The Inquiry Involved In The Preparation And Coordination Of The Cooperation Procedure

Original Language Title: Uzziņas sagatavošanā un saskaņošanā iesaistīto iestāžu sadarbības kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 361 in Riga on 29 may, 2007 (pr. 31 to 37) reference in the preparation and coordination of cooperation between the authorities involved in the order Issued pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act 99. the fourth part of article i. General provisions 1 the question down to cooperation arrangements, which give an individual the right to specific inquiries about its legal situation (hereinafter the inquiry), as well as being involved in the preparation and coordination of inquiries. II. Assistance in the preparation of reference 2. If the body that prepares the reference (referred to as the authority), finds that the reference in the preparation of the necessary higher authorities, the Justice Ministry or other body, so three weeks before the reference delivery deadline shall provide the authority to request reasonable, including: 2.1 Reference requesting the facts and asked questions;
2.2. the expected reference content;
2.3. reference for the preparation of the necessary assistance. 3. The highest authority, the Ministry of Justice or other institution within a week of receipt of the request under the competency provides the required assistance. 4. If the authority finds that help needed urgently, it sends the request to the corresponding institution of the reasons for the urgency and in addition to the provisions referred to in paragraph 2 of the messages indicate the recommended time limit for providing assistance. 5. If help is requested in paragraph 4 of these regulations in accordance with the procedures specified in that higher authority, the Ministry of Justice or other institution requested assistance in the shortest possible time. 6. If a higher authority, the Ministry of Justice or other institution, on receipt of a request (2 or 4 of these rules), notes that the aid does not comply with the relevant authorities, it competencies within three working days of the forward request competent authority and shall inform the authority. 7. If a higher authority finds that objectively aid the preparation of reference cannot be provided within the time limit set, the three working days following receipt of the request sends the Agency a statement specifying the reasons why you cannot provide assistance in time, and the time limit within which assistance will be provided. Authority shall notify the recipient that the reference is extended the deadline for the provision of the administrative inquiries procedure law 64. in accordance with the procedure laid down in article. III. coordination of the draft Reference 8. not later than two weeks before the inquiry deadline to provide authority reference project higher authority. 9. If a higher authority has reservations about the project, its reference week prepare opinions and send them to the institution's official e-mail address. 10. If a higher authority expressed reservations about the inquiry, the authority shall specify the project reference in the project according to the expressed objections. 11. If the period prescribed authority has received the highest authorities of objections to the reference project, the reference sent to the addressee. IV. Reference copy is sent By reference to dispatch 12 recipient authority within three working days, send a copy of the reference inquiries institutions involved in the preparation. Reference copy shall also be sent to those institutions that have expressed an interest in legal reference content. Prime Minister a. Halloween Justice Minister g. Smith