities: 15.1. ensure public availability of mate rial prepared by the agent, the building regulations and the territory plan in force you to public consultation venue. If the municipality does not have valid planning, other materials are allowed, which is considered to represent the situation in the area;
15.2. to insert local website on the internet (if any) of these rules 13.1. the notification referred to in paragraph 13.2 and referred to in the questionnaire, as well as the būvvald referred to in paragraph 19 of the final report;
15.3. to deploy this rule 13.1. notification referred to in the bottom land and for that city or County municipal building. By agreement with the local agents can post announcements in other public places (at the Mayor, school, library, mail) and announce a local radio and television;
15.4. to notify the sponsor of the local Government Council (the Council) the place and time of the hearing, when a decision will be made on the construction plans of the public consultation results;
15.5. to ensure public consultation in the Organization and storage of documentation in accordance with the laws and regulations for the storage and archiving of documents.
16. If the examination materials and information about the construction plans do not meet the requirements laid down in these rules, the municipality shall inform in writing the proposing and organizing a public consultation begins after prepared and submitted all required materials.
17. the public consultation is considered to start from the date when this rule 13.1. referred to a statement published in the local newspaper.
18. public discussions every person has the following rights: 18.1. the public to acquaint themselves with the information submitted for consultation;
18.2. to express their views;
18.3. invite independent experts or the com petent authority over representatives to assess construction plans;
18.4. the established deadline in writing or electronically via a secure electronic signature, submit feedback on būvvald, proposals or suggestions to improve the construction plans, as well as fill in and send to the above address or submit this rule 13.2. referred to in the questionnaire;
18.5. to participate in the construction of the intentions of the presentation event and express their views, as well as to participate in the local Government Council (Council) meeting, which shall take a decision on the construction plans.
19. at the end of the public consultation of the responsible Secretary:

19.1. analyse and evaluate relevant time limit submitted that rule 13.2. referred to in the questionnaire (especially considering the adjacent land and building owner views) and an expert or opinion of the representatives of the other institutions, as well as protokolēto the views expressed to the public;
19.2. collect, how many people and how many people support the construction plan is rejected (indicate the main reasons), any proposals or conditions expressed intentions to improve agricultural construction or construction plans;
19.3. prepare the final report of the būvvald. Claims that are not designed according to the requirements set out in these rules, are not taken into account.
20. The final report on the construction plans of measures for public consultation re responsible Secretary provide, after the public consultation period to the end of the next Municipal Council (Council) meeting, but no later than three months from the date of the public consultation.
Prime Minister a. Halloween economic Minister j. Malcolm Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on the 26 May 2007.