Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 16 September 2003, Regulations No. 518 "pressure Equipment For Complex Technical Procedures For Supervision"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2003.gada 16.septembra noteikumos Nr.518 "Spiedieniekārtu kompleksu tehniskās uzraudzības kārtība"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 390, Riga, 19 June 2007 (pr. No 36 6) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 16 September 2003, regulations No. 518 "pressure equipment complex of technical supervision order Issued in accordance with the law" on technical supervision of dangerous equipment "3. the second paragraph of article 1 do Cabinet of 16 September 2003, the provisions of the" Pressure equipment no 518 complex technical procedures for supervision "(Latvian journal, 2003, 2005, 129 No; 68 no) the following amendments: 1. replace the words" in paragraph 2.6 flammable, explosive and harmful "with the word" hazardous "; 1.2. to supplement the provisions under point 6.1 the following wording: "6.1 if the pressure equipment complex rent or put in use to another person, this provision referred to in paragraph 6 is not delegated responsibility."; 1.3. to replace paragraph 7, the word "operation" with the word "use"; 1.4. to supplement the provisions under 7.1 and 7.2 of the following paragraph: "7.1 permissions for holder by the State Labour Inspectorate. The national labour inspectorate carried out the record of complex pressure equipment in chapter X of the passport and specifies the following information: 1. check for pressure equipment 7.1 remain possessor at the above address; 7.1 2. National Labour Inspectorate's regional business unit-use permits issued-the name and address; 7.1. use 3 date of issue of the permit; 7.1 4. national labour inspection officer's name and signature. 7.2 If you change the setup of complex pressure equipment the address holder must get new consent to use of the national labour inspectorate. The national labour inspectorate to make a new record of complex pressure equipment in chapter X of the Passport. " 1.5. make points 9 and 10 by the following: "9. The sale, gift or otherwise transfer of complex pressure equipment to another holder, shall also be forwarded to a complex pressure equipment passport. Data for the new pressure equipment complex pressure equipment complexes indicate the possessor in the Passport. It confirms the State Labour Inspectorate, re-register the complex pressure equipment in accordance with the regulations on the registration of dangerous equipment. 10. the possessor of complex pressure equipment together with passport kept in pressure equipment complex Assembly and operating instructions in the language of the country. Instructions shall specify at least the following information: 10.1. pressure equipment complex setup and handling requirements; 10.2. the use of complex pressure equipment; 10.3. the pressure equipment complexes maintenance and monitoring procedures, as well as user testing to be carried out; 10.4. technological scheme of complex pressure equipment, drawings, specifications, charts and calculations if they help to understand the instructions in the instruction manual. "; 1.6. to replace paragraph 11, the words "to launch a complex pressure equipment" with the words "use of complex pressure equipment"; 1.7. delete paragraph 13.3., the words "the Assembly and usage"; 1.8. delete paragraph 13.1; 1.9. the express section 14.2. as follows: "a complex pressure equipment 14.2. operating and assembly instructions and the operating staff safety instructions;" 1.10. adding to 14.3. subparagraph after the word "journal" by the words "If the manufacturer intends the complex pressure equipment"; 1.11. to complement the 15.8. subparagraph after the word "acceptance" by the words "except in the case of complex pressure equipment manufacturer magazine does not intend"; 1.12. deleting subparagraph 16.2.13.; 1.13. Supplement 3.2. subheading with 20.1 points as follows: "pressure equipment complex where 20.1 in natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, be equipped with earthing circuit. Iezemētāj all connections that are not freely available, are welded. Outline leak resistance must not exceed the following values: 20.1 1. gas station complex pressure equipment in electrical equipment-4 ohm, protection from static power-10 Ohm, lightning protection-25 ohms; 20.1 2. liquefied petroleum gas complex pressure equipment-10 Ohm. "; 1.14. Express 21 and 22 the following: "21. Pressure equipment complex depending on the design and intended usage is fitted with the following equipment: 21.1. security device that protects a complex pressure equipment from pressure exceeding the allowable parameters; 21.2. the device temperature, liquid level and pressure measurement; 21.3. the shut and regulating devices; 21.4. fired or otherwise heated pressure equipment package of power devices; 21.5. fired or otherwise heated pressure equipment of the complex fluid circulation and preparation devices. 22. the pressure equipment complex for protection from pressure increases above the permissible pressure may be used only in the safety devices, which are intended by the manufacturer. Their replacement with other types of safety devices is considered a complex pressure equipment reconstruction. " 1.15. the deletion of paragraph 26, the words "or otherwise heated pressure equipment of the complex"; 1.16. Express 28, second sentence by the following: "security and environmental protection measures."; 1.17. the deletion of the words in paragraph 31.1. "or not retested within"; 1.18. Supplement 3.2. subsection 34.1 points to the following: "pressure equipment for complex automation 34.1 equipment allowed for adjustment of parameters and protection from exceeding the allowable parameters are maintained at a level, as intended by the manufacturer of pressure equipment complex. Pressure equipment complex automation equipment replacement versus other types of automation equipment is considered a complex pressure equipment reconstruction. " 1.19. put 36 as follows: "36. Pressure equipment replacement of key elements of the package without changing the equipment design and technical characteristics (repair), or the welding of elements that limit values are used in the calculation of strength of pressure equipment, as well as complex structures or work parameters (hereinafter-reconstruction) allowed pursuant to law and the complexes of the pressure equipment directive in certain essential security requirements."; 1.20. supplement with 36.1 points as follows: "36.1 possessor after repair or strukcij before pressure equipment complex rekon use resumed its emergency supports technical verification. '; 1.21. the supplement to Chapter 4 43.1 and 43.2 points in the following: "pressure equipment package 26.8 technical inspection are: 1. the first technical 43.1 verification-check before pressure equipment in the country of registration of the complex labour inspection; 43.1 2. current technical inspection-inspection of complex pressure equipment during use; 43.1 3. emergency technical inspection-an inspection carried out 56 of these rules. in the cases referred to in point. Pressure equipment package 26.8 initial technical examination includes the following steps: 1. pressure equipment package 26.8 passport specified data, to establish their conformity with the manufacturer's instructions and the requirements set out in these rules; 2. pressure equipment package 26.8 external technical inspection and, if necessary, a technical inspection and hydraulic testing. "; 1.22. the deletion of the words in paragraph 27.5. "as well as security devices under management and seal in accordance with the applicable standards"; 1.23. Express 45 as follows: "45. Pressure equipment complex first technical inspections, regular technical inspections and emergency technical inspection in paragraph 56 of these rules in the cases specified by the holder or his authorised representative, the inspection carried out by the institution in accordance with the applicable standards and requirements laid down in this chapter." 1.24. the express 48 as follows: "48. Pressure equipment assemblies, which are insulated with vacuum and gas for cryogenic storage, as well as refrigeration equipment and heat pumps technical content and periodicity of checks shall be determined in accordance with the applicable standards."; 1.25. replace paragraph 49, the words ' inner and hydraulic "with the words" current technical "; 1.26. replace the words "in paragraph 56.2. If it has been associated with the parent element of the replacement or the welding that limit values are used in the calculation of strength of" with the words "after the reconstruction"; 1.27. delete, 59 and 58.60; 1.28. the express 63 following: ' 63. If the results of the technical examination is positive, the inspection authority to verify complex pressure equipment in a visible place (next to the complex pressure equipment manufacturer's data plate or that rule 35, paragraph sign) affix the dangerous equipment check mark. "; 1.29. to complement the provisions of Chapter 4.1 as follows: "a complex pressure equipment 4.1 monitoring and control of complex pressure equipment 65.1 supervision and control by the State labour inspection, monitoring and controlling to pressure equipment complexes, to which the relevant requirements of this regulation, only be used by the national labour inspectorate. 65.2 For use of the pressure equipment complex is not considered a complex pressure equipment operation test mode, using an appropriate complex adjustments after its installation, repair or reconstruction. 65.3 State Labour Inspectorate, making a complex pressure equipment monitoring and control during use, revoke the permission to use and amend the entry of complex pressure equipment Passport X the chapter if: 1. the possessor 65.3 year has repeatedly punished for technical supervision of dangerous equipment in the law regulating infringements; 2. the possessor is 65.3 commanded the responsible specialists under this rule 13.2. 3. pressure equipment of 65.3 complex has undergone technical inspection this provision prescribed in Chapter 4; 4. you have received a 65.3 a test report of the law "On technical supervision of dangerous equipment" in article 12 cases. 65.4 national labour inspectorate to make a complex monitoring of the pressure equipment during use, reported the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau of the alleged infringements committed by the authorities in relation to the inspection law "on technical supervision of dangerous equipment" obligations. " 2. the rules shall enter into force on 1 July 2007.
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