Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 20 March 2001, Regulation No 141 Of The "rules For The Country's First Level Professional Higher Education Standards"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2001.gada 20.marta noteikumos Nr.141 "Noteikumi par valsts pirmā līmeņa profesionālās augstākās izglītības standartu"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 347 in Riga on 29 may, 2007 (pr. No 31 25) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 20 March 2001, Regulation No 141 of the "rules for the country's first level professional higher education standards" Issued under the Education Act, article 14, paragraph 19, and the vocational training law article 23, the second paragraph to make the Cabinet of Ministers of 20 March 2001, Regulation No 141 of the "rules for the country's first level professional higher education standards" (Latvian journal, 2001, 54 no) the following amendments : 1. Put the title as follows: "the provisions on the first level professional higher education national standards".
2. Add to subparagraph 2.2., after the word "skills" with the words "(including independent learning skills)".
3. To supplement the provisions under point 5.1 by the following: "5.1 first level professional higher education courses mandatory content module is inserted in the professional competence of the business (business organisation and the founding, management methods, project development and management, record-keeping and financial accounting system, knowledge of the social dialogue and labour relations regulatory laws). The module is implemented mainly with the competencies, business training games and similar practical teaching methods. The module included in all programs, not less than six credits. "
4. Express 7.4. subparagraph by the following: "7.4. the study process not less than 30% of the course of study the extent implemented in practice. Independent work tasks and control their execution types determine the course of the programme descriptions. "
5. Supplement to chapter III, 8.1 points as follows: "8.1 practices implemented in accordance with the practice of the Treaty that the University or college with the employer about the practice. The contract includes the practice of practice goals, tasks, practice schedule, progress performance evaluation of practice, as well as the duties and responsibilities of the parties. Determining the goals and objectives of the practice, practice content shall also include student welcome with the practice of the administration of the organisation structure and operating principles. Practice goals and objectives, as well as participating in the evaluation of practice organization representatives with whom a contract for the implementation of the practice. University or College specific practices can be implemented at an early stage of study, to create and strengthen the student an idea of this profession. "
6. Replace paragraph 10, the number "3" with the number "2".
7. Make the following paragraph 12: "the study Included 12 course and practice achievement rating is" count "or" not used ", or 10 balls scale rating."
8. Add to paragraph 14 of the third and fourth sentence as follows: "culminating in a State Commission is the head of the Commission, and at least four members of the Commission. The head of the Commission, and at least half of the Commission's composition is an industry professional organizations or employers ' representatives. "
9. Make a point 15 as follows: "15. Diploma first level professional higher education, which also acquired a fourth level of professional qualifications, learner receives, who mastered the program and passed the qualifying exam, get a rating of not less than 4-" almost "mediocre." Prime Minister a. Halloween, Minister of education and science Rivž of B.