Rules For Registration Of Dangerous Equipment

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par bīstamo iekārtu reģistrāciju

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 344 in Riga on 29 may, 2007 (pr. 31 § 17) the rules on the registration of dangerous equipment, Issued in accordance with the law "on technical supervision of dangerous equipment" article 8, first subparagraph, point 2 of rule 1 defines the order in which the national labour inspection registers dangerous equipment. 2. dangerous equipment or possessor of the possessor of the authorized representative (hereinafter possessor) dangerous equipment shall be recorded in the national labour inspection before use the machine started. 3. To register its possessor of dangerous installations, the national labour inspectorate shall submit a written application to: 3.1, stating: 3.1.1. dangerous equipment to the possessor of the first name, last name, ID number and address the hazardous installation,-if the applicant is a natural person;
3.1.2. the registration number of the business register, the company name and registered office,-if the applicant is a legal person;
3.2. a copy of such documents (presentation of original): 3.2.1. a declaration of conformity in the national language, drawn up by the manufacturer of the equipment in hazardous, his authorised representative, the importer or the dangerous equipment installer in compliance with legislative requirements for the manufacture of such equipment and the placing on the market;
3.2.2. dangerous equipment to pass national language, drawn up by the possessor of dangerous equipment in compliance with legislative requirements for technical supervision of dangerous equipment;
3.2.3. the legislation on technical supervision of dangerous equipment established inspection bodies reported (hereinafter the institution of inspection) issued a first technical inspection reports on hazardous equipment to comply with the regulatory requirements for the technical supervision of dangerous equipment. 4. the State Labour Inspectorate officials reasoned request, if it is suspected dangerous equipment without proper technical condition of interviewees presented legislation on dangerous equipment manufacture and essential safety requirements laid down in the certificate of compliance issued or approved the issuing of the Declaration of conformity for a copy of the certificate on the danger of those equipment requirements of the law. 5. the State Labour Inspectorate, within three working days following that rule referred to in paragraph 3 of document receipt check the documents submitted, registered hazardous equipment in the National Labour Inspectorate's registry of dangerous equipment and carrying out hazardous equipment records the passport for permission to launch the use of dangerous equipment. 6. If the State labour inspectorate finds that the lack of any of the provisions referred to in paragraph 3 of the document, its five working days notify the holder and fix a reasonable time limit for remedying the deficiencies found, but not less than five working days. If deficiencies within the time limit set are not eliminated, the national labour inspectorate shall issue a written refusal of the holder of the registration of dangerous equipment. 7. to remove the hazardous installations, if interrupted its use, by means of national labour inspectorates submit a written application and dangerous equipment passport. 8. to make changes to the registry data of dangerous equipment (change the possessor or dangerous equipment registration address, legal person of the company name or registration number in the register of companies), the possessor shall submit the national labour inspectorate in written submissions and presented a dangerous equipment passport. 9. the State Labour Inspectorate, within three working days following that rule 7 and 8 the receipt referred to in making changes to the register and approve the changes to the dangerous equipment passport. 10. This provision 3.2.1. the Declaration of conformity referred to in point a shall be replaced by the documents attesting the origin of dangerous equipment, manufacturer, year of manufacture, use, launch year, and ownership: 10.1. dangerous equipment, the use of which in Latvia and other countries of the European Union or the European economic area countries initiated before these rules 3.2.1. referred to legislation entered into force;
10.2. dangerous equipment to which this provision 3.2.1. the regulations referred to in law to draw up a declaration of conformity: 10.2.1. katliekārt, which it does not impose regulations on pressure equipment directive and complex, but where it meets regulations for katliekārt technical monitoring requirements;
10.2.2. equipment of road vehicles for the carriage of dangerous goods, provided that they are not intended for the carriage of substances of class 2 in accordance with the European Agreement on the international carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR) the stated classification. 11. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 4 April 2000, the provisions of no. 129 "registration procedure of hazardous installations" (Latvian journal, 2000, 125./; 2001; 2003, 15, nr. 424. No; 2004, 754. no). 12. Regulations shall enter into force by 1 July 2007. Prime Minister a. Halloween economic Minister j. Malcolm