Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 9 December 2002 The Regulations No 526 "labour Protection Requirements For The Use Of Work Equipment And Working At Height"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2002.gada 9.decembra noteikumos Nr.526 "Darba aizsardzības prasības, lietojot darba aprīkojumu un strādājot augstumā"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 349 in Riga on 29 may, 2007 (pr. No 31 30) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 9 December 2002 the regulations no 526 "labour protection requirements for the use of work equipment and working at height" Issued under the Labour Protection Act article 25 paragraph 2 and 17 to make the Cabinet on 9 December 2002 the regulations no 526 "labour protection requirements for the use of work equipment and working at height" (Latvian journal, 2002, nr. 182; 2004, nr. 188) the following amendments: 1. Express 18 as follows : "18. If there is a risk of coming into contact with the mechanical moving parts of work equipment which might cause an accident, these parts be fitted with guards or other security devices to prevent access to danger zones or stop the movement of dangerous parts before the danger zones. The guards and safety devices shall meet the following requirements: they have durable construction 18.1;
18.2. no additional risk;
18.3. not easily removable or interruptible;
18.4. are placed at a sufficient distance from the danger zone;
18.5. do not restrict access to the moving parts more than necessary, considering the use of work equipment;
18.6. allows you to take the necessary steps to install or replace parts and for maintenance, limiting access to the only area in which the work is to be performed, and, if possible, do not move a guard or a safety device. "
2. Make the following paragraph 25: "25. The employer shall ensure a regular machine, machines, and equipment maintenance. If the machine, the machine or the machine's maintenance log, employer's posted workers at regularly document the maintenance results. If necessary, the maintenance data presented to the national authorities. "
3. Add to paragraph 39 of the introductory paragraph after the words "to be fitted with" with the words "any of these safety devices".
4. Add to the introductory part of paragraph 42 after the words "be equipped with" with the words "one or more of the following safety devices".
5. Replace the words "paragraph 26.3. platform" with the word "equipment".
6. Add to paragraph 47, the first sentence after the words "specially equipped" with the words "safe handling" of people.
7. Replace paragraph 74, the word "do not use" with the words "not set".
8. Replace the words "in subparagraph 78.8. vertical rail" with the words "railings or other collective measures".
9. Make 79.2. subparagraph by the following: "employed a 79.2. the appropriate belt or other pretkritien equipment, connected with the safety rope. Employees use the equipment while doing pretkritien work height; ".
10. Replace the words "in 49.3 belt" with the words "pretkritien equipment".
11. Add to paragraph 86 behind the words "work equipment" with the words "as well as the availability of workers ' instructions. Prime Minister a. Halloween Welfare Minister-Minister for the environment r. vējonis