Farm Animal Variety Registration And Approval Procedures

Original Language Title: Lauksaimniecības dzīvnieku šķirņu reģistrācijas un apstiprināšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 496 of 2007 in Riga on July 17 (pr. Nr. 41) of farm animals variety registration and approval procedures Issued pursuant to article 19.1 of the Act of Breeding 1. Latvia shall determine the agricultural animals created in variety registration and approval procedures.
2. compliance with these provisions provide the breeding State Inspectorate (hereinafter Inspectorate).
3. the livestock varieties approved by the Inspection Commission is created. Panelists include agricultural science and education representatives.
4. Approves a variety of farm animals, take into account the following criteria: 4.1 vientipisk, producing a number of specimens of the variety with the breed characteristics not less than 4500 women and 150 male specimens;
4.2. the variety of specimens are given the average productivity figures;
4.3 are defined the characteristics of the variety.
5. to approve the relevant livestock breed, breeders ' organisation (hereinafter referred to as the Organization) submits: inspection 5.1. submission (annex);
5.2. Description of the variety, showing: 5.2.1. morphological characteristics of animals;
5.2.2. the variety of specimens average productivity indicators;
5.2.3. animal breeds used to create the new breed;
5.3. information about female and male specimens;
5.4. list of the herd, which involved the creation of new varieties (number of animals, the average productivity figures).
6. the Commission shall, within one month of the receipt of the document assesses the compliance of livestock varieties this rule 4. criteria referred to in paragraph 1 and shall take a decision: 6.1. livestock breed for approval;
6.2. a refusal to approve a variety of farm animals.
7. the inspection confirmed the farm animal breed registered breeds of farm animals.
8. If the Commission has adopted a decision on the refusal to approve the field holding the animal variety, the Organization after six months (if the deficiencies referred to in the Commission decision) may submit an application in the inspection of livestock breeds.
9. the Commission's decision may be challenged in the month, when submitting the application deep inspection chiefs. Inspection Chief's decisions may be appealed to the Court of Justice of the administrative procedure law.
10. In order to ensure uniform Latvia created breeds of livestock tracking system consists of varieties of livestock register (hereinafter register). The registry should have inspection.
11. the register shall include the following particulars: 11.1. species;
11.2. the denomination of the variety;
11.3. date of registration of the variety;
11.4. use of the variety in the direction (by productivity);
11.5. a variety denomination designation;
11.6. the description of the variety.
12. to register the varieties included in Latvia created to this provision to the date of entry into force of the organization until 1 November 2007 to submit inspection application and a description of the variety in accordance with the provisions of point 5.2.
Prime Minister, the Defense Minister of Agriculture Minister a. Slakter location – Minister of education and science b. Rivž Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on the 21 July 2007.
Annex to the Cabinet of Ministers of 17 July 2007, regulations no 496 application of livestock varieties of Agriculture Ministers for approval in place, Minister of education and science Rivž of B.