Electricity Trade And Terms Of Use

Original Language Title: Elektroenerģijas tirdzniecības un lietošanas noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 452 in Riga in 2007 (26 June. No 37 63) electricity trading and usage rules Issued in accordance with the electricity market Act, the second subparagraph of article 24, article 28, second and fifth, article 29 of the fourth paragraph, the third subparagraph of article 30, article 32, the fifth paragraph to article 33 paragraph 1, second subparagraph and article 34 the first part i. General questions 1. determines: 1.1. procedures for the power user (hereinafter user) supplied electricity and stop its delivery.
1.2. the electricity traders (hereinafter dealer), the electricity system operator (hereinafter referred to as the system operator) and the rights and obligations of users of electricity supply and use, as well as payments for services;
1.3. the merchant's exchange policy;
1.4. the order in which the public electricity supply dealer-related users that are connected to the implementation of the distribution system operator-merchant-creator of the public network;
1.5. requirements which must correspond to a user, so it would be eligible to receive the universal service;
1.6. procedures for the settlement of the compulsory purchase of electricity costs, which produced a tendering process in production capacity, introducing cogeneration as well as using renewable energy sources. 2. the terms used in the rules: 2.1.-apakšlietotāj person who in agreement with the users use the network for implementation and does not buy electricity from a licensed dealer or system operator;
2.2. the allowed maximum load – the biggest simultaneous electrical load, may be used by the user in accordance with the technical specifications for connection. The maximum permitted load limit ievadaizsardzīb or contractual electrical loads;
2.3. operational work-electrical service, maintenance and repair;
2.4. electrical load-user equipment representative size equal to the entire grid at the current user capacity of the guideline amount, including loss of user implementation capacity;
2.5. komercuzskait measuring apparatus of electricity-measuring instrument or measuring system of means of electricity and accounting for billing services, as well as electrical load for fixing the size of the trade in the interval;
2.6. the electricity supply contract-contract concluded by the system operator or public dealer with an associated user for the supply of electricity and the supply of services;
2.7. electricity trade agreement-the agreement on the trade in electricity, which shut down the electricity market participants;
2.8. electrical equipment-any equipment for the production of electricity, conversion, transmission, distribution, or consumption;
2.9. the implementation-a number of interrelated electrical single tasks;
2.10 ownership guideline limit-limit laid down in the contract between the operator and the user of the system or the implementation of the manufacturer or the user and the implementation between apakšlietotāj;
2.11. mains connection-the main part, fitted power supply a user or to provide electricity from the producer to the guideline of the home;
2.12. the mains-power supply system used in electric power transmission and distribution and made up of interconnected power lines and other electrical equipment (such as the bottom stations, distribution points, elektrosadaln);
2.13. billing period-the period that is the subject of a settlement. The settlement period is one calendar month, unless otherwise agreed by the parties;
2.14. connection agreement-a contract which the transmission system operator to switch users or producers of connection in installation;
2.15. invoice-a document under which the user made;
2.16. using the system contract-the contract concluded with the system operator of the traders on the trading business requires the exchange of information;
2.17. system service contract-a contract which the transmission system operator to switch user or manufacturer about system service and the provision of ancillary services;
2.18. trading interval-one hour period which starts the full hour;
2.19. trading day-trading intervals 24 long period beginning at midnight;
2.20. installed capacity-user installed electricity consuming the total nominal capacity of the installations. 3. connect the user guideline electricity system (hereinafter the system) or increase the allowed loads shall be in accordance with the public service Commission Regulation (regulator) approved system connection. 4. the Guideline of the border between the user and the system operator determines the Act, which is a connection agreement or contract system services component. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the implementation of its crew to the home. 5. the guideline limits set for the home of the registered komercuzskait of electricity measuring apparatus. If the electricity meter of the komercuzskait is set to the bounds of the guideline system operator according to the loss in the power grid from the guideline of the border to the electricity meter of the komercuzskait installation area, determines the amount of electricity and services received by the users that are connected to the implementation of at least 6 kilovolt voltage. To calculate this amount of electricity and services, the following calculations: If electricity komercuzskait 5.1 the apparatus installed in the system before the home side of the border, and the volume of electricity between electricity meter of the komercuzskait installation location and boundaries of affiliation shall be deducted from the user's electricity and services received;
5.2. If the electricity meter of the komercuzskait installed in the user side before the home borders, received electricity and services between the electricity meter of the komercuzskait installation location and boundaries of affiliation allows the user the electricity and services received. 6. the temporary connection (up to three months) or single-phase connection with the apparatus ievadaizsardzīb power size to ten amps system operator, in agreement with the user, you can calculate the electricity supplied and services without electricity meter of the komercuzskait installation. 7. komercuzskait measuring apparatus of electricity users vehicles set up a system operator. The user provides every hour spent electricity accounting and transfer of data in electronic form system operator. 8. komercuzskait measuring apparatus of electric power to connected users who do not need to provide each hour spent electricity records, set up a system operator. Meter installation costs shall be borne by the user. 9. komercuzskait measuring apparatus of electricity is the property. 10. komercuzskait of electricity meter pattern approval, first-time and repeat the verification shall be carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations on the procedures of measurement is carried out the type approval, verification and monitoring of the market, subject to the verification of the recurrence set in the legislation on the state metrological control of measuring the subject features list. Komercuzskait of electricity meter conformity assessment shall be carried out in accordance with the laws on the metrological requirements measuring instruments and metrological requirements for active electrical energy meters. The electricity meter of the pieslēgspaiļ komercuzskait of the cover must be sealed with the seal. 11. If the electricity measuring apparatus error komercuzskait more than 5%, the system operator can specify user electricity supplied and services when they are recalculated in point 15 of these rules. The user may require the system operator to make such a conversion. 12. the system operator shall check the meter connection of electricity komercuzskait accuracy and pirmsuzskait and accounting chains sealing. Sealing provisions present in duplicate. Both copies of the signature Act of sealing the system operator and user representatives. 13. If the fault of the user is missing or corrupted komercuzskait of electricity measuring apparatus, the user will pay the actual value of the measuring apparatus of new and replacement costs as well as pay for the electricity and services not listed in paragraph 15 of these rules. 14. If the apartment building owner, and all home users in the written agreement to terminate contractual obligations with the system operator with the permission, you can set up a common electricity measuring apparatus of komercuzskait. In this case, the home owner becomes the user undertakes to supply electricity to the building with all the apakšlietotāj and concluded with the system operator for the supply of electricity or system services. 15. If the electricity measuring apparatus by the merc accounting malfunction or error in the calculation of electricity supplied and services specified on all the time from the moment the When the electricity meter of the komercuzskait begun to function incorrectly or-if this moment is not detectable-the last billing period. The conversion shall be carried out, taking into account the power ievadaizsardzīb the power of the machine or the electrical set out in the Treaty and the agreed time when the electricity meter of the komercuzskait is not listed the received power. II. Power supply connected users 16. Associated user switch electricity supply agreement with the system operator or the public retailer. Public dealer can delegate this contract for the system operator. 17. A related user will switch a separate agreement with the system operator for the use of system services. The fee for this service include end of the trade in electricity tariff. 18. All household users and merchants who work less than 50 employees and an annual turnover not exceeding EUR 7 million lats, is entitled to receive a universal service. A merchant, who wishes to receive a universal service, submit public trader or system operator certification of compliance with universal service criteria. 19. Domestic user as a related user can receive electricity connection fixed technical characteristics-limits of authorised load without a written contract, subject to the requirements of this regulation. 20. household users who receive electricity in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 19 of guideline limits determined by affiliation: 20.1. on the overhead line or connection to the user of the piekarkabeļlīnij roof strut insulators or ISO powers at the side of the building;
20.2. kabeļlīnij attachment of the user contacts the overhead line or piekarkabeļlīnij;
20.3. the user of the connection contacts of the kabeļlīnij system operator accounting sadaln, kabeļsadaln or electricity meter Terminal table;
20.4. the system operator of the connector contacts kabeļlīnij user sadaln;
20.5. multi-family residential buildings guideline home line between user and system operator determine the implementation to the implementation of the building's connection to the contacts of the implementation. 21. On this rule 20, paragraph contact the guideline limits the response belonging to the system operator. 22. komercuzskait measuring apparatus of electricity Before the installation of the related user chooses the appropriate connection end of the trade in electricity tariff and billing type and inform the system operator. System operator after the connection is established and the electricity meter of the komercuzskait Setup, submit public trader information needed to begin to pay for the supply of electricity, and provide billing information you need about linked users of electricity delivered. 23. the basis for the linked user accounts with the public on the use of electricity to traders is the information about connection parameters, komercuzskait of electricity meter readings for electricity usage at the time of initiation, as well as selected electricity tariff and billing. 24. A related user, depending on the size of the apparatus of power ievadaizsardzīb on the amount of electricity consumed can pay: 24.1. According to the same electricity measuring apparatus of komercuzskait read the readings (self declaration of the method);
24.2. the adjusted payment;
24.3. payment against invoices received. 25. If the linked household user chosen settlements with self declaration method, public merchant sends the settlement. 26. to carry on the Settlement system operator services of public dealer shall notify the transmission and distribution system operators, information about associated users who use the self declaration of the method. 27. in the accounts after payment, aligned the related user also specifies the expected electricity consumption billing period and the applicable consumption profile and agree with the payments on the direct debit billing, informing the system operator. Public traders agree with user-specified payments on direct debit payment processing. 28. If the linked user is a legal person, it is obliged to inform the system operator for electricity metering readings necessary for the preparation of the settlement in each billing period. Based on this information, the public traders regularly sends the user an invoice for the billing period, pay the amount of electricity supplied. 29. A linked user is obliged to make payment within the period specified in accordance with the prescriptions of public dealer invoice. Related households is the responsibility of the user of the next calendar month to make payment according to the designated payment options for each settlement period, pay the amount of the electricity supplied. 30. The system operator, the distribution system which connected less than 100000 users require a trader to sell electricity to the public, which requires the system connected to the related user provisioning. The system operator shall provide to the public information about the related trader user supplying the required amount of electricity and the estimated power consumption of each settlement period schedule. 31. The associated user who choose other then allowed tariff or payment options, for the month in advance, inform the system operator. If the tariff or a change in the nature of the settlement is linked with the accounting of electricity conversion, the system operator must be made within three months after receipt of the related user's request. 32. The related user of intention to terminate the use of the electricity system operator informed at least five working days in advance, indicating the termination of use. Stopping the use of electrical power, the associated user record the electricity meter readings of the komercuzskait, notify the system operator, as well as make a final deadline for the settlement of electricity consumed, the allowed load and received services. 33. The related user is obliged at least five business days in advance to inform the system operator of the intention to resume the use of electricity, indicating the start time, use the selected tariff and billing. 34. Public merchant controlled payment and settlement system operator for its services in accordance with the applicable tariffs of the system services. 35. If the related user not making payments on time, the system operator or public dealer 10 days after the pay period the accession shall send the user a warning about the interruption of electricity supply. If the user fails to pay the invoice within twenty days after the payment deadline is met, the system operator can disable a user's implementation, totally or partially interrupting the user supplies. The system operator is obliged to restore the power supply when the user is fully paid for and received electricity system operator services. If the user is not making payments on time, and his time of the year again is interrupted power supplies, system operator may request the user to bear with off-line and connection to the associated costs, and restore power after these expenses. Public dealer can such a user to request prepayment in full settlement of payment amount expected for the period. 36. If a person's property or possession in the existing buildings of the implementation are used both his own and those of other users of the system operator, the power supply this guideline provides the maintenance of the building owner or possessor. Through the external power grid reconstruction or increasing the requested connection capacity, the implementation of the various users of the owners of the buildings connected to the system operator in without another person of the use of guideline. III. Power supply the electricity market participants 37. Power supply for a user that is a member of the electricity market, up to the limit of the nationality guideline in accordance with these terms and the contracts concluded between the system operator and the user, and the power trade agreement concluded between the dealer and end user. By agreement of the parties in the agreements may include additional conditions that are not mentioned in these rules. 38. the system operator shall continuously provide system services system services agreement allowed the limits of the maximum load, except that rule 68, 69, 70, 81, and 82.99. cases provided by paragraph. 39. the service break or limit the duration and reasons determined by entries in the task journal, computerized accounting systems break data and power komercuzskait Mayor of the apparatus readings. 40. the fees for the services of the system is calculated according to the electricity meter readings of the commercial accounting and in accordance with the tariffs set for the electricity market law. 41. The electricity the trade agreement, informing the user of the system operator, may delegate the responsibility of the dealer in the name of the user to pay for the system operator: 25.5. system services and ancillary services;
41.2. balancing service;
41.3. compulsory purchase component. 42. the system operator shall, in agreement with the following settlement procedures may request a financial guarantee from the merchant's billing period expected network service and balancing service payment amount. The system operator shall inform the user about the merchant's payment delays and can use the warranty if the contractual time limit does not receive full payment for services and ancillary services. The dealer shall immediately inform the system operator on the reasons for the delay and settlement restores guarantee used in full. 43. If the dealer within 10 working days from the date on which the system operator this provision in paragraph 42 cases used the financial guarantees they will not be renewed, the system operator has the right to terminate the use of the system contract with the dealer and request the user to pay for outstanding system services and ancillary services. 44. at the close of the system services agreement with the user about the service and the provision of ancillary services, the system operator shall indicate clearly in the contract, the supplier's identity and address, to be delivered, the service quality levels, duration of the contract, the supply of services and termination of the agreement, as well as the renewal provisions, the right of withdrawal, the compensation or damages, if the terms of the contract are not met, the user claims submission and review procedures. 45. Balansējoš electrical energy levels in each trading interval defined as the difference between the actually consumed and delivery schedule of fixed amounts of electricity. 46. If the country or region in which they announced the energy crisis or the damage or overload the grid, it is not possible to provide power for the benefit of market participants in the transactions, the system operator can to repeal the energy crisis to restrict or suspend the operation of the electricity market by giving operators. Market restriction or suspension is limited or suspended user and transactions between traders. Electricity producers, traders and users to define the contracts between parties in the following cases. 47. in paragraph 46 of these regulations where all electricity producers and users unconditionally and immediately met the requirements of the system operator, which provides electricity to them. IV. rights and obligations of the user 48. User is responsible for the technical condition of its guideline and qualified service according to the laws that determine the guideline of technical operating and safety requirements. The user can enter into a contract for service guideline to a legal or natural person, where the laws of the order has acquired the right to carry out the job. 49. For multi-family residential buildings located in the shared space guideline (enter and stand allocation, risers, stairs, yard, basement, attic, lifts, pumps, lighting and electric motor wiring) technical condition, single line backlit schemes and service, as well as on the set of the electricity meter and komercuzskait seals are responsible for the conservation of building possessor or owner. 50. it is the responsibility of the user to create a power scheme to unload in accordance with atslēgum its schedule, the implementation of which is not permitted in the blackout, would not be turned off. 51. the user shall ensure its guideline to the actual situation of the existence of the scheme of matching single line backlit from the guideline of the border to the electricity meter of the komercuzskait. 52. the user shall ensure the smooth running of employees access the network komercuzskait and pirmsuzskait if the system operator's staff presented a service card, which outlines the right to carry out its control. If the operator is in possession of information that indicates to the user the implementation of electricity leakage, the user can not deny the employees user komercuzskait and pirmsuzskait in the area of the network control, which is not matched by the above user. 53. The user is obliged to discharge the system operator written instructions on changes in the implementation and maintenance of the user to ensure safe operation of the komercuzskait, the pirmsuzskait chain, sealing and binding system of contracts. 54. the implementation of The user, through which the system operator ensured electricity supply to other users, the user is allowed to connect only with a key or system operator. 55. the user is civil order property responsible for the interference of the komercuzskait electricity meter in action, intentional damage to the seal or counterfeiting, its premises and territory of the installed electricity measuring apparatus or systems komercuzskait pirmsuzskait chains, seals, as well as the automated inventory system and loop retention and their technical condition. 56. The work related to the electricity komercuzskait apparatus to measure changes in the scheme, meter replacement or relocation, the user needs the permission of the system operator. Repair time can be komercuzskait of electricity after the temporary scheme, which is matched by the system operator, or the amount of energy to determine the calculation. 57. komercuzskait of electricity meter damage, loose seals and potential meter measurements errors the user shall immediately notify the system operator. 58. If user has arbitrarily changed or damaged the accounting scheme, electricity meter or seal of komercuzskait, his duty is to cover expenditure relating to the reconstruction and the attestation. 59. The user shall decide on the necessary security of electricity supply, that is, the need to prevent interruptions in electricity supply separate power supply unit or repair the damage. 60. the implementation of the user, which is not allowed in the electricity supply break, take measures necessary to achieve the security of electricity supply by setting up independent energy sources or making system operator according to the technical rules of application development. Spare connection construction work and independent power supply switch shall be provided, as well as the automated set up for the user. 61. the user may require the system operator shut off its implementation guideline on the limits of the home, interrupting the power supply. If this failure affects other users or apakšlietotāj of electricity power supply, the user who requests the disconnection, request in writing must be coordinated with all these users or apakšlietotāj. 62. The user has the right to request and to the system operator is obliged to provide the required information related to system access, network services and balancing the use of the service, billing, as well as to unforeseen power outage and fix them. 63. by using the services provided by the system, the user is obliged to comply with the permitted: 39.2. loads and power conditions of use. Apartments and households allow electrical load is ievadaizsardzīb apparatus basic current not exceeding 16 amp, if agreement with the system operator is not otherwise specified, but 3 x 220 volt network allowed the electric load is 10 amps;
39.3. at the request of the system operator to develop and carry out control measures to reduce electrical load and execute the requirement to reduce the electrical load or power consumption in case of emergency or the energy crisis that preceded the energy law;
63.3.10 days to submit the application to the system operator for the undelivered electricity or substandard supply of electricity, which occurred when the user executing this rule 39.3. system operator referred to in the claim;
63.4. a user to connect to the network and to use only electrical equipment that does not cause unacceptable changes in the quality of the electricity system operator's network;
63.5. time and pay in full by the system operator or his authorized person for system services received;
63.6. to report promptly to the system operator of the damage found in the implementation or real risks;
63.7. without justification does not require to be changed in time for the planned atslēgum, where atslēgum is warned by other users, and it affects the supply of other users;
63.8. provide the authorised person's unimpeded access to komercuzskait instruments and access available for the implementation of the pirmsuzskait. 64. Users over its existing electricity supply grids, relative to apakšlietotāj apakšlietotāj have the duties and responsibilities, but the apakšlietotāj-user obligations and liability. 65. The user who by their existing grids supplied electricity to apakšlietotāj, giving them electricity distribution services and payment collection service, and it is not a commercial activity with a view to profit, is not considered a licensed electricity traders or the system operator. The user can charge the apakšlietotāj based on the electricity grid maintenance costs, not exceeding 10% of the it system operator electricity distribution tariffs, which the system is connected to the user implementation. 66. Apakšlietotāj can become a user by requiring a licensed electricity system operator. In this case, it has the responsibility to coordinate the construction of the connection with the property owners, which envisaged the construction of connection. 67. end-user electricity-electricity market-agree with the dealer on the electricity supply schedule for each trading interval, the electricity records contained in the Treaty as a whole. Electricity end-users can simultaneously buy electricity from a number of traders or manufacturers, creating integrated graphics for each trading interval. End users of electricity that has multiple connections to the system, you can close the trade of electricity or electricity supply contract separately for each connection. V. stop electricity supply 68. System operator may without notice to the user key implementation in the following cases: 68.1. the implementation is connected even if loosely or without system operator electricity komercuzskait of registered instruments, whether they be arbitrarily removed or damaged, or have found other violations, which have reduced the amount of electricity actually consumed or created the opportunity to consume electricity free of charge;
68.2. to damage control, if needed to take immediate measures in preventing damage or breakdown in the liquidation, informing the users and giving the reasons for the failure. 69. the system operator shall have the right, upon notice to the user, totally or in part the implementation of his key in the following cases: 69.1. If the user is not in the time limit laid down in the contract paid for electricity used and the system operator services or payments are not done in accordance with the provisions of the Bill mentioned in paragraph 98;
EB 69.2. in the event of failure to comply with the these rules referred to in paragraph 53 of the guidelines for the implementation of the changes to the user and the service;
69.3. If user fault happens quality electricity supply decrease, which interferes with other users or the system operator the normal guideline;
69.4. If the user inhibits the authorized employee access to electricity pirmsuzskait chains and komercuzskait of instruments to perform their control or replacement, or the guideline review and repair;
69.5. If the user does not follow the specific electricity consumption or the authorized load limit. Of the permitted load and power consumption limits for non-compliance with the system operator can disable a user's implementation to the extent technically possible and necessary in a certain mode of consumption. If systematic violations or the user logs off to disable the restrictions necessary for electrical equipment, the system operator can completely disable user implementation of the grid;
72.2. If the user ceases to use or ownership of the electricity-consuming object. 70. For the planned termination of the provision of services in connection with the voltage off temporarily to perform scheduled tasks system operator in the grid, the user should be warned at least five days in advance. With users whose connection of 6-20 guideline kilovolt kilovolt voltage of 110 or not associated with other users, the scheduled stop time to harmonize mutually. If you cannot agree, the system operator atslēgum time is determined independently and choose it as outside of the user's work, given that it is not permissible for a planned residential buildings atslēgum 24 dark and long atslēgum holidays, as well as the tasks that are causing increased noise during 23.00 to 07.00, from, and notify users. Vi. rights and obligations of the trader 71. before start-up the system operator's license area dealer closed system use agreement with the system operator, when negotiating the necessary exchange of information, as well as the payment system services. 72. The trader of electricity trade agreement specifies the time of the entry into force of the Treaty, the expiry of the contract termination procedure, the early power delivery schedule conciliation procedure, or the electricity price formula for determining settlement procedures and contacts. If the agreement terminates at the user's initiative, the termination procedure shall not exceed three months. If the fee for early termination of the contract, the contract must indicate clearly and unambiguously. 73. the launching of the operation the electricity market, the trader, while protecting the interests of the end user is obliged to inform user: 73.1. about yourself, your business, experience and capabilities, as well as to provide the information requested by other users that allows to recognize the specific electricity retailer;
73.2. not to use the user methods that would force it to take a decision on the deal without significant required information, as well as the lack of time. The trader is obliged to provide the user with all the necessary information about the proposed transaction and give enough time to the user carefully and without haste could meet the trader expressed in writing;
73.3. presentations and offers to give the user the only correct and verifiable comparisons for the business opportunity, do not give the user any verbal promises, explanations, statements or other information about the bids before they are not given in writing;
45.6. the preparation of the offer, the user will not use the methods (letter size, notes, reservations), which may mislead the user about the following design information actual significance in the written quote;
73.5. clearly and unambiguously specify the expiration date of the offer;
73.6. reference the existing offer, pay the other party all losses caused to it. 74. If the dealer in their presentations, conversations with users or quotes use information in connection with the service, quality, prices or other similar information, he is responsible for the accuracy of the information used and accuracy. 75. in order to ensure their visibility, dealer: 75.1. by participating in the electricity market, through marketing efforts or informative nature of the transaction, use the received power marketing license specify properties. Dealer representatives refers to the licensed trader that they represent and whose name is running;
75.2. provides the following publicly available information about yourself: 75.2.1. company name according to the issued licence;
75.2.2. trading license issued number, date of issue, period of validity;
75.2.3. the merchant's phone number, address, electronic mail address;
75.2.4. Merchant-contact-list of representatives. 76. The dealer shall ensure the confidentiality of user information: 76.1. dealer shall not be entitled without your written consent to disclose information about you to third parties, except under the aggregated information is provided to ensure the functioning of the market and invoicing, credit control and debt collection, and other cases established by the legislation in the field of protection of personal data;
76.2. the dealer is at the user's request, inform the user what information under this rule 76.1. conditions of subparagraph has been provided to third parties;
76.3. dealer shall not be entitled without written consent from his use of the information obtained with the electricity trade related purposes. 77. The electricity trading quotes this provision mentioned in paragraph 18 of the users dealers include the following information: 77.1. electricity trade agreement, as well as all the conditions and requirements for renewal;
77.2. electricity price, terms of payment, the user guarantees the fee for early termination of the contract, not timely made or payments have been made, other possible contents and extent of payments, invoices payable to the user form, content, frequency of discharge, when a trader might make claims or receive compensation from him, that refund form, this escalation and resolution of cases terminated contract, contract of transfer, another trader, and the consequences of this transfer;
77.3. date of entry into force of the agreement and conditions, which you can change this date. 78. at the close of the electricity trade agreement with this Regulation referred to in paragraph 18, users: 78.1. the dealer shall not be entitled to conclude agreements with the user, if the agreement is different from the user the conditions of the offer, issued and user based on these rules, adopted a decision to conclude the contract;
78.2. period of validity of the contract may not exceed five years;
78.3. the Treaty contained the conditions which allow the user to terminate the contract, 10 days before announcing it to the merchant. The Treaty explicitly and clearly indicate the amount of compensation to be paid, ending the contract in this manner, if such compensation is provided. Notice of termination of the contract shall be submitted in writing in person or sent by registered mail, to the address specified in the contract, or by notice by telephone or electronic mail, if provided for in the contract. 79. it is the responsibility of the trader invoices or promotional materials not less frequently than once a year in his last year in the volume of electricity sold by the production of primary energy sources and energy. Point of renewable energy's share of electricity produced in cogeneration and electricity rates in the amount of electricity sold, as well as compulsory purchase from manufacturers (producers of electricity produced in cogeneration, and producers for the production of electricity using renewable energy sources) and the proportion of the costs of providing references to internet sites, which is publicly available information about their electricity producers sold the environmental impact in terms of at least emissions of CO2 and the radioactive waste. VII. responsibilities of system operators and law 80. System operator shall have the obligation to ensure adequate electricity supply service quality. The system operator shall provide compensation for the provision of poor quality and material losses. Electricity supply service quality indicators and the procedure for determining the amount of compensation is determined by the Governor. 81. The guideline of emergency or in case of damage of the system operator shall ensure as soon as possible (not more than 24 hours) in damage prevention. 82. The blackout prevention time may exceed this provision set out in article 81 where: 82.1. damage due to natural disasters or force majeure;
82.2. the damage persists user personnel or third-party intentional or unintentional actions;
82.3. power supply is limited or stopped according to the restriction or atslēgum of the schedule to the energy law announced in the energy crisis. 83. If the electrical supply is interrupted due to damage to more than 5000 users, the system operator shall inform the users through public media. 84. the system operator shall not bear responsibility for inadequate civil power quality during a period when the user does not meet the contractual power consumption mode or use electrical equipment, which impair the quality of electricity. 85. the system operator shall be obliged to make the user's premises located in the territory and its guideline, according to the requirements of the laws that determine guideline of technical operating and safety rules. 86. If the operator is in possession of information that indicates leaks electricity user in the implementation and sign of an emergency situation, the system operator of the authorized employees have the right to request the assistance of law enforcement authorities, to prescribed in the law, any time of the day get into user space or territory emergency prevention. 87. the territory or premises accommodate the guideline planned repair and maintenance work must be carried out by the system operator as possible disrupting the user's economic activity. For these works the system operator must notify the user for five days before work. The user area and spaces which accommodate the implementation of the system operator, the system operator after the works must be structured according to their previous condition. 88. before the implementation of a user connecting to the electricity system operator of the system have the right to view it to make sure of the implementation's compliance with the requirements set out in the regulations for the installation of the guideline, and request a written declaration on the implementation of the willingness to turn on voltage. The implementation of the user viewing the system operator does not impose liability for its actions. 89. the system operator after upgrading or repair guideline should ensure the implementation of all the corresponding connected user before adding a guideline in. 90. At the user's request, the system operator shall inform and advise the user of the connection required to create a guideline for installation and construction costs and expected, work organization, as well as the use of electricity, accounting, billing and quality issues. 91. The authorised personnel, the presentation of the service card, may, at any time of the day to access the user's (or any property) or in premises located in the territory of the implementation, drive up the road and other technical means to perform emergency repair, inspection or operational shifting. After the work of property should be restored to its original state. 92. An accident prevention and emergency relief work in their implementation, which deployed to the user's territory or premises, the system operator may be made at any time, either orally or in writing about it informing the user. 93. the system operator shall be responsible for the electricity meter of the komercuzskait re verification, and it is the responsibility of the user to reuse the mērmaiņ verification according to the regulations on the re-use of measurement verification, verification certificates and verification marks specified, subject to the verification of recurrence that certain laws of the state metrological control of measuring instruments subject to list. 94. System operator for payment provides user with him the necessary information (the information is obtained from the automated accounting system of electricity) of this user's power consumption. 95. If the system determines that a user has made an unauthorized connection to the pirmsuzskait chains or electricity without the use of electricity measuring apparatus, or commercial accounting has changed komercuzskait of electricity measuring apparatus circuit, or electricity meter of the komercuzskait is damaged or is corrupted or missing komercuzskait of electricity measuring apparatus or electrical seals of pirmsuzskait, or other actions are made or use accessories which have reduced power consumption display size, or create the possibility to use electricity for free , the system operator shall document the actual situation, the witnesses and the user receives the explanations, if any are provided and remove the trace evidence proving the arbitrary power consumption. 96. If the system operator is the suspicion of arbitrary power consumption, the system operator shall inform the employee of law enforcement authorities in the administrative proceedings in the case of the infringement or the initiation of criminal proceedings. If arbitrary power consumption, system operator user installed electricity measuring apparatus and seals of the komercuzskait pass inspection in a laboratory accredited by the law in the field of conformity assessment. The user can consult the documents drawn up and laboratory findings. 97. in the light of the documented user komercuzskait meter and the fact of the infringement, as well as witnesses and explanations of users, if any, is provided to the system operator of the electricity amount recalculated for the period from the last system operator made the user installed the komercuzskait meter test days until opening day of the infringement (the presumed arbitrary time electricity consumption). 98. in accordance with the conversion of the system operator made the statement to the user account in which indicates the payment conversion, the amount and payment term. The user is entitled to a general civil service system in accordance with the procedure laid down in the contract documents to challenge the fixed fact situation, the payment of the electricity conversion and it discharged under the Bill. 99. If the user-electricity market-time fails to pay for the services of the system, including balancing services, the system operator shall be entitled after warning the user's implementation of key, fully or partially interrupting the user supplies. The system operator is obliged to restore power within three days after receipt of payment in full for services. If the user fails to pay in time, time of the year again is interrupted power supplies, the system operator has the right to require the user to bear with the off-line and connection costs and restore power after those costs, as well as further require prepayment full billing period of expected payments. 100. the distribution system operator shall have the obligation to ensure a balancing service connected to the distribution system operators-producers and end users-as well as others connected to the distribution system operators for distribution, selling those missing balansējoš and purchasing surplus electricity balansējoš. 101. the transmission system operator shall have the obligation to ensure a balancing service connected to the transmission system operators-producers and end users-as well as distribution system operators by selling those missing balansējoš and purchasing surplus electricity balansējoš. VIII. The merchant's Exchange 102. If the user is using their right to operate the electricity market, renounces public merchant services that use electricity switch system services agreement and the power trade agreement. The user energy control regulations or the period provided for in the contract shall inform the system operator on the selected power trader. The user can assign a dealer with which it wants to close the electricity trade agreement to notify the system operator of the merchant's Exchange. 103. The merchant is responsible for at least three months before the start of the delivery to inform the system operator that the agreement for the supply of electricity under the requirements of this regulation. 104. If the previous and the new dealer is authorized on behalf of the users pay for the services of the system, the system operator, using records of distance reading capabilities, within five working days after the exchange of the trader inform the previous and new merchants participating accounting accounting power point shows traders at the time of the change. 105. the system operator shall submit, on the basis of the electricity supply, followed by the end-user, the traders (supplier) and transactions between producers. If the user or producer of electricity in a time interval is zero, and the system operator has not received information about the user's intention to choose a public merchant, power consumption, and manufacturer's network electricity is passed balansējoš electricity. 106. the operator with written permission of the user is a merchant after its request to provide information about user-market-power consumption and load profile history, if such information is in the possession of the transmission system operator. 107. The rules referred to in paragraph 18, end users have the right to suspend the operation of the electricity market and get electricity for the electricity market law set out in the tariffs of traders as the last guaranteed supplier by notifying the public traders and system operators for at least three months in advance. 108. If the dealer is not able to fulfill the obligations of electricity supply, the provisions referred to in paragraph 18, end users have the right to immediately receive electricity from the public traders as the last guaranteed suppliers. In this case, the dealer is entitled to the public, for a maximum period of three months from the date of receipt of the information in the settlement by this user to use the public traders electricity price no higher than the price of electricity balansējoš. Then the public electricity supply dealer for the electricity market law specified in the tariffs. 109. If the end user (except for this provision, paragraph 18, end-user) is used to choose a public merchant, he shall notify the public traders and system operators for at least three months in advance. If the end user has not adhered to period of notice, the public is entitled, for a maximum period of three months from the date of receipt of the information in the settlement by this user to use the electricity price balansējoš, then supplying electricity for the public traders electricity price no higher than the price of electricity balansējoš. 110. the system operator shall promptly provide public trader when the public traders must take over the power supply for a particular user. The dealer has the right to a public electricity market law cases refuse to take over the supply of electricity to users. The decision to refuse to take over the supply of electricity to the public user trader informs the user and system operator for at least 10 working days in advance. The user in this case, the end of all electricity trading contracts, settled by the system operator on the system services and ancillary services, taking into account that the delivery schedule of the electricity traders in each trading interval is zero. IX. Optional procurement cost recovery order 111. electricity producers, who gained the right to sell the electricity produced in the framework of compulsory purchase, sell the electricity produced to the public trader: 111.1. after fixed interval schedules of the trade for the next billing period, if the power company installed electrical capacity of 15 megawatts or more;
the fixed trading 111.2. interval schedules the next billing period, if the electricity produced by wind farms, regardless of the installed capacity and the right to sell electricity produced under compulsory purchase manufacturer acquired after the entry into force of these regulations;
111.3. on the actual generation, if the power company installed electrical capacity is less than 15 megawatts. 112. The purchase of electricity according to a fixed interval schedules of the trade, the trader buys from the public power company electricity brought to the network and beyond, as set out in the schedule also sells electricity producer missing electricity transmission system operator electricity price balansējoš published to promote compliance with the production schedule and set out in an open and non-discriminatory in relation to the other participants in the electricity system. 113. The compulsory purchase order, and the contest organized by the established power of the compulsory purchase of electricity delivery costs shall be borne by all end users of electricity in proportion to their consumption of electricity. These costs shall be borne by the following order: 113.1. Governor determines the minimum purchase order of calculation components and three components, which compensates for the public procurement dealer required additional expenditure generated, compared to the same amount of electricity purchase electricity market;
113.2. these provisions 113.1. the Governor referred to the bottom component approved separately the mandatory purchase of manufacturers that produce electricity in cogeneration, the mandatory purchase of the producers for the production of electricity using renewable energy sources, and for purchase from producers whose production capacity introduced by tendering procedure;
113.3. components included as eligible costs in electricity trading fees related to the end users;
113.4. end-users-the electricity market participants-in proportion to their electricity consumption to the amount paid for each component of the electricity transmission or distribution system operator together with the fees for the transmission or distribution services;
113.5. system operator accounts for their systems connected to the end-user-players-electricity consumption corresponding to compulsory purchase component in each billing period, provide the necessary information to the public and dealer settlement accounts with the public traders on the system connected to the end-user-the actors-the power consumption of the corresponding components. X. closing issues 114. Public dealer after it created, continue to perform their obligations of economic operators created: 114.1. involved in the sale of electricity to users based on the contractual obligations of the trader to the public during creation;
114.2. the compulsory purchase of electricity, on the basis of the contractual obligations with the public power producers traders was created;
114.3. electricity purchasing based on the contracts in force at the time the public traders. 115. The public trader each year up to November 15, submit to the Governor the required amount of the purchases and costs for each type of compulsory purchase in the previous year, expected annual results and forecasts for the coming year. Prime Minister a. Halloween economic Minister j. Malcolm