Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 1 April 1997 Of Regulation No 112 "general Provisions"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 1997.gada 1.aprīļa noteikumos Nr.112 "Vispārīgie būvnoteikumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No 420 in Riga in 2007 (26 June. No 37 8) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 1 April 1997 of Regulation No 112 "General provisions" Issued in accordance with article 2 of the law on construction of the fourth draw Cabinet-1 April 1997 Regulations No. 112 "General provisions" (Latvian journal, 1997, no. 88;/; 2001, 161.2000, no. 182; 2003, 53, no. 137; 2004, nr. 68; 2005, 92, no. 145) the following amendments: 1. provisions supplementing with 25.3 25.4 25.5 25.6, 25.7,,, and 25.8 points as follows: 25.3 "fire review-public housing construction plan of the major part of the construction of the proposed fire safety engineering solution description, as well as the necessary fire safety measures in the building a safe operation. 25.4 the joint design and construction-construction type, which the construction works are carried out at the premises of the design, if the accepted basis for the expanded sketch project has been developed the technical design of the works to be carried out. Fire protection for important engineering 25.5-external and internal plumbing system, ventilation system, external and internal power supplies, fire protection systems. 25. Inženiertīkl transmission-external power supply, communications, water and other resource supply system consisting of an underground or above-ground pipeline (and), cable (wired) and the technical installation of the distribution network set up to enter the confines of a building or enter sadaln. 25.7 the internal inženiertīkl-guideline for electronic communications, pipelines, equipment, devices, equipment or equipment set buildings behind enter the closing or enter sadaln. Technical scheme of the 25.8-inženiertīkl transmission or internal inženiertīkl of the technical solutions and the existing utilities. Inženiertīkl RAM and internal inženiertīkl schemes can be combined if the design shall be carried out at the same time. " 2. Express 35 as follows: ' 35. Būvvald 30 days of construction-the application records of the date of registration of the card look the construction plans with local municipal planning and a detailed (if one has been developed), as well as the relevant building regulations and issue planning and architectural task (annex 2) or building demolition task (2.1), or provide valid written rejection or taken a decision on the construction of the public consultation of the Organisation (or organisation) in accordance with article 12 of the law on construction. " 3. Add to 21.8 points in the second sentence by the following: "these provisions 75. in the case referred to in paragraph planning and architectural task validity period is four years." 4. Supplement with 37.1 points as follows: "the application of construction-37.1 tab card and building permit is not required, constructing or renovēj re of this provision of the inženiertīkl referred to in sub-section 3.2.2 leads and the internal inženiertīkl existing buildings that have been adopted into service." 5. To supplement the provisions of this subchapter 3.2.2: ' 3.2.2 simplified transmission and internal inženiertīkl inženiertīkl construction, reconstruction or renovation of 25.4 the distribution network owner shall issue technical rules inženiertīkl and inženiertīkl of RAM internal construction, reconstruction or renovation of agents (hereinafter referred to as inženiertīkl construction agent): 40.81. inženiertīkl transmission construction, reconstruction or renovation; 40.82. internal inženiertīkl construction, reconstruction or renovation, if specified in the regulatory act. 25.4 Inženiertīkl construction Moderates agree with the designer on the technical development of the scheme (in triplicate) in accordance with the technical rules and regulatory requirements. 40.10 Technical diagram has the following parts: 40.101. property rights, copies of the supporting documents; 40.102. documents and materials in accordance with the technical regulations; 40.103. the explanatory note, which does not attach to the appropriate calculations; 40.104. Designer signed: 40.104.1. inženiertīkl transmission of the position of the display scale M 1:250-M 1:1000 topographic situation in the plan or plan; 40.104.2. positioning of the internal inženiertīkl buildings inventory plan. 40.11 designer technical compliance scheme with inženiertīkl construction agent, the owner of the respective utilities and, if necessary, with other inženiertīkl holders and third parties whose property rights are affected. the technical scheme of 34.64 inženiertīkl construction agent to submit to būvvald. Būvvald 10 working days to consider and adopt a decision on the planned construction of harmonisation or give a reasoned refusal in writing. Būvvald is entitled to impose additional conditions for the construction of the planned according to the binding provisions of the local government. 40.13 Where construction has not started inženiertīkl, harmonised technical schema validity is one year. Inženiertīkl transmission construction 40.14 may take the field in question a certified person or būvkomersant the registered person, but internal inženiertīkl may be constructing constructor, if the law does not provide otherwise. Izbūvēto of inženiertīkl of 40.15 adopted into service with the Rams, where the owner of the distribution network of inženiertīkl issued an opinion on the readiness for operation. No 40.16 Izbūvēto internal inženiertīkl shall be adopted into service with the appropriate certification issued by the owner of the network, or in some cases-to-distribution network to the opinion of the owner, as defined in the area of regulatory legislation. Inženiertīkl construction agent to 40.17 after inženiertīkl transmission of the completion of the construction of the harmonious inženiertīkl submitted būvvald transmission location geodetic uzmērījum (digital, will LK 92 coordinate system). Inženiertīkl construction agent to 40.18 after inženiertīkl the completion of the construction of the RAM is entitled to initiate the operation of the transmission, if the owner of the distribution network has issued an opinion on the inženiertīkl of RAM for the operation and readiness of these provisions comply with the requirements of paragraphs 40.17. 40.19 designer responsible for the technical conformity of the construction scheme of regulatory legislation and technical requirements, as well as the provisions on third party property rights. Inženiertīkl 40.20 construction agent is responsible for: inženiertīkl transmission and 40.201. internal inženiertīkl under harmonised construction technical scheme; relevant territory 40.202. cleaning up After the works according to the rules of the municipal sais toš (guidance). " 6. Delete paragraph 44, the words "which must not be greater than that of the provisions laid down in annex 9". 7. Delete paragraph 46, the words "(in accordance with Annex 9)". 8. To supplement the provisions under subsection 3.3.1 as follows: "3.3.1 joint design and construction rules in subsection 3.3.1 46.1 apply, if the customer agreed with the constructor and in coordination with the respective būvvald in construction (advanced design and technical design of the project) and the joint design and construction procedure, but these rules do not apply, paragraph 59 cases and State or local government-funded projects. 46.2 the designer responsible, on the basis of local government planning consists in land-use and building regulations, develop construction methods. Construction methods with the application of construction-tab card must be submitted to būvvald. 46.3 Būvvald checks the received documents for compliance with land-use and building regulations and construction of laws framework, as well as the calculation of the territory and premises of height indicator accuracy and shall take a decision in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 35. 46.4 responsible Designer, based on the planning and architectural task, develop advanced design project that has the following parts: 46.41. General part: 46.41.1. the initiation of civil design necessary documents and materials; 46.41.2. a plot of land in inženierģeoloģisk studies; 46.41.3. the explanatory memorandum and, if necessary, set designer in charge of the municipality signed receipts; 46.42. portion of the architecture: 46.42.1. section of the territory (General indicators, situation plan and master plan with the plan of inženiertīkl aligned, Association plans, vertical design, facilities-apzaļumojum plan, the coverage plan and explication, traffic organization scheme, building an organization chart); 46.42.2. architectural section (plans, facades, facade, trim and colour solution); 46.42.3. positioning of the technological equipment (public building projects), if defined in the planning and architecture; 46.43. inženierrisinājum: 46.43.1. zero-cycle technical project; 46.43.2. external inženiertīkl (master plan with projected for inženiertīkl, longitudinal, cuts, knots, main material list for all the projected inženiertīkl); the work of organizing project 46.44. (if a work project need is determined by the Latvian et seq of the LBN 310); 46.45. fire report (significant public buildings). 28.9 expanded sketch project submitted by būvvald this provision in paragraph 102. Būvvald shall decide to accept an expanded sketch project or provide a written reasoned refusal this provision section 4.9. to get a building permit, 29.0 Subscriber in addition to these rules 5.1. documents referred to in subsection būvvald shall be submitted to the responsible designer signed acknowledgement of receipt of the technical project and the autoruzraudzīb object (annex 12), as well as outside the context of the būvuzraug article. 29.0 based on accepted expanded sketch project, būvvald served for the entire building site as a whole. 29.1 these regulations referred to 99.1 objects need expertise opinion: 46.81. extended sketch project project on parts and sections; on technical design of 46.82. parts and sections that are not carried out inspection advanced sketch project expertise. This provision 46.82 46.9. referred to the opinion and expertise of the contractor's receipt of the zero cycle according to the accepted construction of advanced design project must be submitted to būvvald. Building constructive parts technical project is to develop a zero cycle to work completion. changes in the accepted 46.10 extended sketch for the project, if they do not affect the external territories, inženiertīkl, architecture, building safety (construction, fire protection measures), function, work organisation, developing appropriate drawings, signed by a responsible designer and contractor, author, keeper of autoruzraudzīb recorded in the journal without būvvald. 46.11 changes designed the technical project, if they do not concern the accepted expanded sketch project, take the autoruzraudzīb of the autoruzraudzīb registered in the journal. If the technical design solutions differ from extended sketch included in the project solutions, to develop and būvvald must accept the advanced sketch design changes. 46.12 Exploded the sketch project and, if necessary, the technical project under this provision section 4.7 section. " 9. Delete 50. 10. Amend paragraph 51, the words "or opinions". 11. Make 52 as follows: "52. Būvvald must be issued in a timely manner the provisions referred to in paragraph 35, planning and architectural task or building demolition task based refusal or decision, as well as the planning and architectural task, or the task of constructing the demolition specify required technical regulations and other documents." 12. Replace the words "paragraph 58.1 them building and utilities" with the words "application to buildings, parts of buildings and utilities". 13. Replace paragraph 61, the word "permit" with the word "exercise". 14. To supplement the provisions of the following paragraph below 62.5: "62.5. mazēk slated for destruction, if these activities are coordinated by the būvvald." 15. Express 77. paragraph by the following: "77. If the intended site of the commissioning by the shipbuilding, sketch in the drafting the entire site as a whole, indicating the building's main use (function) according to the classification of Structures, but may develop technical projects for each candidate separately for the construction. " 16. Delete paragraph 81. 17. Express 89.1.3. subparagraph as follows: "89.1.3." explanatory memorandum with the shipbuilding technical indicators, and an indication of the building's main use (function) according to the classification of the Structures; " 18. Express 89.2.2. subparagraph as follows: "89.2.2. architectural section, including the shipbuilding group of explication that adds a specific floor plan;". be deleted.. 20. Supplement with 55.7 55.7. bottom point and by the following: "public works organization; 55.7. 55.7. fire report (public important buildings): 89.7.1. Description, which includes construction fire safety characteristics; 89.7.2. the master plan of fire protection solutions (placement of buildings and premises, the construction of the external inženiertīkl, fire and rescue job security); 89.7.3. fire safety requirements for building and planning solutions (for example, forest fire risk assessment and fire zones, buildings and premises, fire protection requirements for structures and structural boundaries, the boundaries of the fire and the ugunsreakcij class, building decoration, room ugunsslodz, smoke protection solution, claims against the spread of fire and smoke in the event of fire, special fire protection measures, taking into account the specific characteristics of buildings and premises); 89.7.4. emergency evacuation; 89.7.5. fire protection system (fire detection and alarm systems, fixed fire-extinguishing system, fire notification system, smoke and heat control systems); 89.7.6. the proposed system of fire protection engineering solutions; 89.7.7. Manual (primary) fire-fighting equipment (room with fire extinguishers (calculation) and other fire control equipment); 89.7.8. specific fire service. " 21. To complement the provisions of the following paragraph 94.1:94.1 "national security an important public facilities, increased danger for public importance to objects and structures seismic stability ensured in accordance with the applicable standard EN EN 1998-1" Euro code 8-Seismic resistant design of structures-part 1: General rules-seismic effects and rules for buildings "requirements." 22. Delete the third sentence of paragraph 95, the words "in accordance with the provisions of Annex 9". 23. Make 102, second sentence by the following: "Būvvald 30 days decides to accept a construction or provide a written reasoned refusal." 24. To make 110. paragraph by the following: "110. If the works are not initiated, accepted an expanded sketch project or accept the technical validity of the project is two years. " 25. replace paragraph 121, the words "licensed contractor" with the words "a person registered in the register of būvkomersant". 26. To replace the words "in paragraph 136 licensed legal person" with the words "a person registered in the register of būvkomersant". 27. Make 155. paragraph by the following: "155. Completed the important design elements and works as well as segto built in fire protection for important engineering system adopted into service with the adoption Act (7, 8 and 11)." 28. To supplement the provisions of the following paragraph 159.3. bottom: "159.3. construction takes place, the application of the joint design and construction procedure." 29. To supplement the provisions of the following paragraph in the bottom of the 161.7.: "161.7. construction takes place, the application of the joint design and construction procedure." 30. Express 5.7 subdivision name as follows: "5.7. stop, stop the works, building preservation, construction demolition and restoration of the previous situation." 31.167 and 168. Make the point as follows: "the decision on the construction of 167. and shipbuilding may accept contractor preservation, būvvald or būvinspekcij State. Būvvald or public būvinspekcij decisions about public works and housing preservation laws can be challenged. 168. the decision on the suspension of the works and housing preservation: 168.1. for works and housing preservation reasons; 168.2. works and housing preservation conditions (measures to be taken to ensure the building and its individual parts and design of the security, stability and integrity, as well as the preservation of the construction works of the project scope, if necessary); 168.3. site's condition after the works and for the construction of the person in charge of preservation. " 32. Make 170. paragraph by the following: "170. If the client, stop the works, does not fulfil the requirements of this Regulation as well as article 31 of the law on construction of the cases the municipality shall be entitled upon notice to the Subscriber, to demolish or otherwise arrange the construction, as well as building preservation work. All of the buildings demolition, preservation or improvement costs shall be borne by the owner of the building. " 33.171 points to express the following: "171. If the municipality, in accordance with article 30 of the law on construction has taken a decision on the construction of the consequences (or part of a building demolition, the state restore šēj above), a Subscriber in accordance with the procedure laid down in these provisions shall submit construction demolition būvvald submission-tracking map and demolition works project. " 34. To complement the 5.7 subdivision and 171.1 171.2 points with the following: "local government decision on 171.1 construction effects of prevention: 171.11. construction of the consequences; 171.12. construction effects of prevention; 171.13. what work must be done on the construction of the consequences (or part of a building demolition, restore previous state); 171.14. due to the construction work of the consequences. If the client fails to take 171.2 municipal decision about construction effects of prevention measures specified by the municipality is entitled to take all measures specified in the construction of the recovery and the customer shall bear all the consequences arising from the construction of associated costs. " 35.172.1 points to express the following: "the re or 172.1 Renovēj breaking down the structure, if possible, by the building materials recycling. All the rubble, which are to be classified as hazardous waste, disposed of according to the regulations for the disposal of hazardous waste. " 36. To complement the transition issues with 187 points as follows: "187. Rule 94.1 points shall enter into force by 1 January 2009." 37. Replace annex 2 and 2.1 of Chapter 4, the title, the words "special provisions" with the words "the special rules (State and local government bodies issued technical rules or requirements). 38. Make 2. Annex 4.3. subparagraph by the following: "fire safety requirements 4.3 (national fire and rescue service) the only significant public buildings". 39. Replace annex 5, the words "no license" with the words "registration certificate No būvkomersant." 40. Deletion of Annex 9. 41. To supplement the provisions under annex as follows: "Annex 11 cabinet 1 April 1997 of Regulation No. 112 Fire protection for important engineering systems acceptance report 42. Supplementing the provisions of annex 12, as follows: "annex 12 Cabinet 1 April 1997 Regulations No 112 in the designer in charge proof Prime Minister A. Economic Minister kalvītis j. Bailey